SWR Sound Corporation

SWR Sound Corporation is a specialist manufacturer of bass guitar amplifiers, preamps, speaker cabinets, and acoustic guitar amplifiers.

SWR Sound Corporation
GenreMusical equipment
FoundedSylmar, California (1983)
FounderSteve W. Rabe
Productsbass guitar amplifiers
speaker cabinets
acoustic guitar amplifiers


The company was founded as SWR Engineering, Inc. by its namesake, Steve W. Rabe. Rabe was known for his engineering work at Acoustic Control Corporation. After extensive research with top Los Angeles studio bassists, SWR released its first commercial product in 1984, the PB-200 hybrid tube/solid-state bass guitar amplifier. The first 5 units were manufactured by hand in a garage in the San Fernando Valley. This model soon became the SM-400. SWR then pursued development of a speaker cabinet to accompany its amps. In 1986, SWR released the Goliath, a 4 x 10" full-range speaker cabinet with a built-in horn tweeter, a first for bass cabinets.

The company's name was changed to SWR Sound Corporation on 1 December 1997 as part of a restructuring plan. Rabe sold the company to accountant Daryl Paul Jamison and soon created a new company, Raven Labs. SWR was based in Sylmar, California until January 1999, when it moved to the former Cetec Gauss speaker factory in nearby Sun Valley, California. On 2 June 2003, Jamison sold SWR to Fender Musical Instruments Corporation for a rumored $8 million, after a previous year of lagging SWR sales and dwindling market share. Jamison reportedly tried to sell to Fender a year earlier for a larger sum, but this failed to materialize.

SWR is now a brand in Fender's portfolio rather than an independent company and its products are now manufactured at Fender's facilities in Corona, California and Ensenada, Baja California. Fender is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

FMIC ceased all SWR production in early 2013.


The Workingman's Series of amplifiers was redesigned and upgraded to the WorkingPro Series - amplifier heads and speaker cabinets in 2005, and amplifier/speaker combos in 2006.

At the 2007 Winter NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) Show, SWR introduced the SM-1500 head, which combined the hybrid tube/solid-state platform with some Fender-era innovations, including a tube-driven compressor. At 1500 watts (in bridged mode at 4 ohms), the SM-1500 is the most powerful toroidal-based amplifier on the market today.

The July NAMM Show featured the new Natural Blonde combo. Built on the platform of the Acoustic Series California Blonde, the Natural Blonde is a 2-channel 2X8" combo designed especially for acoustic bassists. Bass Player magazine gave it a very favorable review and Editor's Award in the August, 2007 issue.

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Danny Sheridan

Danny Sheridan (October 11, 1950 – May 24, 2016) was an American musician, songwriter, producer, actor, and entertainment manager. In 2006 he also became a radio personality on 97.1 KLSX Free FM (CBS Los Angeles). He is credited as an influential electric bass player, and as the founder of the Eli Radish Band, pioneers of the so-called outlaw country music genre. This is a style that Sheridan's former band-mate/vocalist David Allan Coe continues to perform today, with a string of hit songs like "Would You Lay with Me (In a Field of Stone)" and the anti-labor tune, "Take This Job And Shove It". Still in his teens, Sheridan's Eli Radish toured with such notable acts as The Who and The Doors. The lyrics of Coe's "Longhaired Redneck" forever memorialized the concerts he performed with Sheridan while fronting the Eli Radish Band. In 2014 Sheridan began managing Coe and co-produced his new CD "Just As I Am", with Boris Menart.

Sheridan also helped launch and manage his then-girlfriend Playboy model Nina Blackwood’s TV career as MTV’s first video jockey (VJ), and in October 1983 US Magazine praised his "astute management" for "orchestrating her meteoric rise". Sheridan continued to represent Blackwood and keep her active in music culture for the majority of her career.

In 1988, Sheridan married blues vocalist Bonnie Bramlett of Delaney, Bonnie & Friends of On Tour with Eric Clapton fame, soon managing her 1990s career comeback where he wrote and produced the "Revolutionary Hard Rockin’ Blues" of their group, Bandaloo Doctors. The Doctors' music attracted the admiration of many Hollywood celebrities including Tom and Roseanne Arnold, and the musical couple was soon cast for several seasons of the hit ABC series Roseanne: Bramlett as the recurring character "Bonnie Watkins, the Waitress", with Sheridan writing music and appearing on-camera as "Hank the Bass Player" in "The Bowling Alley" episode, during which Bramlett, Sheridan and David Crosby perform Sheridan's song, "Roll On Down." People Magazine and Robin Leach’s Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (who followed the Bandaloo Doctors during their tenure with the 1992 Ringo Starr Tour) praised Sheridan for "reinventing Bramlett’s career". Sheridan later went on to act with Pauly Shore.


In 2009, Sheridan began collaborating with his fiance, songwriter, actress (We the People with Gloria Alred), model and ordained minister, Angelle Sheridan. The two collected a catalog of songs that the couple had planned to publish and record together. Danny and Angelle had planned to marry in a ceremony held at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Halloween 2017. Angelle began using Sheridan's last name professionally when the couple became engaged in 2010.

Sheridan’s songs have been performed by many artists, including Bramlett, Coe, Amy Madigan, Nia Peeples, and David Crosby. Sheridan has also composed for TV and film, most notably CHiPs, Fame, and the feature film Gang Related.

A musician-spokesman for the non-profit House Ear Institute, Sheridan's charity work has included: Farm Aid, Jerry Lewis’s Muscular Dystrophy Association Telethons and the MDA's Harley Davidson "Love Rides", the March of Dimes Telethons, the VH-1 Homeless video, the annual Musicians' Picnic, Recovery Net Radio, and the co-production of Easy Rider Magazine's 1997 "Run For The Wild" concert to benefit the animal rescue Wildlife WayStation.

Through the years, Sheridan has been a speaker for Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI), the Durango Songwriters Expo and, in 2009, hosted the first annual Songwriters Experience workshops and seminars in Palm Springs, California. He has also lectured about songwriting and publishing at UCLA. Sheridan co-authored "Carl’s Jr." founder Carl Karcher's biography, and was an original advisory board member to top bass amplifier manufacturer SWR Sound Corporation

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC, or simply Fender) is an American manufacturer of stringed instruments and amplifiers. Fender produces acoustic guitars, electric basses, bass amplifiers and public address equipment, but is best known for its solid-body electric guitars and bass guitars, particularly the Stratocaster, Telecaster, Precision Bass, and the Jazz Bass. The company was founded in Fullerton, California, by Clarence Leonidas "Leo" Fender in 1946. Its headquarters are in Scottsdale, Arizona.

FMIC is a privately held corporation, with Andy Mooney serving as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The company filed for an initial public offering in March 2012, but this was withdrawn five months later. In addition to its Scottsdale headquarters, Fender has manufacturing facilities in Corona, California (US) and Ensenada, Baja California (Mexico).As of July 10, 2012, the majority shareholders of Fender were the private equity firm of Weston Presidio (43%), Japanese music distributors Yamano Music (14%) and Kanda Shokai (13%) and Servco Pacific (5%). In December 2012, TPG Growth (the middle market and growth equity investment platform of TPG Capital) and Servco Pacific took control of the company after acquiring the shares held by Weston Presidio.

Fryette Amplification

Fryette Amplification of North Hollywood, California is a manufacturer of high-quality hand built electric guitar amplifiers, speaker cabinets, power amplifiers, sound effects pedals and pedalboard accessories. The company was founded as VHT Amplification in Studio City, Los Angeles, California by Steven Fryette in January 1989 and was the first to produce a true three-channel vacuum tube amplifier.

List of bass amplifier and loudspeaker manufacturers

This article lists manufacturers of bass amplifiers, loudspeakers, and other amplification-related items such as preamplifiers. The amplifiers and loudspeakers used to amplify bass instruments (e.g., the bass guitar, double bass and similar instruments) are distinct from other types of amplification systems due to the particular challenges associated with low-frequency sound reproduction.

This distinction affects the design of the loudspeakers, the cabinet, and the preamplifier and amplifier. Loudspeakers for bass instruments tend to be larger and more heavy-duty, and speaker cabinets have to be built more solidly to prevent unwanted rattling due to the low frequencies. Preamplifiers and amplifiers for bass instruments often have features designed for bass instruments, such as equalizers that go down to 40 Hz or below or limiters to prevent speaker damage.

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