SCAM Srl is an Italian truck manufacturer and modification company founded in 1995. Partnered with Iveco from the start, SCAM builds vehicles using the Iveco Daily as a base.[1] SCAM produces special vehicles for markets where climatic conditions require the use of engines type Euro3.[1] SCAM vehicles are primarily marketed to military, government, and municipal customers.

SCAM S.r.l.
Subsidiary of CERTINA Holding AG
HeadquartersVarese, Italy
ProductsCommercial vehicles,
WebsiteSCAM Spa.
2007 Iveco Daily 4x4


SCAM produces vehicles, transfer cases, and Superstructures which can be built on SCAM produced Dailys or IVECO produced Daily's.


All SCAM vehicles are 4x4 with right or left hand drive, and are available with 3.5 tons and 5.5 tons chassis (chassis or crew cab). A 7.5 ton version is in development. Available models are based on the Iveco Daily Van, cabin cruiser, Combi, Minibus, Agile (with automatic gearbox), and CNG, most in all-wheel-drive. Also available is a chassis cowl i.e. the frame with drivetrain but without cab for special applications.[2]


Emergency services

  • Firefighting (fixed and demountable) equipment from 400 to 1500 l
  • Mobile offices
  • Rescue Trucks
  • Ambulances


  • Aerial lifts
  • Cranes
  • Fixed and tipping platforms (with structure in alu and canvas)
  • Snow Removal Vehicles with blades, salt spreaders, plows
  • Radio Communication Vehicles


  • Personal carrier
  • Logistic and Support Vehicles
  • Armoured vehicles


Transfer cases

SCAM produces its own proprietary transfer cases with 12 or 24 gears.[3]


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See also

  • Bremach another Italian 4x4 manufacturer.

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