Road (sports)

A road game or away game is a sports game where the specified team is not the host and must travel to another venue.[1] Most professional teams represent cities or towns and amateur sports teams often represent academic institutions. Each team has a location where it practices during the season and where it hosts games.

When a team is not the host, it must travel to games (usually by bus or car, hence "road", though increasingly also by plane for longer journeys). Thus, when a team is not hosting a game, the team is described as the road team, the visiting team, or the away team, and the game is described as a road game or an away game for that team. The venue in which the game is played is described as the visiting stadium or the road. The host team is said to be the home team.

The home team is often thought to have a home advantage over the visiting team, because of their familiarity with the environment, their shorter travel times, and the influence that a parochial crowd may have over an official's decisions. Another home team advantage that is unique to baseball is familiarity with the home ballpark's outfield dimensions and height of the outfield wall, as well as the size of foul territory and location of in-play obstacles (e.g., a bullpen on the playing field). Major sporting events, if not held at a neutral venue, are often over several legs at each team's home ground, so that neither team has an advantage over the other.

Occasionally, the road team may not have to travel very far at all to a road game. These matches often become local derbies. (Also, see the article on Subway Series for baseball series played between the New York Yankees, and New York's National League teams, and similar series between other teams that play in the same city or state.) A few times a year, a road team may even be lucky enough to have the road game played at their own home stadium or arena. This is prevalent in college athletics where many schools will often play in regional leagues or groundshare.

The related term true road game has seen increasing use in U.S. college sports in the 21st century, especially in basketball. While regular-season tournaments and other special events have been part of college sports from their creation, the 21st century has seen a proliferation of such events. These are typically held at neutral sites, with some of them taking place outside the contiguous U.S. (as in the case of the Great Alaska Shootout and Maui Invitational) or even outside the country entirely (such as the Battle 4 Atlantis in The Bahamas). In turn, this has led to the use of "true road game" to refer to contests played at one team's home venue.

Oklahoma Sooners bus - 2007 Red River Shootout
Oklahoma Sooners transport truck carries team equipment for road games.

Association football

In some association football leagues, particularly in Europe, the away team's fans sit in their own section. Depending on the team's stadium, they will either sit in a designated section or be separated from the home fans by a cordon of police officers and stadium officials. The reason of this arrangement is to prevent conflicts between fans in rival teams, which is a real concern in European association football leagues due to football hooliganism. However, in the semi-professional leagues in England, supporters may be free to mix. [2] When games are played at a neutral site, for instance the FA Cup final in England which is always played at Wembley Stadium, both teams' fans will be allotted an even number of tickets. This results in each team occupying one half of the stadium. This is different from other sports, particularly in North America, where relatively few fans travel to games played away from their home stadium. Home and away fans are also not separated at these games.

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2014–15 Hong Kong Premier League

2014–15 Hong Kong Premier League (also known as BOCG Life Hong Kong Premier League for sponsorship reasons) is the first season of Hong Kong Premier League, the top division of Hong Kong football. The fixtures were announced on 15 August 2014. The season began on 12 September 2014 and concluded on 9 May 2015.

2015 AFC U-16 Women's Championship

The 2015 AFC U-16 Women's Championship was the 6th edition of the AFC U-16 Women's Championship, the biennial international youth football championship organised by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) for the women's under-16 national teams of Asia. The tournament was held in China between 4–15 November 2015. A total of eight teams played in the tournament.

Same as previous editions, the tournament acted as the AFC qualifiers for the FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup. The top two teams of the tournament qualified for the 2016 FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup in Jordan as the AFC representatives, besides Jordan who qualified automatically as hosts.North Korea won their second title with a 1–0 final victory over Japan. Both finalists qualified for the World Cup.

2015–16 Hong Kong Premier League

2015–16 Hong Kong Premier League (also known as BOCG Life Hong Kong Premier League for sponsorship reasons) is the second season of Hong Kong Premier League, the top division of Hong Kong football.

2017–18 Hong Kong Senior Challenge Shield

2017–18 Hong Kong Senior Challenge Shield was the 116th season of the Hong Kong Senior Shield. 10 teams entered this edition, with two games being played in Round 1 before the Quarter Final stage. The competition was only open to teams that play in the 2017–18 Hong Kong Premier League.The champions, Yuen Long, received HK$150,000 in prize money while the runners up, Eastern, received HK$50,000. The MVP of the final received a HK$10,000 bonus.

2017–18 Sapling Cup

The 2017–18 Sapling Cup (officially the 2017–18 R&F Properties Sapling Cup for sponsorship reasons) was the 3rd edition of the Sapling Cup. The Cup was contested by the 10 teams in the 2017–18 Hong Kong Premier League. Kitchee were crowned champions after defeating Tai Po in the final.

The objective of the Cup was to create more potential playing opportunities for youth players. In this Cup competition, each team played a minimum of two players born on or after 1 January 1996 (U22) and six foreign players at most during every whole match, with no more than four foreign players on the pitch at the same time.

Atlanta Marathon

The Atlanta Marathon (branded Publix Atlanta Marathon for sponsorship reasons) is an annual marathon held in Atlanta, Georgia. On the same day, a half marathon is also held, and some years also feature a 5K run.

Cheriton Road

Cheriton Road is a complex of sports grounds at Folkestone in the English county of Kent. The complex includes football pitches, a cricket ground, hockey pitches, netball courts and an indoor sports facility. It includes the home ground of Folkestone Invicta F.C., known as The Fullicks Stadium for sponsorship reasons, and the Three Hills Sports Park which includes the home grounds of Folkestone Cricket Club and Folkestone Optimist Hockey Club. The cricket ground, which was previously called the Cheriton Road Sports Ground, was used by Kent County Cricket Club for top level cricket matches.

The ground is located around 1 mile (1.6 km) north-west of Folkestone town centre, 500 metres (1,600 ft) north-east of Folkestone West railway station. It was built on farmland owned by the Radnor Park estate between Cheriton and Folkestone. The A2034, the former route of the A20 trunk road, runs along the southern and western edges of the ground, joining the M20 motorway to the north of the ground. It is at the foot of the North Downs which rise on the northern edge of the Folkestone urban area.

Exhibition Centre station (MTR)

Exhibition Centre (Chinese: 會展) is an MTR interchange station currently under construction on the East Rail line and the proposed North Island line. It will be an underground station located underneath the existing Wan Chai North public transport interchange, Harbour Road Sports Centre and Wan Chai Swimming Pool. It will serve the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre at Wan Chai North, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. Its location is within walking distance to Wan Chai station of the Island line. The station is set to be completed in 2021.


HTC–Highroad (UCI team code: THR) is a former professional cycling team competing in international road bicycle races. Their last title sponsor was HTC Corporation, a Taiwanese manufacturer of smartphones but dissolved at the end of the 2011 season from a failure to find a new sponsor. High Road Sports was the management company of team manager Bob Stapleton. Past title sponsors include Columbia Sportswear and Deutsche Telekom.

The team was founded in 1991 as Team Telekom, sponsored by Deutsche Telekom. In 2004 their name changed to the T-Mobile Team. The team was under the management of Bob Stapleton and Rolf Aldag. Former leaders included Olaf Ludwig, Walter Godefroot and Eddy Vandenhecke (managers), Luuc Eisenga (spokesperson) and Brian Holm, Valerio Piva (sports directors).

Hammer Hill Road Sports Ground

Hammer Hill Road Sports Ground (Chinese: 斧山道運動場) is a multi-purpose sports ground situated in Diamond Hill, Hong Kong.

The sports ground comprises one running track (8 lanes, 1400m), 1 turf football pitch with floodlights, 1 small football pitch with floodlights, 1 covered spectator stand with a seating capacity of 2200, 1 car park with 7 parking spaces, 1 fast food kiosk and 3 changing rooms and toilets (for males, females and referees respectively).

Home (sports)

In sports, home is the place and venue identified with a team sport. Most professional teams are named for, and marketed to, particular metropolitan areas; amateur teams may be drawn from a particular region, or from institutions such as schools or universities. When they play in that venue, they are said to be the "home team"; when the team plays elsewhere, they are the away, visiting, or road team. Home teams wear home colors.

Leisure and Cultural Services Department

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department (Chinese: 康樂及文化事務署, often abbreviated as LCSD), is a department in the Government of Hong Kong. It reports to the Home Affairs Bureau, headed by the Secretary for Home Affairs. It provides leisure and cultural activities for the people of Hong Kong, which was also one of the tasks of the former Urban Council, and Regional Council and Home Affairs Bureau. It manages various public facilities around Hong Kong including public libraries, swimming pools, and sports centres. The well-known Hong Kong Cultural Centre and Hong Kong Space Museum are among several museums also managed by the department. It was established in 2000 and its headquarters is in Shatin, New Territories.

Lotus Mark V

Lotus Mark V was a prototype single seater sports car by Colin Chapman that was never built.

Chapman said that he believed a 100-mph road sports car could be developed using an un-supercharged Austin 7 engine. The Lotus Mark V was designed for it.

Louth, Lincolnshire

Louth ( (listen)) is a market town and civil parish in the East Lindsey district of Lincolnshire, England. Louth is the principal town and centre for a large rural area of eastern Lincolnshire. Visitor attractions include St. James' Church, Hubbard's Hills, the market, many independent retailers and Lincolnshire's last remaining cattle market.

Midlands 4 West (North)

Midlands 4 West (North) is a level 9 English Rugby Union league and level 4 of the Midlands League, made up of teams from the northern part of the West Midlands region including Shropshire, Staffordshire, parts of Birmingham and the West Midlands and occasionally Cheshire, with home and away matches played throughout the season. Each year some of the clubs in this division also take part in the RFU Junior Vase - a level 9-12 national competition.

Formed for the 2006-07 season, the division was originally known as Midlands 5 West (North) but changed to its present name for the 2008-09 season due to league restructuring. Promoted teams tend to move up to Midlands 3 West (North) while relegated teams typically drop to Midlands 5 West (North).

Velocio–SRAM Pro Cycling

Velocio–SRAM Pro Cycling, formerly known as Specialized–lululemon, was a professional cycling team based in the United States that competes in elite road bicycle racing and track cycling events. The final-season title sponsors were SRAM Corporation and Cervelo bicycles. Velocio Sports was the holding company for the team and the place-holder during a larger search for a title sponsor.

Before 2012, the team was owned by Bob Stapleton's High Road Sports and was known in 2011 as HTC–Highroad Women. Following HTC's withdrawal of sponsorship and the failure to find a replacement sponsor, a new company, Velocio Sports, directed by High Road's former Marketing and Communications officer Kristy Scrymgeour, was set up to own the team, but most of the riders and other staff remained the same. High Road also operated an elite men's professional team known most recently as HTC–Highroad, which disbanded.Prior to 2008, the team was named T-Mobile Women. Columbia Sportswear were a title sponsor from July 2008 until the end of 2010.

In August 2015, Scrymgeour announced that the team would be disbanded at the end of the 2015 season. Under Scrymgeour's management, and with the introduction of team time trials world championships for trade teams in 2012, the team has won every TTT world championships in the team's existence.

Wuhan Optics Valley F.C.

Wuhan Optics Valley Football Club (simplified Chinese: 武汉光谷; traditional Chinese: 武漢光谷; pinyin: Wǔhàn Guānggǔ) is a defunct football club which was located in the city of Wuhan, Hubei province, China. The club's home stadium was Xinhua Road Sports Center, while the important matches were played at the more modern stadium Wuhan Sports Center in China. Their fans were mainly from Hubei province and the club had supporters from the city of Wuhan, and the surrounding cities of Ezhou, Huangshi and Xiaogan. It was founded in 1954 as the Hubei Football Team, while the professional football team was founded in February 1994. In 2008, Wuhan FC quit the Chinese Super League because of what it believed to be unfair punishment after the club had a dispute with the Chinese Football Association over the club's on-field behaviour against Beijing Guoan in a league game. Some of its players formed a new team called Wuhan Zall Professional F.C. and succeeded in winning a position in the 2013 Chinese Super League.

Xinhua Road Sports Center

Xinhua Road Sports Centre Stadium (Chinese: 新华路体育中心) is a multi-purpose stadium in Wuhan, Hubei province, China. It is currently used mostly for football matches. The stadium has a capacity for 22,140 people. It opened in 1954.

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