Robert Spencer Carr

Robert Spencer Carr (March 26, 1909 – April 28, 1994) was an American author of science fiction and fantasy. He sold his first story to Weird Tales at age 15. At age 17 his novel, The Rampant Age, became a success resulting in a movie contract.[1] During 1975 he claimed to have knowledge of an autopsy of an alien from space on a US military base.

Robert Spencer Carr
BornMarch 26, 1909
Washington, D.C., United States
DiedApril 28, 1994 (aged 85)
Dunedin, Florida, United States
OccupationShort story writer, novelist
NationalityUnited States
GenreScience fiction, fantasy


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Beyond Infinity

Beyond Infinity is a collection of science fiction stories by author Robert Spencer Carr. It was first published in 1951 by Fantasy Press in an edition of 2,779 copies. Two of the stories originally appeared in The Saturday Evening Post, while the title story and "Mutation" saw first publication in the book.

Bob Carr (Florida politician)

Robert Spencer Carr (July 13, 1899 – January 29, 1967) was mayor of Orlando, Florida from 1956 to 1967. The Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre is named for him.

Carr was born in 1899 in Toledo, Ohio to William C. and Cora Elizabeth Carr. In 1939, Carr (then a businessman) organized the Community Chest of Orlando, the community's first annual fund drive conducted to support local charitable organizations and the forerunner of the Heart of Florida United Way organization. In 1945, while he was serving as president of the Greater Orlando Chamber of Commerce, he contributed to the establishment of the Orlando Negro Chamber of Commerce, the predecessor to the African American Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida. In 1954 he was one of a group of Florida community leaders who established the state's Easter Seals organization.As mayor he formed a Human Relations Committee to address race relations and peacefully desegregate the community.The defining event in shaping modern Orlando occurred during Carr's term as mayor when, in 1965, Walt Disney announced plans to build Walt Disney World outside the city.Carr died while in office on January 29, 1967 after suffering a heart attack. He was buried in Greenwood Cemetery. Carl T. Langford succeeded him as mayor. His son, Robert Carr, Jr., has been active in Orlando politics.

E. Hoffmann Price

Edgar Hoffmann Price (July 3, 1898 – June 18, 1988) was an American writer of popular fiction (he was a self-titled 'fictioneer') for the pulp magazine marketplace. He collaborated with H. P. Lovecraft on "Through the Gates of the Silver Key".

Fantasy Press

Fantasy Press was an American publishing house specialising in fantasy and science fiction titles. Established in 1946 by Lloyd Arthur Eshbach in Reading, Pennsylvania, it was most notable for publishing the works of authors such as Robert A. Heinlein and E. E. Smith. One of its more notable offerings was the Lensman series.

Among its books was Of Worlds Beyond: The Science of Science Fiction Writing (1947), which was the first book about modern SF and contained essays by John W. Campbell, Jr., Robert A. Heinlein, A. E. van Vogt and others.

Why Leave Home?

Why Leave Home? is a 1929 American comedy film directed by Raymond Cannon and written by Robert Spencer Carr and Walter Catlett. The film stars Sue Carol, Nick Stuart, Dixie Lee, Ilka Chase, Walter Catlett, and Gordon De Main. The film was released on August 25, 1929, by Fox Film Corporation. It is a remake of Cradle Snatchers (1927). Why Leave Home? was later remade in 1943 as Let's Face It with Bob Hope.

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