Scinde, Punjab & Delhi Railway

The Scinde, Punjab, Delhi Railway (reporting mark SP&DR) was formed in 1870 from the incorporation of the Scinde Railway, Indus Steam Flotilla, Punjab Railway and Delhi Railway companies.[1] This was covered by the Scinde Railway Company's Amalgamation Act of 1869.[2]

Scinde, Punjab & Delhi Railway
SuccessorNorth Western State Railway (NWR)
Area served
Punjab, Sind
ServicesRail transport


The Scinde, Punjab, Delhi Railway inherited the unfortunate reputation as being one of the worst managed private railway companies. Given its reputation in the 1860s and 1870s for discord, shady and inept contractors and financial irregularities, it is surprising that the SP&DR did not pass into public ownership sooner than 31 December 1885. After its purchase, the SP&DR was merged with several other railways to form the North Western State Railway.

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  • The spelling of Scinde, Punjaub & Delhi Railway is variable. Scinde and Punjaub are the spellings adopted in the legislation - see "Government Statute Law Repeals 2012" pages 134-135, paragraphs 3.78-3.83.[2]
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