Rev’n is an American vehicle-oriented digital broadcast television network owned by Luken Communications, LLC.

First air date
December 1, 2014


As early as October 2012, Luken Communications, LLC was planning a car focused channel then called My Car TV.[1] The concept was later retooled and renamed prior to launch, with the network focusing on all automotive vehicles, including cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles and more.

Rev'n was announced by Luken Communications on November 3, 2014[2][3] and launched on December 1, 2014 with 26 affiliates in 24 markets[4] reaching 29 million households.[5]


A partial list includes:[6]

  • Amazing World of Automobiles
  • Best of the World of Collector Cars
  • Bidding Wars
  • Classic Cars
  • Curator's Vault (E/I)
  • Dream Car Garage
  • Dream Ridez
  • Formula Drift
  • FreeRide
  • Hidden Heroes
  • Inside Drag Racing
  • Lokar Car Show
  • Mother's Car Show
  • Motorhead Garage
  • Motorz TV
  • My Classic Car
  • Off Road Action
  • On the Water
  • Performance TV
  • Pleasure Boater
  • Reality Rides (E/I)
  • Rev'n News
  • Road Classics
  • Sam's Garage starring Sam Memmolo & Sam Mahdavi
  • Sport Compact TV
  • Stacey David's GearZ
  • Steel Dreams
  • Superlift's Off-Road Adventures
  • Tech Garage
  • The Exciting World of Speed and Beauty
  • Trippin' on Two Wheels
  • Truck U
  • Two Guys Garage
  • USAR Racing
  • Valvoline Racing Radio on Rev'n
  • V8TV
  • World of Trucks

Unusually for a specialty network, both of Rev'n's federally mandated educational and informational programs are more or less exclusive to the channel, and with both carrying an automotive theme, Rev'n does not need to break from its format to air them. Each show airs multiple episodes during the week to fill the three-hour minimum requirements.


In addition to terrestrial affiliates, Rev'n is also available through a free Internet stream on the station's Web site, as well as through subscriptions to the Klowd TV, NKTelco, and FilmOn streaming services.

DMA Station Channel


Phoenix (Prescott) K38IZ-D 38.7


Los Angeles KFLA-LD 8.6
San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose KMMC-LD 40.4
Fresno-Visalia KVHF-LD 4.4
Bakersfield KCBT-LD 34.10


Denver KZDN-LD 16.2
Albuquerque-Santa Fe K16CT-D 26.7

Columbia, District of

Washington, DC WWTD-LD 49.5


Orlando-Daytona Beach WSWF-LD 10.4
Jacksonville WQXT-CD 22.5


Chattanooga (Dalton, GA) WDGA-CD 43.2


Boise KZAK-LD 41.4
Twin Falls KYTL-LD 17.3


Chicago-Arlington Heights WRJK-LP 22.6


Wichita-Hutchinson Plus KSMI-LP 30.6
Kansas City KMJC-LD 25.7
Topeka WROB-LD 25.7


Louisville WRLW-CA 17.2


Bangor WEXZ-LD 13.2


Flint-Saginaw-Bay City WUWB-LD 20.3


Kansas City KCKS-LD 25.7


Missoula K34MJ-D 34.4
Great Falls K18BN-D 18.2


Las Vegas KGNG-LD 47.6

New Mexico

Albuquerque-Santa Fe KYNM-CD 21.4

New York

New York WXNY-LD 32.5
Buffalo WBXZ-LP 56.3
Albany-Schenectady-Troy WYBN-LD 14.5


Tulsa KZLL-LD 39.4

South Carolina

Greenville-Spartanburg WASV-LP 50.3

South Dakota

Rapid City KRPC-LP 33.3


Chattanooga WOOT-LD 6.3


Amarillo KXAD-LD 51.1
San Antonio KISA-LD 40.7
Beaumont-Port Arthur KAOB-LD 27.5


Salt Lake City KUTO-LD 15.3


Norfolk W24EC-D 24.1


Seattle-Tacoma KUSE-LD 46.6

Former affiliates

DMA Station Channel Years Notes


Sacramento KBTV-CD 8.7 2014–2016 Replaced by QVC
KSAO-LD 49.5 2016–2018 Replaced by Shop LC

Puerto Rico, Commonwealth of

San Juan W26DK-D 25.3 2014–2017 Replaced by Shop LC
Ponce W31DL-D 36.3
Mayaguez W51DJ-D 51.3


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Luken Communications, LLC is a privately owned American broadcast holding company, based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, which owns or operates around 80 television stations in the United States and six digital television multicast networks.

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Motorz (pronounced Motors) is an American television series seen nationwide on Youtoo America, Rev'n, Untamed Sports TV, Biz Television, The Auto Channel, Wild TV, and globally on Amazon Video, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, YouTube and iTunes. The Automotive Improvement® series is hosted by Chris Duke.

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Actress Olivia Korte joined the cast as the "Motorz Girl" for season five, and was replaced by actress Brigitte Patton beginning with season six. In this co-starring role, she helps describe the tools needed for the job, along with host Chris Duke. Halfway through season six, the role of the Motorz Girl was phased out. Alan Taylor contributed to the show , adding vehicle test drive and celebrity interview segments from 2014-2018.


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WOOT-LD, virtual channel 6 (UHF channel 38) is a low-powered television station in Chattanooga, Tennessee, owned by Luken Communications.


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WROB-LD, virtual channel 25 (UHF digital channel 26), is a television station located in Topeka, Kansas, United States. The station is owned by Heartland Broadcasting, LLC. WROB-LD maintains offices located in the Two Pershing Square Center, near Crown Center and Union Station in Kansas City and a location in Topeka, KS.

KCKS-LD simulcasts on WROB-LD and KMJC-LD in Louisburg, Kansas.


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