Rat Verlegh Stadion

The Rat Verlegh Stadion (Dutch pronunciation: [ˌrɑt fərˈlɛx ˌstaːdijɔn])[3] is a multi-purpose stadium in Breda, Netherlands. The stadium is the home of the association football club NAC Breda (1996 to present). It was formerly known as FUJIFILM Stadium (1996–2003) and Mycom Stadium (2003–2006), named after two former NAC sponsors. In 2006 NAC Breda named the stadium after its most famous NAC Player, Antoon Verlegh.

The stadium was built from 1995 to 1996 at a cost of 13.2 million, and was officially opened on 11 August 1996. It has been used for association football, concerts, and other events. It has a capacity of 19,000 fans, including 1,500 standing room-only, for sports matches. The stadium has been used for several Intertoto matches, UEFA Cup matches and international matches. Concerts have also been held at the Rat Verlegh stadion.

Rat Verlegh Stadion
The Rat Verlegh Stadium in 2013
Former namesFUJiFILM-stadion (1996–2003)
MyCom-stadion (2003–2006)
LocationStadionstraat 23, Breda, Netherlands
Coordinates51°35′41.6″N 4°45′01.1″E / 51.594889°N 4.750306°ECoordinates: 51°35′41.6″N 4°45′01.1″E / 51.594889°N 4.750306°E
OwnerCity of Breda
OperatorNAC Breda
Capacity19,000 [1]
Surface98% Grass, 2% artificial turf [2]
ScoreboardOnly with the number of goals
Opened1 July 1996
Renovated2008 till 2010
Construction cost13,200,000 (1996)
ArchitectBureau Bollen (1995)
General contractorBallast Nedam Bouw B.V.
NAC Breda (1996–present)
20130812 ratverleghstadion
View from the goal of Vak G towards the B-side


Rat verleghstadium2
NAC playing a match against VVV during the 2009–10 season.

In November 1991 NAC Breda’s board officially announced that it researched the possibilities to either renovate the NAC Stadion located at the Beatrixstraat, or to build a new stadium within Breda’s city borders.[4] Renovation of the original stadium was too costly and in 1993 NAC Breda announced plans to build a new stadium. In mutual agreement with the city of Breda, the grounds near the Lunetstraat in Breda were allocated as the new stadium zone.

On 18 August 1995 the construction of the new stadium began. NAC Breda announced that FUJIFILM had signed a contract for 10 years, in which the stadium’s name would be named after NAC’s former main sponsor. After a construction period of almost one year, the stadium was officially opened by Breda’s mayor Fred Rutten and KNVB chairman Jos Staatsen. After the official opening, NAC Breda played their first match in front of 17,000 fans in the FUJIFILM Stadium against vice World Champion Porto Alegrense Gremio from Brazil.

NAC’s first official match was at 16 August 1996 in a Cup tie against Dordrecht 90. NAC player Stanley MacDonald scored the first goal in the new stadium. During its existence, the stadium was host for numerous competition matches, cup ties, friendly matches, but also Intertoto matches, a UEFA Cup match and an international friendly between Ecuador and Turkey. In 2017 the stadium was used for the UEFA Women's Euro 2017 . In total the stadium hosted 4 group matches and 1 semi-final between Denmark and Austria.

In 2003 the stadium was renamed to the Mycom Stadion, at that time a sponsor of NAC Breda. In 2006 the stadium was renamed after NAC’s most famous and important player; Antoon 'Rat' Verlegh.


Rat Verleghstadium 3
View from Vak G towards the B-side

The stadium was one of the first new stadiums and nowadays has numerous shortcomings. The past years public facilities have been improved. In 2009 NAC Breda announced that the stadium’s facilities will be improved further and that the stadium’s capacity will be enlarger to 17,750[5] in 2009 and 19,999 [6] in 2010. Sponsorship facilities will be improved. Also the stadium’s environment will be improved and commercial zones will be developed directly around the stadium. An estimated sum of €100 million will be invested in this project. In 2010, despite earlier news from the club the stadium would be expanded to 19,999 places, construction started to expand the stadium to 19,000 places. The construction was finished in July 2010.

The stadium


The stadium’s lay-out is similar to an average Dutch stadium. On the stands behind the goal the fanatic NAC fans are based. The B-Side is located on the east stand, while Vak G is located on the west stand. Next to Vak G the stand for the opponent’s fans is located. The northern stand is reserved for officials and sponsors, while the south stand is reserved for other NAC fans. In season 2009/2010 prices for individual tickets vary from €12,50 to €30.[7]

Rat Verlegh Stadion P1030602
NAC supporter's store


Located underneath Vak G, the NAC Museum holds artifacts, photos and movies from NAC’s history. The museum is developed and maintained by NAC fans and is sponsored by charity and NAC Breda.


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The season started on 31 July 2009 and ended on 2 May 2010. FC Twente won their first ever Eredivisie title.

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Antoon Verlegh

Antonius Wilhelmus Verlegh (29 March 1896 – 12 March 1960), known as Antoon Verlegh and Rat Verlegh was a Dutch football player and administrator who is best known for his association with NAC Breda, whose Rat Verlegh Stadion is named in his honour. Antoon Verlegh was a player, trainer, editor, secretary, member of the board, vice chairman and chairman of honour at NAC Breda. He also had several important positions at the KNVB and he was considered to be one of the football icons in The Netherlands until the 1950s.

Breda railway station

Breda is a railway station in Breda, Netherlands. It is situated on the Breda–Rotterdam railway, the Roosendaal–Breda railway and the Breda–Eindhoven railway.

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The Dutch Football League is organized by the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB, Koninklijke Nederlandse Voetbalbond).The most successful teams are Ajax (34), PSV (23) and Feyenoord (15). Important teams of the past are HVV (10 titles), Sparta Rotterdam (6 titles) and Willem II (3 titles).

The annual match that marks the beginning of the season is called the Johan Cruijff Schaal (Johan Cruyff Shield). Contenders are the champions and the cup winners of the previous season.

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NAC Breda

NAC Breda (Dutch pronunciation: [nɑk breːˈdaː]), often simply known as NAC, is a Dutch professional football club, based in Breda, Netherlands. NAC Breda play in the Rat Verlegh Stadium, named after their most important player, Antoon 'Rat' Verlegh. They play in the Eerste Divisie. In their history, NAC won one national title in 1921 and won one Cup in 1973.

NAC was founded on 19 September 1912, when the two clubs ADVENDO and NOAD merged to one club. NOAD is a Dutch abbreviation for Nooit Opgeven, Altijd Doorzetten (English translation: Never give up, always persevere), while ADVENDO is a Dutch abbreviation for Aangenaam Door Vermaak En Nuttig Door Ontspanning (English: Pleasant for its entertainment and useful for its relaxation), the C stands for Combinatie (combination). The full name of NAC Breda expands to Nooit opgeven altijd doorzetten, Aangenaam door vermaak en nuttig door ontspanning, Combinatie Breda [ˈnoːit ˈɔpxeːvə(n) ˈɑltɛit ˈdoːrɣaːn ˈaːŋɣəˌnaːm ˈdoːr vərˈmaːk ɛn ˈnɵtəx ˈdoːr ɔntˈspɑnɪŋ kɔmbiˈnaː(t)si breːˈdaː]. Early in 2003 NAC added, as a symbol of gratitude, Breda to their club name, after the City of Breda bought NAC's Rat Verleghstadium to help the club to cope with financial problems. In 2012 Stefaan Eskes succeeded Ed Busselaar and in August 2012 NAC Breda reinstated their first logo as the new club logo for the 2012–13 season.

NAC Fanzine De Rat

NAC Fanzine De Rat, commonly known as De Rat, is an independent fanzine for the Dutch football club NAC Breda. The fanzine was sold for the first time on 11 August 1996 and is the longest established fanzine in the Netherlands. The fanzine is published 8 times during the football season and the fanzine’s circulation in January 2010 was 700 copies. The fanzine is sold before matches of NAC Breda, around the Rat Verlegh Stadion.

The name De Rat is derived from NAC icon Antoon Verlegh, who was nicknamed De Rat because of playing style. He was a player, trainer, editor, secretary, member of the board, vice chairman and chairman of honour at NAC Breda. Verlegh also had several important positions at the KNVB and he was considered to be one of the football icons in the Netherlands until the 1950s. The fanzine was named after Antoon ‘De Rat’ Verlegh, to commemorate Verlegh’s positive impact and to bring NAC Breda’s history to the public.

NAC Stadion

NAC Stadion was a multi-use stadium in Breda, Netherlands. It was used mostly for football matches and hosted the home matches of NAC Breda. The stadium was able to hold 20,000 people and opened in 1940. The stadium's capacity was gradually reduced to 10,850 in the nineties, due to security reasons. The stadium was closed in 1996 when the Rat Verlegh Stadion opened.

Netherlands women's national football team

The Netherlands women's national football team (Dutch: Nederlands vrouwenvoetbalelftal) is directed by the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB), which is a member of UEFA and FIFA.

In 1971, the team played the first women's international football match recognized by FIFA against France. They have played at the final tournament of the 2009, 2013, and 2017 UEFA Women's Championship and were champions in 2017. They have played at the final tournament of the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup for the first time, and reached thirteenth place. They have also played at the final tournament in the 2019 edition, losing 2-0 the final against the United States.

The nicknames for the team are Oranje (Orange) and Leeuwinnen (Lionesses). Sarina Wiegman has been head coach since January 2017. As of July 2019, the team is ranked number 3 in the FIFA Women's World Rankings.

RBC Stadion

The RBC Stadion, former name among others Vast & Goed Stadion, Rosada Stadion and MariFlex Stadion, is a multi-use stadium in Roosendaal, Netherlands. It is used mostly for football matches. The stadium is able to hold 4,995 people and was built in 2000. It was the home of the club RBC Roosendaal until the club went bankrupt in June 2011. From the 2013‑14 season on it is again the home stadium of RBC now playing as an amateur club.

The stadium is renamed to Herstaco Stadion. It also houses the national football Museum: voetbalexperience.

Shanice van de Sanden

Shanice Janice van de Sanden (born 2 October 1992) is a Dutch footballer who plays for Olympique Lyonnais in the Division 1 Féminine. She is a member of the Netherlands national football team.

UEFA Women's Euro 2017

The 2017 UEFA Women's Championship, commonly referred to as UEFA Women's Euro 2017, was the 12th edition of the UEFA Women's Championship, the quadrennial international football championship organised by UEFA for the women's national teams of Europe. The competition was expanded to 16 teams (from 12 teams in the previous edition).The Netherlands were declared as hosts by the UEFA Executive Committee on 4 December 2014.Germany's 22-year reign as champions of Europe was ended after losing 1–2 to Denmark in the quarter-finals. In addition it was only Germany's second loss in the finals since 1993. Another former winner, Norway, lost to both finalists, the Netherlands and Denmark, and ended without goals or points.

The Netherlands won their first ever title by beating fellow first time finalists, Denmark, 4–2 in the final.

UEFA Women's Euro 2017 Group B

Group B of UEFA Women's Euro 2017 contained Germany, Italy, Russia and Sweden. The matches were played from 17 to 25 July 2017.

UEFA Women's Euro 2017 Group C

Group C of UEFA Women's Euro 2017 contained Austria, France, Iceland and Switzerland. The matches were played from 18 to 26 July 2017.

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