Sikorsky XBLR-3

The Sikorsky XBLR-3 was a four-engine bomber designed in 1935-1936 as a competitor to the Boeing XBLR-1 (XB-15) and Douglas XBLR-2 (XB-19). The original XBLR-3 concept was a twin-boom design with both pusher and tractor propellers and many gun stations; it later evolved into a more conventional four-engine bomber design. The XBLR-3 was the last landplane design prepared by Sikorsky before the company committed itself to helicopters.


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Sikorsky Aircraft

The Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation is an American aircraft manufacturer based in Stratford, Connecticut. It was established by Igor Sikorsky in 1923 and was among the first companies to manufacture helicopters for civilian and military use.

Previously owned by United Technologies Corporation (UTC), in November 2015 Sikorsky was sold to Lockheed Martin.

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