Rohri Hills

Rohri Hills in Upper Sindh, Pakistan are scarped rocks of limestone running South South East of Rohri between Indus river in the west and Nara river in the east. The hills are about 40 kilometres (25 miles) long and 16 kilometres (9.9 miles) wide.[2] These hills are home to a large number of archaeological sites. Flint artifacts of Paleolithic period have been discovered here.[3]

Rohri Hills
Rohri Hills is located in Pakistan
Rohri Hills
Rohri Hills (Pakistan)
Location Sindh, Pakistan
Range coordinates 27°27′18″N 68°55′53″E / 27.45500°N 68.93139°ECoordinates: 27°27′18″N 68°55′53″E / 27.45500°N 68.93139°E
Age of rock Middle Eocene / Early Oligocene[1]
Mountain type Sedimentary

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