Ray Richmond

Ray Richmond (born October 19, 1957 in Whittier, California)[1] is a globally syndicated critic and entertainment/media columnist. Richmond has also worked variously as a feature and entertainment writer, beat reporter and TV critic for a variety of publications including the Los Angeles Daily News, Daily Variety, the Orange County Register, the late Los Angeles Herald Examiner, Deadline Hollywood, Los Angeles magazine, Buzz, The Hollywood Reporter, the Los Angeles Times, New Times Los Angeles, DGA Magazine, and Penthouse.[2]

Deadline Hollywood

In 2011, Ray Richmond became a Deadline Hollywood contributing writer and editor.[3]

Hollywood Reporter years

Richmond's long-running weekly column in The Hollywood Reporter was called The Pulse and was syndicated by Reuters.

In April 2006, Richmond created an online blog connected to The Hollywood Reporter. Going by the name of "Past Deadline," the blog has been on the cutting edge of breaking entertainment/celebrity related issues, such as the 2006 Mel Gibson DUI ordeal, and the Ellen Burstyn Emmy nomination controversy,[4] stories which were subsequently picked up by the international press.[5]

In 2009, Richmond left The Hollywood Reporter.

I no longer saw an upside to riding the Hindenburg.[6]


Richmond is a graduate of California State University at Northridge. His son is radio personality Josh "Rawdog" Richmond (a.k.a. Tussin Wolf, The Illusionist, Trust Fund Baby, The Arabian Bush Baby, Rumbly Tumbly, Rumple Stumpskin, Tumble Bum, Raw Diggy, Tumbly Bumbly, Doc Banger, Sara) on The Jason Ellis Show.

During the summer of 2004, along with other outspoken colleagues, he appeared as himself in a well-received and controversial talkumentary called "Six Characters in Search of America".[7]

Richmond has also served as a talent coordinator and segment producer for The Merv Griffin Show[8] and had a short-lived stint as publicity VP for the cable network E!.


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The show's theme song is an alternate version of 702's 1996 hit "Steelo", written by Missy Elliott.

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Part of a new craze for teen-themed movies and television shows in America in the late 1990s, it catapulted its leads to stardom and became a defining show for The WB. The show placed at No. 90 on Entertainment Weekly's "New TV Classics" list in 2007. The series ended on May 14, 2003. During the course of the series, 128 episodes of Dawson's Creek aired over six seasons.

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Disney Channel's programming consists of original first-run television series, theatrically released and original made-for-TV movies and select other third-party programming. Disney Channel – which formerly operated as a premium service – originally marketed its programs towards families during the 1980s, and later at younger children by the 2000s. A majority of Disney Channel's original programming is aimed at kids ages 9–16, while its Disney Junior programs are targeted at children 8 years and under.

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Shortly after the series aired its last first-run episode, Figure It Out began airing repeats on Nick GAS until the network ceased at the end of 2007 (2009 on Dish Network). Several episodes of the Sanders-hosted series also aired in 2012 as part of The '90s Are All That, a 1990s-oriented rerun block that aired on TeenNick.

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She made her feature film debut in Ang Lee's The Ice Storm in 1997. Subsequent film roles include: Go, Teaching Mrs. Tingle (both 1999), Wonder Boys, The Gift (both 2000), Abandon, Phone Booth (both 2002), The Singing Detective, Pieces of April (both 2003), Batman Begins, Thank You for Smoking (both 2005), Mad Money (2008), Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (2010), Jack and Jill (2011), Miss Meadows (2014), Woman in Gold, Touched with Fire (both 2015) and Logan Lucky (2017).

In 2008, she made her Broadway theatre debut in a production of Arthur Miller's All My Sons. In 2011, she played Jacqueline Kennedy in the TV miniseries The Kennedys, a role she reprised in The Kennedys: After Camelot (2017). She made her directorial debut with the 2016 film All We Had, in which she also starred.

Her marriage to actor Tom Cruise, which lasted from 2006 to 2012, led to a great deal of media attention, with the pair being called a supercouple and being given the nickname "TomKat" in various countries.

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The cartoon is set in a universe inhabited solely by anthropomorphic animals of many species and focuses on a trio of campers attending a poorly run summer camp known as Camp Kidney; the series focuses on three "bean scouts": Lazlo the eccentric, optimistic monkey, Raj the Indian elephant, and Clam the albino pygmy rhinoceros. Other characters include the Camp Kidney staff, including the ill-tempered Scoutmaster Lumpus and his mild-mannered assistant Slinkman the banana slug. The program also features Lazlo's assortment of fellow campers, characters from a rival summer camp attended solely by girls, and some of the odd locales of the town of Prickly Pines.

Lazlo won the award for "Best New Character" at the Pulcinella Awards in 2006.

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Ray Richmond of Variety noted that Monkey-ed Movies "proved to be clever stuff, in large part because it was short and sweet. It was just an irreverent little diversion made terrific by some dedicated training and impressive mimicry."

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"Pilot" is the first episode and the series premiere of the American sitcom The Drew Carey Show. It first aired on September 13, 1995 on the ABC network in the United States. The premise of the show revolves around the life Drew Carey would have lived if he had not become a stand-up comedian. The pilot introduces the main characters of Drew (Carey), Kate (Christa Miller), Lewis (Ryan Stiles) and Oswald (Diedrich Bader), as well as Drew's workplace, the fictional Winfred-Lauder department store, and enemy Mimi Bobeck (Kathy Kinney).

The pilot was written by series co-creators Carey and Bruce Helford, while Michael Lessac directed. It was shot in April 1995 at the Warner Bros. Television studios in Burbank, California. The episode ranked joint 29th in television programs with the most viewers for the week of September 11–17, 1995. Critical response was mixed, with many comparing the show to the NBC sitcom Friends. Ray Richmond from the Los Angeles Daily News praised Carey's performance, but thought the episode did not click, while Variety's Tony Scott liked the opening sequence and Lessac's "inventive" direction.

Ray Richmond (baseball)

Raymond Sinclair "Ray" Richmond (June 5, 1896 – October 21, 1969) was a Major League Baseball pitcher who appeared in eight games for the St. Louis Browns in 1920 and 1921.

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USA High is an American teen sitcom which ran on USA Network from August 1997 to June 1999, ending after 95 episodes. The series revolves around six friends enrolled at the American Academy boarding school in Paris, France.


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