Singaporean Canadians

There is a small community of Singaporeans in Canada, consisting largely of expatriate professionals and immigrants from Singapore and their families as well as international students and Canadian citizens of Singaporean descent.

Singaporean Canadians
Total population
2,850 (2016)[1]
Regions with significant populations
Toronto · Vancouver · Edmonton
Canadian English · Mandarin Chinese · Malay · Tamil  · Canadian French
Buddhism · Islam · Hinduism · Taoism · Christianity
Related ethnic groups
Chinese Canadian · Indo-Canadians

Migration history

During the 1970s, arrivals to Canada from Singapore numbered less than 100 per year while in the following decade, immigrants born in Singapore averaged between 200 and 400. In the years 1989–91, arrivals from Singapore approached 1,000.[2]

Many Singaporeans are employed by Canadian companies or in the public sector, including universities. They also figure prominently among medical doctors, accountants, engineers, and architects. Approximately one-third are self-employed and have entered Canada under that category or as entrepreneurs. Most of their businesses are urban-based and often have a highly technical focus, such as computers or chemical and engineering products. Most Singaporeans in Canada tend to retain their citizenship in anticipation of possible return.[3]

Between 1987 and 1991, some 1,500 to 1,800 Singaporean students were living in Canada.

Notable Singaporeans in Canada

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Asian Canadians

Asian Canadians are Canadians who can trace their ancestry back to the continent of Asia or Asian people. Canadians with Asian ancestry comprise the largest and fastest growing visible minority group in Canada, with roughly 17.7% of the Canadian population. Most Asian Canadians are concentrated in the urban areas of Southern Ontario, the Greater Vancouver area, Calgary, and other large Canadian cities.

Asian Canadians considered visible minorities may be classified as East Asian Canadian (e.g. Chinese Canadians, Korean Canadians, Japanese Canadians); South Asian Canadians (e.g. Bangladeshi Canadians, Indian Canadians, Pakistani Canadians, Sri Lankan Canadians); Southeast Asian Canadian (e.g. Filipino Canadians, Vietnamese Canadians); or West Asian Canadians (e.g. Iranian Canadians, Iraqi Canadians, Lebanese Canadians).

List of Canadians of Asian ancestry

This is a list of Canadians of Asian ancestry. Asian Canadians comprise the largest visible minority in Canada, at 11% of the Canadian population.

Canadians of Asian descent by area of origin
Central Asia
East Asia
Southeast Asia
South Asia
West Asia
Canadian people
and society
List of
Singaporeans abroad and their descendants

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