Secret Sanctuary

Secret Sanctuary is a fictional hidden base in the DC Comics universe. It was the first base used by the Justice League. It was later passed on to their sidekicks and their team called Young Justice.

Secret Sanctuary
First appearanceBrave and the Bold #28 (March, 1960)
Notable locationsMount Justice, Happy Harbor, Rhode Island
Notable charactersYoung Justice, Justice League Doom Patrol
PublisherDC Comics

Fictional history

The Secret Sanctuary was the name given to a large cave deep inside of a mountain base in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island. Shortly after the Appellaxian invasion, the newly formed Justice League decided to use the cave as their secret headquarters. Aquaman discovered the original cave while exploring underwater grottoes. He then informed the team about it when they needed a place to store the Appellaxian aliens. Shortly thereafter, one of the Appellaxians was abducted by the criminal organization called Locus. Financier Simon Carr provided the various facilities for the Secret Sanctuary, working at the anonymous behest of millionaire Oliver Queen a.k.a. Green Arrow. Simon engaged the services of his nephew Snapper Carr as the mechanic and general handyman for the Secret Sanctuary. Snapper knows the systems of the Sanctuary better than anyone, and he spends much of his time repairing, maintaining, and upgrading them. The Sanctuary is carved out of the solid rock of a mountain. The outer walls are thick stone over a layer of solid steel. Seismic sensors pick up any blows against the surface of the mountain and radar systems detect any approaching vehicles or individuals.

The Justice League stopped using the Secret Sanctuary after the Joker tricked young Snapper Carr into revealing its whereabouts, Justice League of America #77 although Aquaman's reformed version of the League temporarily reoccupied the Sanctuary for a while, Justice League of America #250 and the Justice League later set up shop in the Sanctuary until the organization was officially recognized by the United Nations. Justice League #1

They maintained their hidden base for many years until the financial backing of Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman enabled the team to established the Justice League Satellite in geosynchronous orbit above the Earth.

The cave remained empty for many years until some time ago when an abandoned alien entity found its way inside and began using it as a nest. Members of both the original Justice League as well as the nascent Detroit League worked together to remove this cumbersome entity from their former headquarters.

Young Justice

Years later, the teen heroes known as Young Justice with the help of the Red Tornado established the Secret Sanctuary as their new base of operations.

Infinite Crisis

When the Watchtower was destroyed by Superboy-Prime in the run-up to the Infinite Crisis, the Justice League decamped to the Secret Sanctuary. From here they fought the Key.

25 weeks after the Infinite Crisis, Martian Manhunter, in an elegiac mood, created a tribute to the fallen members of the Justice League in the Secret Sanctuary.

When their brownstone headquarters were destroyed in a battle with an army of mercenary super criminals, the Justice Society borrowed the Sanctuary. However, they were asked to move out swiftly.

Other versions

The Golden Age Superman likewise made use of a special hideaway known as the Secret Sanctuary, however this was an entirely different construct with no relationship to the Justice League headquarters. Located just outside Metropolis, Superman's Sanctuary functioned as a precursor to the Fortress of Solitude.

In other media

The Secret Sanctuary based in Mount Justice appears at the end of the two-part Young Justice pilot "Independence Day". The Secret Sanctuary is given to the members of Young Justice as their base of operations and it is stated as being the Justice League's original headquarters prior to moving into the Hall of Justice. Happy Harbor is indicated as being in Rhode Island in Young Justice episode "Infiltrator".

Fortress of Solitude

The Fortress of Solitude is a fictional fortress appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with Superman. A place of solace and occasional headquarters for Superman, the fortress is typically depicted as being in frozen tundra, away from civilization. Its predecessor, Superman's "Secret Citadel", first appeared in Superman #17, where it was said to be built into a mountain on the outskirts of Metropolis. By issue #58 (May–June 1949) it is referred to as the Fortress of Solitude, seems at a glance to be a freestanding castle, and is said to be located in a "polar waste". When the Fortress reappears in 1958 and for the first time takes center stage in a story ("The Super-Key to Fort Superman", Action Comics #241), it is again an underground complex in a mountainous cliffside.

Traditionally, the Fortress of Solitude is located in the Arctic, though more recent versions of the Superman comics have placed the Fortress in other locations, including the Antarctic, the Andes, and the Amazon rainforest. The general public in Superman's world is either unaware or at best only vaguely aware of the existence of the Fortress, and its location is kept secret from all but Superman's closest friends and allies (such as Lois Lane and Batman). A trademark of the Fortress is that it contains a memorial statue of Jor-El and Lara, Superman's Kryptonian parents, holding a large globe of Krypton. Although Superman has living quarters at the Fortress, his main residence is still Clark Kent's apartment in Metropolis. The arctic Fortress of Solitude concept was first created for pulp hero Doc Savage during the 1930s.

Giant muntjac

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Happy Harbor

Happy Harbor is a fictional United States location in Rhode Island, referenced in American comic books published by DC Comics. It is the location of the first headquarters, "Mount Justice" or the "Secret Sanctuary", of the Justice League of America, first appearing in The Brave and the Bold #28 (March 1960).


JL8 is a webcomic by Yale Stewart based on the characters of DC Comics' Justice League. Having started in 2011 under the title Little League, the webcomic presents the members of the Justice League as 8-year-old children. Stewart has used JL8 to raise funds for charities, and the webcomic has been positively received by critics.

Justice League

The Justice League is a team of fictional superheroes appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The team was conceived by writer Gardner Fox during the Silver Age of Comic Books as a reimagining of the Justice Society of America from the Golden Age. Originally consisting of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter, they first appeared together as the Justice League of America (JLA) in The Brave and the Bold #28 (March 1960).The Justice League's roster has rotated throughout the years, consisting of various superheroes from the DC Universe, such as The Atom, Big Barda, Black Canary, Cyborg, Green Arrow, Elongated Man, the Flash/Wally West, Green Lantern/John Stewart, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Metamorpho, Plastic Man, Power Girl, Orion, Red Tornado, Stargirl, Captain Marvel/Shazam, and Zatanna, among many others. As of the The New 52, Cyborg is one of the founding Justice Leaguers rather than the Martian Manhunter.

The team received its own comic book title called Justice League of America in November 1960. With the 2011 relaunch, DC Comics released a second volume of Justice League. In July 2016, the DC Rebirth initiative again relaunched the Justice League comic book titles with the third volume of Justice League. Since its inception, the team has been featured in various films, television programs, and video games, including a film adaptation in 2017.

Justice League/Power Rangers

Justice League/Power Rangers was a 2017 comic book intercompany crossover series featuring DC Comics' Justice League and Saban's Power Rangers, written by Tom Taylor with art by Stephen Byrne, published by DC Comics and Boom Studios.

Justice League Satellite

The Justice League Satellite is the name of two fictional locations, both of which were used as bases of operations for the DC Comics superhero team the Justice League of America.

List of locations of the DC Universe

Locations in the DC Universe, the shared universe setting of DC Comics.


Montesquieu-Avantès is a commune in the Ariège department in southwestern France.


Resiklo (lit. Recycle) is a 2007 Philippine post-apocalyptic sci-fi romance comedy film starring Bong Revilla. It is the entry of Revilla's outfit, Imus Productions, to the 2007 Metro Manila Film Festival.


Samcheonggak (Hangul:삼청각 Hanja:三淸閣) is a small Korean-style mountainside resort in Seongbuk-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul. Samcheonggak is near Cheong Wa Dae, the official residence of the President of South Korea, so the surrounding forest remained undeveloped during Korea's miraculous economic growth.

Snapper Carr

Lucas "Snapper" Carr is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character was created by Gardner Fox (writer) and Mike Sekowsky (penciller), and made his first appearance in The Brave and the Bold in February 1960. From 1960 to 1969, Snapper Carr appeared as a supporting character to the Justice League of America, a superhero team. The character occasionally appeared in comics featuring the Justice League from 1969 to 1989, when the Invasion! limited-series comic book gave him superpowers. He was associated with a new superhero team, The Blasters, in various comics until 1993, when he lost his powers and became a main character in the Hourman comic book. After the cancellation of Hourman in April 2001, he became a main character in the Young Justice comic book beginning in December 2001. Young Justice was cancelled in May 2003, and he became associated with the governmental organization Checkmate, a role revealed when the character played a small but important role in the 2007-2008 limited series comic book 52 Aftermath: The Four Horsemen. The character made major appearances in Final Crisis: Resist in December 2008 and Justice League of America 80-Page Giant in November 2009.

Ste Anne des Lacs

St. Anne des Lacs was a rural shrine built about 1920 by French-speaking Catholics on Lake St. Anne, a lake of about 15 acres, located about six miles east of Lake Wales, Florida and 1.5 miles south of S.R. 60. It was built of stone, a rare and rarely used material in Florida. The shrine included the church, and an elaborate set of statuary which made up the stations of the cross, and which were spread through the surrounding woods on a set of trails. A statue of St. Anne stood in the lake itself on a raised stone platform, creating a very evocative scene.

Pilgrimages were made to the shrine from throughout the state, and thousands of people crowded the narrow road from the highway to the small lake, often parking a great distance away and walking to the shrine. This shrine, which was complete with tableaux and scenes of the Holy Land in murals, sculpture and paintings, would also host the Feast of Saint Anne on July 26 and thousands would attend this event and Mardi Gras was also hosted here. The shrine was de-sanctified by the Diocese of St. Augustine in the 1960s, and most of the shrine was removed to prevent vandalism. Some historical traces remain.

The story of St. Anne's Shrine goes like this:

A man from Canada, (believed to be Napoleon Pelletier)) came down to Florida with his very sick son. His son had been diagnosed as terminally ill. In search of warmer climate, French Canadians had traveled here to escape severe winters and the first pilgrimage was in 1928. While traveling in Florida, they came upon the little lake at what is now St. Anne's. They swam and camped there and the boy's condition improved, and he was miraculously cured. His cure was attributed to the healing waters, and so the man single-handedly built a shrine to St. Anne, a popular Canadian saint associated with water, in an oak hammock next to the lake. During World War II, the once flock of French Canadians could no longer visit this shrine as a result of the war closing it and another concern was commercialism, all of this combined eventually declined the church. Plans of reopening the church were considered but, again, commercialism was a concern and the plans never fully formed. The Catholic Church eventually demolished most of the church in 1950, leaving only the altar. Several stone walls, and the original steps of the church remain. Although the shrine now closed, the Catholic Diocese of Orlando still owned the land and when, in 1981, a priest attempted to sell the land to build a home, locals protested and the land was preserved. Saint Anne is more common in France and this is the only place in Florida with Saint Anne relics. The shrine nowadays is still very common on postcards and, in 2002, the Lakeland Ledger said of the shrine: "Historically speaking, it might be one of the most unique religious sites in Central Florida".

Super Jrs.

Super Juniors are a group of fictional DC Comics characters based on members of the Justice League of America, designed as baby versions in order to appeal to younger audiences and introduce them to the publisher's most popular properties. At Kenner's request, first appeared in José Luis García-López's 1982 DC Comics Style Guide and had their first and only adventure in Super Jrs. Holiday Special: The Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest #58 (March 1985) in a story written by Tom DeFalco and drawn by Vince Squeglia. There was a considerable amount of merchandise (toys, wallpapers, bed sheets and covers, furniture, flash cards, coloring books, etc.) based on them.

Characters include "Jr." versions of Superman (Super-Kid, Casey), Batman (Bat-Guy, Carlos) and Robin (Kid-Robin, the Shrimp), Wonder Woman (Wonder Tot, Deedee), Flash (Flash-Kid, Rembrandt), Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Aquaman and, later, Supergirl. In the Holiday Special, they are orphan youngsters from the Miss Piffle's Nursery School, transformed by the fairy spirit of Christmas into superheroes to stop the evil Wallace van Whealthy III, the Weather Wizard, a school bully super villain and rescue Santa Claus.

The Pond and Hallett Nature Sanctuary

The Pond and Hallett Nature Sanctuary are two connected features at the southeastern corner of Central Park in Manhattan, New York City. It is located near Grand Army Plaza, across Central Park South from the Plaza Hotel, and slightly west of Fifth Avenue. The Pond is one of seven bodies of water in Central Park.

Warwick Deeping

George Warwick Deeping (28 May 1877 – 20 April 1950) was an English novelist and short story writer, whose best-known novel was Sorrell and Son (1925).

Winter's Majesty

Winter's Majesty is the seventeenth album by Nox Arcana, concluding their winter-themed trilogy, which also includes Winter's Knight (2005) and Winter's Eve (2009).The music on this album features original and traditional holiday songs, including an instrumental version of "We Three Kings" and a new rendition of "Scarborough Fair" which is presented as a ghost-story with original lyrics and musical arrangements by Joseph Vargo.

Young Justice

Young Justice is a fictional DC Comics superhero team consisting of teenaged heroes.

The team was formed at a time when DC's usual teen hero group, the Teen Titans, had become adults and changed their name to the Titans. Like the original Teen Titans, Young Justice was centered on three previously established teen heroes: Superboy, Robin and Impulse, but grew to encompass most teenaged heroes in the DC Universe.

In the 2003 mini-series Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day, both groups disbanded and members of each formed two new teams of Teen Titans and Outsiders.

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