S5 Shanghai–Jiading Expressway

The Shanghai–Jiading Expressway, commonly referred to as the Hujia Expressway (Chinese: 沪嘉高速公路; pinyin: Hùjiā Gāosù Gōnglù) and designated S5, is a 17.37-kilometre-long expressway (10.79 mi)[1] in the city of Shanghai, China. The expressway connects the Middle Ring Road in Baoshan District with the center of Jiading District.

Shanghai Expwy S5 sign with name

Shanghai–Jiading Expressway
Hujia Expressway
Shanghai S5 map
Route information
Length 17.37 km[1] (10.79 mi)
Major junctions
East end Middle Ring Road in Baoshan District
  Shanghai S20 in Putuo District
G1501 in Jiading District
West end Yecheng Road / South Bo'le Road in Jiading District
Highway system

Expressways of Shanghai

S4 S6


The Shanghai–Jiading Expressway begins at an elevated interchange with the Middle Ring Road in Baoshan District to the east and south. At the interchange, motorists can continue east on Middle Ring Road toward Zhabei District, south on Middle Ring Road toward Changning District, or descend to an intersection with Zhenbei Road and Wenshui Road, which are surface-level roadways that run under Middle Ring Road.

The expressway traverses west to an interchange with Outer Ring Expressway in Putuo District before turning to a northwesterly direction, paralleling the route of China National Highway 204 from Putuo to Jiading District. It ends at an interchange with the G1501 Shanghai Ring Expressway in Jiading District. A short segment of expressway continues north past the interchange to a toll plaza and intersection with Yecheng Road and South Bo'le Road. South Bo'le Road, which eventually becomes Bo'le Road, is a major arterial roadway into the old city center of Jiading District.

The expressway is tolled from just west of the Outer Ring Expressway to its western terminus in Jiading District. It has two lanes in each direction for its entire length, and has a maximum speed limit of 100 km/h (62 mph).[1]

Exit list

Location km Mile Exit[2] Name Destinations Notes
Shanghai S5 (Shanghai–Jiading Expressway)
Baoshan District, Shanghai 0 0 Middle Ring Hujia Interchange Middle Ring Road
11 Zhenbei Road
Wenshui Road
Putuo District, Shanghai 13 Taopu Qilianshan Road Eastbound exit and westbound entrance only
15 Outer Ring Hujia Interchange Shanghai S20
Jiading District, Shanghai 18 Nanxiang Fengxiang Road
23/24 Malu Shanghai S322 (Bao'an Highway)
28 Jiading Nanmen Interchange G1501
Jiading City Center South Bo'le Road
Yecheng Road


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