Revere Public Schools

Revere Public Schools (RPS) is a school district headquartered in Revere, Massachusetts in Greater Boston.[2][3]

Revere Public Schools
101 School Street
Revere, Massachusetts

United States
District information
SuperintendentDianne Kelly
Asst. Superintendent(s)
Josh Vadala
Danielle Mokaba-Bernardo
Budget$108,825,861 total
$14,534 per pupil
NCES District ID2510050
Students and staff
Students6,519 in 2011-12[2]
Teachers444.7 FTE in 2010-11[2]
Student-teacher ratio14.0 in 2010-11[2]
Other information
School committeeFredrick A. Sannella
Carol A. Tye
Stacey A. Rizzo
Donna Wood Pruitt
Dan Maguire
Michael Ferrante


In February 1945 the district created its Department of Audio-Visual Aids.[4]

In a five year period from 1993 to 1998, enrollment increased by 25% in the district's elementary schools. Around 1998 the district gad passed a roof repair and asbestos referendum worth $2.2 million. Three schools had their roofs repaired. The same referendum also funded the installation of a new fire alarm system at Revere High School.[5]

In 2001 the school district began a $83.5 million construction program to build four new school buildings, which together were to house five schools.[6]

By 2005, the Massachusetts Legislature approved the request of the Revere school system to use June 17, Bunker Hill Day, as a day of school instruction.[7]

In 2009 groups of parents objected to a Massachusetts General Hospital-operated clinic at Revere High School that provided contraception services. The parents started a petition to have a November 3, 2009 bill to eliminate these services.[8] The voters in the city ultimately did not approve of the vote for removing the contraception services.[9]

In 2014 an increase in the number of immigrants occurred district-wide, and the high school now has a program for new immigrants.[10]


High schools:

Middle schools: All have uniforms.

  • Susan B. Anthony School for the Arts
    • This school is connected to the Whel'an Elementary school.
  • Garfield Middle School
  • Rumney Marsh Academy

Elementary schools: All have uniforms.

  • Beachmont Veterans Memorial Elementary School
  • Abraham Lincoln Elementary School
  • Staff Sergeant James J. Hill Elementary School
  • Paul Revere Elementary School
  • A. C. Whelan Elementary School
    • The Massachusetts State Government was originally scheduled to reimburse the Revere city government for 90% of the costs for the construction of what is the current Whelan school. In 2001 the Whelan project was put on the School Building Assistance program list. However the state delayed giving the funds. The Revere government waited for a three year period to acquire the funds. In February 2004, all of the members of the City of Revere City Council voted to have the current school campus built. Construction was scheduled to begin in June 2004. At that time the state government had not given the funds to the municipality.[11]

Alternative schools:

  • SeaCoast School



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Further reading

  • "REVERE'S SCHOOL UNION SAYS IT'S NOT TO BLAME" Boston Globe; (Mar 27, 2005), p. 7: "Once again, the superintendent of the Revere public schools has attempted to direct blame toward the members of AFSCME Local 1383, which represents custodians, maintenance workers, cafeteria workers, clerks and secretaries, and bus drivers, for the situation which exists concerning school being in session on certain Suffolk County holidays."

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Revere, Massachusetts

Revere is a city in Suffolk County, Massachusetts, United States, located approximately 5 miles (8.0 km) from downtown Boston. Founded as North Chelsea in 1846, it was renamed in 1871 after the American Revolutionary War patriot Paul Revere. In 1914, the Town of Revere was incorporated as a city. As of the 2010 United States Census, the city has a population of 51,755 inhabitants.

Revere High School (Massachusetts)

Revere High School is public four-year high school in Revere, Massachusetts operated by the Revere Public Schools system serving about 1,500 students annually. High school students from the district attend either Revere High, Seacoast Alternative School, or the Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational High School in Wakefield.

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