Shalcombe is a small settlement on the Isle of Wight towards the west in an area known as West Wight . It is in the civil parish of Shalfleet. It is situated along the B3399 road and is about 3.5 miles (5.6 km) east of Freshwater.

Coordinates: 50°40′08″N 1°26′30″W / 50.66889°N 1.44167°W

1957 Aquila Airways Solent crash

The 1957 Aquila Airways Solent crash occurred on the Isle of Wight in England on 15 November. With 45 lives lost, at the time it was the second worst aircraft accident within the United Kingdom, then at the time the worst ever air disaster to occur on English soil.

Brighstone Forest

Brighstone Forest is located in the southwest of the Isle of Wight. It is the largest forest on the Isle of Wight, being just a few hectares larger than Parkhurst Forest. It is spread over a number of hilly ridges which form the backbone of the Isle of Wight. From west to east the ridges are Chessell Down, Westover Down, Brighstone Down, Newbarn Down, Rowborough Down and Idlecombe Down. The main entrance is located at grid reference SZ 419849. The forest lies close to the small town of Brighstone, and is part of the Isle of Wight AONB.

Shalcombe Down is an outlying block of woodland to the west of Brighstone Forest.

The entrance to this block is located at grid reference SZ 395852.

Both woods are managed by the Forestry Commission under leasehold agreements - the total area is 482 hectares.


A combe (; also spelled coombe or coomb and, in place names, comb) can refer either to a steep, narrow valley, or to a small valley or large hollow on the side of a hill; in any case, it is often understood simply to mean a small valley through which a watercourse does not run. The word "combe" derives from Old English cumb, of the same meaning, and is unrelated to the English word "comb". It derives ultimately from the same Brythonic source as the Welsh cwm, which has the same meaning. Today, the word is used mostly in reference to the combes of southern

and southwestern England, of Wales, and of County Kerry in Ireland.

Evelyn Hellicar

Evelyn Hellicar (1862–1929) was an English architect.

Grade II* listed buildings on the Isle of Wight

There are over 20,000 Grade II* listed buildings in England. This page is a list of these buildings in the county of the Isle of Wight.

High Sheriff of the Isle of Wight

The position of High Sheriff of the Isle of Wight was created in 1974.

List of places on the Isle of Wight

This is a list of towns and villages in the county of Isle of Wight, England.

List of windmills in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight

A list of all windmills and windmill sites which lie in the current ceremonial counties of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Prospect Quarry

Prospect Quarry is a 4.3 hectare Site of special scientific interest which is located north-west of the village of Shalcombe located close to the south-west coast of the Isle of Wight. The site was notified in 1971 for both its biological and geological features.


Shalfleet is a village and civil parish on the Isle of Wight. it is located between Yarmouth and Newport in the northwest of the island.

Wessex Formation

The Wessex Formation is a fossil-rich English geological formation that dates from the Berriasian to Barremian stages (about 145–125 million years ago) of the Early Cretaceous. It forms part of the Wealden Group and underlies the younger Vectis Formation and overlies the Durlston Formation. The dominant lithology of this unit is mudstone with some interbedded sandstones.

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