Sind–Sagar Railway

The Sind–Sagar Railway was originally constructed as a Metre Gauge railway line from Lala Musa to Malakwal. In 1886 the Sind–Sagar Railway was amalgamated with other railways to form the North Western State Railway and railway line from was converted to broad gauge.[1][1] The Chak Nizam Bridge, also known as Victoria Bridge, was completed in early 1887 over the Jhelum river in Shahpur District and connected Jhelum to Lahore. The NWR Sind-Sagar Branch Line was the new name for the line and continued to be extended with branch lines and designated as part of the 'Frontier Section - Military Line'.[1]

Sind–Sagar Railway
SuccessorNorth Western State Railway (NWR)
Area served
Punjab, Sindh
ServicesRail transport


Lala Musa–Malakwal Railway

Malakwal–Khushab Railway

Gharibwal Cement Works Railway

The Gharibwal Cement Works Railway opened in May 1886 as a 27 kilometres (17 mi) 1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in) railway from Haranpur Junction to Gharibwal. It was built to serve the Gharibwal quarry.[2]

Malakwal–Bhera Railway


No staff records are available at the British Library IOR. The following personnel have been identified from various sources as being posted to this railway:

  • James Ramsay, Executive Engineer from the Public Works Department(PWD) was Engineer-in-Chief of the Sind–Sagar Railwayin early 1880's.[4] He was also Engineer-in-Chief of the Chak-Nizam Bridge that was completed in 1887.[5]
  • Frederick Robert Upcott, was Engineer-in-Charge of the Chak-Nizam Bridge as part of the Sind–Sagar Railway that was completed in 1887.[5] The account also adds Mr Boydell, Executive Engineer and Mr J Spence, Sub-Engineer
  • Francis Langford O'Callaghan, 1884–85, posted from State Railways as Chief Engineer, Survey of the Sind–Sagar Railway.[6]
  • Trevredyn Rashleigh Wynne, c.1884, Executive Engineer posted from PWD for 'short stint' to Sind–Sagar Railway.[7]

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  • The spelling of Scinde, Punjaub & Delhi Railway is variable. Scinde and Punjaub are the spellings adopted in the legislation - see "Government Statute Law Repeals 2012" pages 134-135, paragraphs 3.78-3.83.[8]
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