Richard Sale (director)

Richard Sale, (December 17, 1911, in New York – March 4, 1993, in Los Angeles) was an American screenwriter, pulp writer, and film director.[1]

Richard Sale
BornDecember 17, 1911
DiedMarch 4, 1993 (aged 81)
OccupationFilm director, writer
Mystery adventure 193605
Sale's "Rescued by Satan" was cover-featured on Mystery Adventure in 1936


Sale started his career writing for the pulps in the Thirties, appearing regularly in Detective Fiction Weekly (with the Daffy Dill series), Argosy, Double Detective, and a number of other magazines. In the Forties, he graduated to slick publications like The Country Gentleman and The Saturday Evening Post. In the mid-Forties, he made a career change from writing magazine fiction to screenplays.

A big boost to Sale's success was his novel Not Too Narrow...Not Too Deep, filmed as Strange Cargo (1940) starring Joan Crawford and Clark Gable.

He directed several films, including A Ticket to Tomahawk (1950), Meet Me After the Show (1951) with Betty Grable, Let's Make It Legal (1951) featuring one of Marilyn Monroe's earliest film appearances, Malaga (1954), and Gentlemen Marry Brunettes (1955) with Jane Russell. He also wrote many screenplays,Suddenly (1954), The French Line (1954) and Gentlemen Marry Brunettes, both with Mary Loos his wife at the time, The Oscar (1966), The White Buffalo (1977) and Assassination (1987)

Together with Mary Loos, he created the Western television series Yancy Derringer which ran for one season in 1958–59.

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Richard Sale

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