Shrum Mound

Shrum Mound is a Native American burial mound in the central Ohio city of Columbus.[1] The mound was created around 2,000 years ago by the Pre-Columbian Native American Adena culture.[1]

Shrum Mound is named after the family whose farm once included the land on which the mound is located.[2] Ohio History Connection is the current owner of the mound after receiving the property as a donation from the late Ohio governor James E. Campbell.[2] Shrum Mound is located within Campbell Park, which is named after James E. Campbell.

In 2015, the Ohio History Connection removed the 18 or so trees located on top of the mound, citing preservation as the reason.[3] One concern was the possibility of a strong storm knocking down a tree and causing damage to the mound.[3]

Shrum Mound
Shrum Mound
Shrum Mound in 2014, prior to the removal of the trees
LocationColumbus, Ohio, U.S.
Coordinates39°59′24″N 83°04′49″W / 39.9900°N 83.0804°WCoordinates: 39°59′24″N 83°04′49″W / 39.9900°N 83.0804°W
Original useTumulus (burial mound)
OwnerOhio History Connection
WebsiteOhio History Connection profile


Shrum Mound aerial 3

Shrum Mound from the air, contained with Campbell Park

Shrum Mound aerial 4

Shrum Mound from directly above


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