Rural Municipality of St. François Xavier

St. François Xavier is a rural municipality lying west-northwest of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It is part of the Winnipeg Capital Region and had a 2016 census population of 1,411.

St. François Xavier became a municipality in 1880. It has a rich native history that includes legend. The common name often used for the area, White Horse Plain arises from the most famous of the legends. Also, the Grey Nuns are woven into the fabric of the areas history. They had an educational and religious presence there for 118 years, ending their involvement in 1968.

The focal point for the RM was the community of St. François Xavier which was established in 1824 by Reverend Father Boucher.

White horse statue
The statue of the White Horse describing the legend and the meaning behind the name White Horse Plains.

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Coordinates: 49°58′03″N 97°38′34″W / 49.96750°N 97.64278°W

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