Reha is a village in Bhuj Taluka of Kutch at a distance of about 15 km from Bhuj town, the capital of Kachchh District of Gujarat in India.[1]


Reha Mota
Reha is located in Gujarat
Location in Gujarat, India
Reha is located in India
Reha (India)
Coordinates: 23°09′06″N 69°45′00″E / 23.151725°N 69.750086°ECoordinates: 23°09′06″N 69°45′00″E / 23.151725°N 69.750086°E
Country India
 • OfficialGujarati, Hindi
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code02832
Vehicle registrationGJ-12-
Nearest cityBhuj - 370001


Reha is one of the 18 villages founded by Mistri community of Kutch in late 12th century. These group of warriors were also skilled architects and have contributed to the erection of many historical monuments of Kutch.[2][3][4][5]

During the years of laying of Railway lines in British India around 1850-1930 many members of Mistris moved out and made themselves into big railway contractors throughout British India. Some entered into the coal mines business. The Mistris of these villages have built and developed the old infrastructure around the villages in late 1890 from their earnings during those time.[2][3][4][6][5] However, majority of old houses of Mistris with unique architect were destroyed in the earthquake of 26 January 2001.

Notable persons

Some of the Mistris who hailed from this village and made it big during early years of railway construction in India in decades of 1860-1940. [7][8][9]

Khimji Walji Chauhan of village, was a noted coal mine owner and railway contractor, who owned mines at Jharia. His son Purushottam K. Chauhan was a freedom fighter & politician and member of legislative assembly of Bihar from Dhanbad, was also born in the village.[10]


Kuldevi Temples of many clans of these Kutch Gurjar Kshatriya community & Popat (Thakkar) family are also there in this village. Kuldevi Temple of Kamdhajiya branch of Rathor clan of Kutch Gurjar Kshatriyas is located in Reha village. Kuldevi Temple of Shri Hansvahini Bhramani Mata of Chauhan clan of Kutch Gurjar Kshitriyas is located in Reha village

About Village

Reha village has at present two residing blocks one known as Moti Reha and other as Nana Reha or Chhota Reha. Reha is famous for knife making from over a century.

There are Ramayana reliefs in the village.


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100. Yıl Albümü

100. Yıl Albümü (a.k.a. BJK 100. Yıl Marşları) (English: Centennial Album) is a stadium anthems and football chants based album, recorded following the Turkish League triumph of Beşiktaş in 2003, their 100th year of foundation, composed by Turkish singer/composers Mustafa Sandal and Ufuk Yıldırım, and composers Reha Falay and Murat Zor.

1944–45 Galatasaray S.K. season

The 1944–45 season was Galatasaray SK's 41st in existence and the club's 33rd consecutive season in the Istanbul Football League.

1945–46 Galatasaray S.K. season

The 1945–46 season was Galatasaray SK's 42nd in existence and the club's 34th consecutive season in the Istanbul Football League.

1946–47 Galatasaray S.K. season

The 1946–47 season was Galatasaray SK's 43rd in existence and the club's 35th consecutive season in the Istanbul Football League.

1948–49 Galatasaray S.K. season

The 1948–49 season was Galatasaray SK's 45th in existence and the club's 37th consecutive season in the Istanbul Football League.

Cosmos (2010 film)

Cosmos (Turkish: Kosmos) is a 2010 Turkish-Bulgarian drama film, written and directed by Reha Erdem, starring Sermet Yeşil as a thief and a miracle-worker who is welcomed into a tiny, snowbound border village after resuscitating a half-drowned boy. The film, which went on nationwide general release across Turkey on April 16, 2010 (2010-04-16), won four awards at the 46th Antalya "Golden Orange" International Film Festival, including the Golden Orange for Best Film, which it shared with Bornova Bornova (2009) directed by İnan Temelkuran. The film also won the Golden Apricot at the 2010 Yerevan International Film Festival, Armenia, for Best Feature Film.

Erkek Ve Dişi

Erkek Ve Dişi is a 1966 Turkish drama film, directed by Halit Refiğ and starring Fikret Hakan, Selda Alkor, and Reha Yurdakul.

Gabi Reha

Gabi Reha (born 22 October 1964) is a German swimmer. She competed in three events at the 1988 Summer Olympics representing West Germany.

Maria Kühn

Maria Kühn (born 14 February 1982) is a 1.0-point wheelchair basketball player who plays for SV Reha Augsburg in the German wheelchair basketball league. She has also played in the German national team, with which she won two European titles, was runner-up at 2010 World Championships, and won a gold medal at the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London. Having won the gold medal, President Joachim Gauck awarded the team the Silbernes Lorbeerblatt (Silver Laurel Leaf), Germany's highest sporting honour.

Mommy, I'm Scared

Korkuyorum Anne! (English title: Mommy, I'm Scared!) is a 2004 Turkish comedy film written and directed by Reha Erdem. An alternate title for the film is İnsan nedir ki? (What is a human anyway?).

Raşit Çetiner

Raşit Çetiner (born 10 September 1959) is a Turkish football coach and a former player of Galatasaray (1981-1988) and Fenerbahçe SK (1978-1981). He also played for Kocaelispor between 1974-1978. In 1978, when playing for Kocaelispor he has become the top goal-scorer in TFF First League and awarded as the Player of the Year. In 1982 and 1985 he helped Galatasaray to earn Turkish Cup title. He retired in 1988 after sustaining a serious injury in a Galatasaray-Samsunspor match in 1986-87.

He also managed the Turkish U-21 team for many successful years and he resigned when his team fell to a 2-1 defeat against Kazakhstan and he was succeeded by Reha Kapsal. Raşit Çetiner is married and has two sons named Erdim and Doruk.

Reha Denemeç

Reha Denemeç (born 1961 in Turkey) is a senior advisor to the President of the Republic of Turkey, co-founder of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party), and an honorary associate of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

Reha Eken

Mehmet Reha Eken (1 January 1925 – 19 August 2013) was a Turkish professional footballer who played as a forward. He was strongly associated with Galatasaray Istanbul because of his long career at the club. On fan club pages he is regarded as one of the greatest players in the club's history. In his four stakes for the Turkish national team, he scored six goals and has with 1.5 the best goal / game ratio of any Turkish national team player. His two brothers Danyal Vuran and Bülent Eken were also active as players at Galatasaray.

Reha Erdem

Reha Erdem (born 1960 in Istanbul, Turkey) is a Turkish film director and screenwriter.

Reha Kapsal

Reha Kapsal (born 11 April 1963 in Diyarbakır) is a Turkish football manager. He is widely known headcoach and manager in Turkish Süper Lig and 1. Lig for his training sessions and tactical point of view.

He was also a footballer, and played as a striker.Kapsal played for Diyarbakırspor, Altay, Trabzonspor (1989–1990), Zeytinburnuspor (1994–1997) and Malatya Belediyespor (1997–1998).

He managed Marmaris Belediyespor, Vestel Manisaspor, Kayserispor, Ankaraspor, Ankaragücü, Karşıyaka, Şanlıurfaspor and the Turkish U-21 National team.

Reha Muhtar

Reha Muhtar (born 21 July 1959) is a Turkish anchorman, columnist and television reporter of Iraqi Turkmen descent.

He was first seen on TV as TRT's reporter from Athens, Greece. Later he started hosting a debate program "Ateş Hattı" for the same channel. Later, on the private channel Show TV as an anchorman, he gained national fame. His chaotic, no-holds-barred news making, remarks and most importantly the bizarre questions he asked his guests made him a phenomenon in Turkey. He is also famous for his pumpkin argument with news audiences on Show TV.

He has hosted a talk show on Show TV with other Turkish celebrities Hülya Avşar, he is currently working as a columnist for a Turkish newspaper, Vatan.

Sai River (Gujarat)

Sai River is a river in western India in Gujarat whose origin is near Reha village of Kutch. The other villages through which the river flows are Wandh, Kapadisar, Kadoli and Kotadi. Its drainage basin has a maximum length of 25 kilometres (16 mi). The total catchment area of the basin is 44 square kilometres (17 sq mi).

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Times and Winds

Times and Winds or (Turkish: Beş Vakit) is a 2006 Turkish drama film directed and written by Reha Erdem. The film premiered in the United States on January 11, 2008. It won the Best Turkish Film of the Year Award at the Istanbul International Film Festival.

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