Senja Troll

The Senja Troll (Norwegian: Senjatrollet) is a tourist attraction in Finnsæter on the island of Senja in northern Norway. The largest troll statue in the world, it is the centerpiece of a family park associated with the Hulderheimen cultural center, together known as the Hulder and Troll Park. The troll has been given a wife, or crone (kjerring); inside both figures are an adventure park and other attractions.

The Senja Troll and wife

History and facilities

The Hulderheimen cultural center in Finnsæter opened in 1989, named for a legend about a local mountain, the Hulderberg.[1] The Senja Troll attraction opened nearby on June 1, 1993;[2] it was built by Leif Rubach, who runs the attraction with his wife, Siw, dresses as a troll including fake troll feet, and calls himself the "troll father".[1][3][4] He was inspired by a local legend of a troll who appeared both on the island and in the sea nearby. The troll is made of injection molded concrete, polyester, and plastic,[4] is 17.96 metres (58.9 ft) high, and weighs 125,000 kilograms (123 long tons; 138 short tons); in 1997 Guinness World Records listed it as the world's largest troll.[3] In 2007, after years of rivalry, the Hunderfossen Familiepark in Gudbrandsdalen conceded that their troll is not as tall.[2]

Inside the troll is a two-story adventure park.[3][5] Rubach was planning in 2017 to renovate this to add a section for fall and winter activities.[6] There is also a miniature train, the "Sesam-train".[3]

In 2007 a wife, or crone, was lowered beside the troll by crane;[7] their union was blessed by a priest with two NRK program hosts serving jointly as best man,[3] and in 2012 they had sextuplets, which were baptized.[8]


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Finnsæter is a small village in the municipality of Berg in Troms county, Norway. The village is located in the southern part of Berg on the western coast of the island of Senja, about 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) across the Bergsfjorden from the municipal centre of Skaland. Finnsæter Chapel is located here, just off Norwegian County Road 86 as it passes through the village. The village is also the location of the Hulderheimen cultural centre with the Senja Troll family park.


Senja (Norwegian) or Sážžá (Northern Sami) is an island and future municipality in Troms county, Norway. At 1,586.3-square-kilometre (612.5 sq mi), it is the second largest island in Norway (outside of the Svalbard archipelago). It has a wild, mountainous outer (western) side facing the Atlantic, and a mild and lush inner (eastern) side. The island is governed by four municipalities: Torsken, Tranøy, Lenvik, and Berg, however in on 1 January 2020, the four municipalities are scheduled to be merged into one large Senja Municipality. The island of Senja had 7,864 inhabitants as of 1 January 2017. Most of the residents live along the eastern coast of the island, with Silsand being the largest urban area on the island. The fishing village of Gryllefjord on the west coast has a summer-only ferry connection to the nearby island of Andøya: the Andenes–Gryllefjord Ferry.The island sits northeast of the Vesterålen archipelago, surrounded by the Norwegian Sea to the northwest, the Malangen fjord to the northeast, the Gisundet strait to the east, the Solbergfjorden to the southeast, the Vågsfjorden to the south, and the Andfjorden to the west. Ånderdalen National Park is located in the southern part of the island.

Senja (disambiguation)

Senja is an island and future municipality in Troms county, Norway.

Senja may also refer to:

Senja LRT station, an LRT station on the Bukit Panjang LRT Line in Singapore

FK Senja, a Norwegian association football club

Senja, a given name related to Xenia

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