Ray Cokes

Ray Cokes (born Raymond Christopher Cokes on 24 February 1958 on the Isle of Wight) is an English television presenter.

Ray Cokes
Raycokes poperinge2011
Ray Cokes, Poperinge, Belgium 2011
Born24 February 1958 (age 61)
OccupationTV presenter, actor


Early life

Ray's father was an officer in the Royal Navy, who was stationed at various navy bases around the world. When Ray was 15 the family permanently moved back to Britain. At age 20 Ray had become a punk and moved to Belgium, where he took on various jobs, including being a DJ in a club and on a local radio station. This led to a job as a music presenter on Belgian national TV channel RTBF in 1982, where he presented the show Rox Box (in French) which featured alternative music videos and live studio performances.[1]

His success led to additional music video shows on Sky Channel and Music Box. When MTV Europe launched in 1987 he became a Video Jockey there. Arguably his most popular programme was Cokes and Vanthilt, with co-presenter Marcel Vanthilt.

MTV's Most Wanted

Between 1992 and 1995, Cokes hosted MTV Europe's live television series MTV's Most Wanted, an award-winning daily show which soon became the most popular one on MTV Europe and gave a break to presenters such as Davina McCall. After it ended in 1995, Cokes got a weekly 90-minute show X-Ray Vision which was not as successful. He left MTV Europe in 1996.

After MTV

In 1994, Cokes released a single titled "Simply Sexy!"[2] under the name Ray Cokes & the Sex Gods featuring Al Agami, the song's title referring to one of the catchphrases frequently used in Most Wanted.

Cokes also presented Channel Four's hit 1990s TV show Wanted.

Cokes' subsequent work includes presenting En Direct de from 2005 to 2009, broadcast on the French television station France 4.[3]

Cokes also worked as the compère for the White Concert, a live concert recorded in Horsens, Denmark, in November 2008 due to the 40-year jubilee of the Beatles' eponymous White Album.

In late 2008 he moved to Berlin and in 2009 to Antwerp, Belgium, declaring that he would like to settle there permanently.[4]

During the summer of 2009, Cokes and Jean Blaute co-hosted Tournée Générale, a 10-part exploration of Belgian beer around the world from Sputnik media, on Flemish channel Canvas.[5] A second 10-part series was aired in 2011 and a third in 2013 on the Belgian channel Eén.

In September 2011, Cokes hosted the Sunday afternoon show Cokes calling on Classic 21, one of the radio stations of the Belgian RTBF.[6]

From 2012 to 2014, he was one of the three judges in the first Belgium's Got Talent.

In February 2014, he hosted the Swedish Grammy awards.

In October 2014, he released his autobiography, My Most Wanted Life - On-Screen, Off-Screen and In-Between, available in German and English editions.


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External links

1989 MTV Video Music Awards

The 1989 MTV Video Music Awards aired live on September 6, 1989, honoring the best music videos from April 2, 1988, to June 1, 1989. The show was hosted by Arsenio Hall at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles.This year four new "genre" categories (Best Heavy Metal Video, Best Rap Video, Best Dance Video, and Best Post-Modern Video) were added, alongside the International Viewer's Choice awards. Also, the award for Best Concept Video was retired this year, and the eligibility cutoff date was moved two months down from April to June, making this a 14-month eligibility year.

In terms of the awards, Madonna and Paula Abdul were the night's biggest winners with four awards each, while rock group Living Colour was the second biggest winner, taking home three moonmen that night. On the other hand, Michael Jackson was the most nominated artist of 1989, receiving nine nominations for two of his videos: six for "Leave Me Alone" and three for "Smooth Criminal", but only took home one award for Best Special Effects.

The award for Video of the Year, went to Neil Young's controversial video for "This Note's for You", making this the first time since The Cars' win in 1984 that an act takes home the main award without winning any other one. Unlike The Cars, though, Young's video did not have any other nominations that night except for Viewer's Choice, which until 1994 had exactly the same nominees as Video of the Year. The Viewer's Choice award, however, went to another video that also stirred up controversy: Madonna's "Like a Prayer."

The ceremony is notable for comedian Andrew Dice Clay's stand-up routine that included adult versions of Mother Goose nursery rhymes, leading MTV executives to ban him from ever appearing on the network again, and Def Leppard's performance of "Tear It Down" would be the last live appearance of guitarist Steve Clark before his death on Tuesday January 8, 1991.

1990 MTV Video Music Awards

The 1990 MTV Video Music Awards aired live on September 6, 1990, honoring the best music videos from June 2, 1989, to June 1, 1990. The show was hosted by Arsenio Hall at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles.

This year saw the elimination of yet another one of the show's original categories, Best Stage Performance in a Video. This would turn out to be the last time an award from 1984 would be permanently eliminated (although Breakthrough Video was eliminated in 2006 and then brought back in 2009).

Janet Jackson was presented the Video Vanguard Award for her contributions and influence within music and popular culture. She also performed a controversial rendition of "Black Cat", considered "her first shocking public statement." For the second year in a row, Madonna was one of the night's biggest winners, taking home three technical awards, while Sinéad O'Connor was the other most rewarded artist of 1990, also winning three Moonmen including Video of the Year. Meanwhile, most other winners that night took home two awards, including Aerosmith, Don Henley, The B-52s, Tears for Fears, and MC Hammer.

Regarding nominations, Madonna also had the distinction of being the most nominated artist of the night, as her video for "Vogue" received nine nominations, making it also the most nominated video of 1990. Closely following in nominations came Aerosmith, whose video for "Janie's Got a Gun" earned eight nominations that night and took home two awards, including Viewer's Choice.

1992 MTV Video Music Awards

The 1992 MTV Video Music Awards aired live on September 9, 1992, honoring the best music videos from June 16, 1991, to June 15, 1992. The show was hosted by Dana Carvey at UCLA's Pauley Pavilion in Los Angeles.

The night's biggest winners were Van Halen and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, as each group earned three moonmen that night. Particularly, Van Halen's video for "Right Now" took home the main award of the night, Video of the Year, and received seven nominations, making it the most nominated video of the night. The Red Hot Chili Peppers, meanwhile, won the award for Viewer's Choice and received a total of nine nominations for two of their videos, becoming the most nominated act of the night. Six of the Peppers' nominations were for "Give It Away," and the remaining three went to "Under the Bridge."

The show was notable for a feud between Axl Rose and members of Nirvana as well as Courtney Love. It began backstage before the awards show, when Love jokingly offered to make Rose the godfather of Frances Bean Cobain. Rose threatened Cobain, telling him to quiet his wife, and barbs were exchanged between Love and Rose's then-girlfriend Stephanie Seymour. Bassists Krist Novoselic and Duff McKagan almost came to blows over the incident, just before Nirvana were to take the stage. The spat went public onstage immediately after Nirvana's performance of "Lithium", as drummer Dave Grohl taunted Rose. Cobain then raised the dispute in post-show interviews at the VMA.Along with Nirvana and Guns N' Roses, the night's performers included the likes of Bryan Adams, Def Leppard, En Vogue, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, and Eric Clapton, among others. Also, there was a special performance by U2 via satellite, with host Dana Carvey playing the drums for them from the Pauley Pavilion. English band The Cure was slated to perform, too, but they had to cancel their appearance, citing illness and exhaustion from the band.

1995 MTV Europe Music Awards

The 1995 MTV Europe Music Awards took place at the Le Zénith in Paris, France and were hosted by Jean-Paul Gaultier.

The French nuclear testing in the South Pacific got the most attention at the ceremony.

Jon Bon Jovi during his speech for winning the award for Best Rock said: "The only enemy is ignorance. Peace, people. Let's get rid of all this nuclear testing." and Bono said: "What a city, what a night, what a crowd, what a bomb, what a mistake, what a wanker you have for a President" referring to nuclear testing and then-French President Jacques Chirac. Greenpeace, the environmental group that has staged creative and controversial protests around the testing site at Mururoa Atoll, took the Free Your Mind award for its campaign against the underground nuclear blasts.

"Stop abusing the earth," urged Madonna in a videotaped segment before the designer agnès b. picked up the award for Greenpeace.

98.8 KISS FM Berlin

KISS FM 98.8 is a privately owned radio station broadcasting to Berlin and parts of Brandenburg on 98.8 FM MHz specialising in R&B, dance, hip hop and pop. It also broadcasts via analogue cable in Berlin and Brandenburg on 97.90 MHz and nationwide via DAB+. Its studios are part of the medienzentrum Berlin located in the shopping center Das Schloss in the district of Steglitz. Gross advertising revenue of Kiss FM amounted to €11.2m in 2011.

Belgium's Got Talent (Flanders)

Belgium's Got Talent is the Dutch language format of the Got Talent series, which was created by Simon Cowell, who also created the series The X Factor. It is broadcast on the Flemish language channel VTM, and is hosted by Koen Wauters and Laura Tesoro.

Judges on the program have included Ray Cokes (seasons 1-3), Karen Damen (seasons 1-3), and Rob Vanoudenhoven (seasons 1-3). The current cast of judges features Niels Destadsbader (seasons 3-now), Dan Karaty (seasons 4-now), An Lemmens (seasons 4-now), and Stan Van Samang (seasons 4-now).

The first season, which was in 2012, was won by Karolien Goris who was an 11 year old singer. The second season, which was in 2013, was won by Michael Lanzo who was a 34 year old singer. After the series was off the air in 2014, it returned for the third season in 2015 who was won by an Italian named Domenico Vaccaro who was a 22 year old pole dancer. The fourth season, which was in 2016 and 2017, is won by Baba Yega who are a dance troupe. The fifth season was in 2018, and was won by Tascha and Ian, who are an acrobatic dance couple.

Davina McCall

Davina Lucy Pascale McCall (born 16 October 1967) is an English television presenter and model. She was the presenter of Big Brother during its run on Channel 4 between 2000 and 2010. She has also hosted Channel 4's The Million Pound Drop, Five Minutes to a Fortune and The Jump as well as ITV's Long Lost Family and This Time Next Year.

McCall was most notably the presenter of Big Brother on Channel 4 between 2000 and 2010. Having fronted the weekly live eviction shows every year since the beginning, she decided not to return as host after it was dropped by Channel 4 in 2010 and relaunched by Channel 5 the following year.

After a difficult childhood, in her early twenties McCall had pursued various jobs, including becoming a solo singer, but later embarked on a career on television with a first job presenting for satellite music channel MTV in 1992. After further work on terrestrial channels she became a household name thanks to Big Brother, while also continuing to work with other hosting vehicles on various channels, from game shows to talent shows. She has also been a regular co-presenter of the Comic Relief annual telethons since 2005.

Departures from presenting into other television roles, through a sitcom, a documentary series and fronting her own chat show, have all proven to be unsuccessful, and beyond Big Brother she has continued in the mainstream as a presenter on Channel 4, ITV and Sky One.

Euro Top 20

The MTV Euro Top 20 (previously known as the MTV European Top 20) was a music chart countdown on MTV Europe, which played the continent's most popular songs and artists. The countdown had been shown on the majority of the regional MTV channels in Europe since the late 1980s (presumably 1988) until its cancellation in April 2009. During these years the show was sponsored by Braun, Coca-Cola, Memorex and Maxell.

It was then rebranded on MTV Europe as Euro Hitlist and shown with a varying compilation method until its complete termination in August 2012. The show still exists on a few MTV Channels but is largely adapted to the music scene of those countries thus not a pan-European chart as was originally intended.

Idool 2011

Idool 2011 is the fourth season of Idool. A talent show based on the British talent show Pop Idol. It premiered on February 2, 2011. after an absence for four years.

The brothers Koen Wauters and Kris Wauters returned as a host for the fourth times while of the former judges only Jean Blaunt remained at the panel.

Prior to the kick-off of the broadcast an internet viewer had a chance to receive an online wildcard as the most voted online applicant. Saartje D'haveloose won and automatically qualified for the first live show of the 15 semifinalts.The cast of the show released a single called "More To Me" which went straight to no. 1 at the Flemish Ultratop 50 Single Charts.

List of MTV VJs

This is a list of people who have been VJs on MTV, the music video channel in the U.S. and around the world.

Originally hired to represent a wide array of musical tastes and personal ethnicities, VJs eventually became famous in their own right. Initially, they were nothing more than on-air personalities, but as the popularity of MTV grew, they began to branch out past just introducing music clips. Soon, they were considered by many to be full-fledged music journalists, interviewing major music celebrities and hosting their own television shows on the channel.

The + sign next to a VJ's name indicates that he or she was among the first on the channel.

Louise Ekland

Louise Ekland (born 22 July 1978) is a British television presenter active on the French media. After presenting on France Télévisions and BFM TV, she joined M6 in 2014.

MTV's Most Wanted

MTV's Most Wanted was a 1990s MTV Europe television series broadcast from London, England, presented by Ray Cokes. It ran from 1992 until 1995.

The series was broadcast live from MTV studios in Camden across the MTV Europe television network and featured a blend of viewer interaction, competitions, live music performances and music videos.

Perhaps unusually, the crew including floor managers and camera operators featured heavily in this series which had a certain ad-lib style.

Show regulars included Pathetic Pat and Rob the Cameraman (who filmed in typical MTV freehand style and to whom Ray talked without him being seen on screen).

MTV (Belgian TV channel)

MTV Belgium is the Flemish version of MTV. The channel's audience is somewhat older than that of The Music Factory (TMF) and focuses more on alternative music.

MTV (European TV channel)

MTV (sometimes called MTV Europe) is a pan-European pay television network launched on 1 August 1987. Initially, the channel served all regions within Europe being one of the very few channels that targeted the entire European continent. Today, the channel only serves a selection of European countries as Viacom International Media Networks Europe began to regionalise its network in 1997.

MTV began as MTV Europe under a co-operative agreement between Viacom, BT and Robert Maxwell, which lasted until 1991 when Viacom took over full ownership. MTV is wholly owned and operated by Viacom International Media Networks Europe.

Since its premiere, MTV revolutionized the music industry. Slogans such as "I want my MTV!" became embedded in the concept of the VJ was popularized, the idea of a dedicated video-based outlet for music was introduced, and both artists and fans found a central location for music events, news, and promotion. MTV has also been referenced countless times in popular culture by musicians, other TV channels and shows, films and books.

Marcel Vanthilt

Marcel Céline Gerard Edgard Vanthilt (Dutch pronunciation: [mɑrˈsɛl vɑnˈtɪlt]; born 24 August 1957) is a Belgian singer and television presenter.

Music Box (TV channel)

Music Box was a pioneering pan-European 24-hour cable and satellite channel that ran from 29 March 1984 to 30 January 1987, and was operated by Music Box Ltd. It was originally one of three channels along with Prem1ere and The Children's Channel, that formed Thorn EMI's venture into satellite television, as a British version of music channel MTV. Music Box later found itself as part of Virgin Vision, one of Richard Branson's business ventures launched in 1983.

Soren Mounir

Soren Régis Mounir (born 31 July) is a Swiss-American singer-songwriter, drummer, keyboardist, record producer and radio commentator; also known as the artist Dorian Gray.

Wanted (game show)

Wanted was a British 1990s game show on Channel 4, although more similar to modern reality television than the classic gameshow format. Conceptually, it was similar to an advanced game of hide and seek. It is also somewhat similar to the game show featured in Stephen King's novel The Running Man.

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