Raniwara is a City in Jalore District of Rajasthan state in India. Situated 25 km south of the Bhinmal on Jalore-Sanchore road,it is headquarters of the tehsil by the same name. Raniwara is 64 km from Mount Abu and 20 km from the town of Bhinmal.

Raniwara is Connected By Samdari-Bhildi railway line. There is a Big Dairy Plant Of Rajasthan in the town run by Jalore-Sirohi Zila Dugdh Utpadak Sahakari Sangh Ltd. Malwara, Badgaon, Ajodar, Jakhri, Dhanol, Badgaon (Jalore district), Silasan Mokhatra and Raniwara khurd are some of its nearby villages.

The famous Sundha Mata temple is located 20 km From Raniwara. The temple is situated on a hilltop called 'Sundha', at Longitude 72°-22' E and Latitude 24°-50' N.Also situated here is Hinglaj temple. It is the seat of Hinglaj goddess and worshipped by Khatri community.Famous Pipaji temple is also situated here Pipaji was a lok sant worship by Pipa Khatriya community. tehsil raniwara is a famous tehsil. there stuff are very good and near court raniwara located. and tehsil rider ashok bansal and tehsil revenue accountant ramavatar bhadu shahab. and other stuff prakash dhaka, mohanji and lrc patwari ashok vishoi are posted in tehsil raniwara.

Raniwara is located in Rajasthan
Location in Rajasthan, India
Raniwara is located in India
Raniwara (India)
Coordinates: 24°45′00″N 72°13′00″E / 24.7500°N 72.2167°ECoordinates: 24°45′00″N 72°13′00″E / 24.7500°N 72.2167°E
Country India
204 m (669 ft)
 • Total15,416[1]
 • OfficialHindi
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code912990
ISO 3166 codeRJ-IN
Vehicle registrationRJ-16 NEW RJ-46 (NEW)


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2018 Rajasthan Legislative Assembly election

The legislative assembly election in the Indian state of Rajasthan was held on 7 December 2018 to elect members of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly. The election was held in single phase.

Indian National Congress became the single largest party of the state in 2018. In the last elections in 2013, BJP had won a majority.

Bhagraj Choudhary

Bhagraj Choudhary is the MLA from Ahore in the Jalore district in the Rajasthan state.


Bhinmal (old names:Srimala) is a town in the Jalore District of Rajasthan, India. It is 72 kilometres (45 mi) south of Jalore town. Bhinmal was the capital of Gurjaradesa, comprising southern Rajasthan and northern Gujarat of modern times.

The town is the birthplace of the Sanskrit poet Magha and mathematician-astronomer Brahmagupta.

Gandhidham Jodhpur Express

Gandhidham Jodhpur Express The 14801/14802 Gandhidham Jodhpur Express is an express train belonging to Indian Railways that runs between Gandhidham and Jodhpur in India. It is a 3 days a week service. It operates as train number 14801 from Jodhpur to Gandhidham and as train number 14802 in the reverse direction.


Jalor, also known as granite cityJalore, is a city in Rajasthan state of western India. It is the administrative headquarters of Jalore District.

Jalore (Lok Sabha constituency)

Jalore Lok Sabha constituency is one of the 25 Lok Sabha (parliamentary) constituencies in Rajasthan state in India, which is spread over Jalore and Sirohi districts.

Jalore district

Jalore District is a district of Rajasthan state in western India. The city of Jalore is the administrative headquarters of the district. The district has an area of 10,640 km2 (4,108 sq mi) (3.11 percent of Rajasthan's area), and a population of 1,448,486 (2001 census), with a population density of 136 persons per square kilometre.


Jaswantpura is a village in the Jalore district of Rajasthan, India. It holds the headquarters of panchayat samiti (block) of the same name and is part of the Jaswantpura sub division. It is declared to be made as tehsil in Rajasthan budget-2012-13. It is named after the ruler of Marwar (Jodhpur ) Maharaja Jaswant Singh Prior to 1947, it was the headquarters of the pargana by the same name. The Navodaya vidyalaya of Jalore district, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Jaswantpura is located here .


Korka or Kodka is a village in the Tehsil of Raniwara, Jalore District, Rajasthan State, India. It belongs to Jodhpur division. It is located 66 KM south of the district headquarters in Jalore and 486 KM from the state capital Jaipur.

List of state highways in Rajasthan

Rajasthan state has a good road network. The Name of that highway is Rajasthan State Highway as "RJ SH", There are 39 National Highways in Rajasthan with total length of 8168.20(31-03-2016).18 km and 85 State Highways with total length of 11,716 km.

List of villages in Jalore district

This is a list of villages in Jalore district, Rajasthan state, western India.

According to the statics of the census of 2011, there are 9 sub-districts, 11 towns, 8 statutory towns, 3 census town and total 1111 villages in the district.

Narayan Singh Dewal

Narayan Singh Dewal (born 5 August 1964) is a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) from Raniwara, in Rajasthan, India. He is a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party and was elected as an MLA in 2013 as a candidate of that party, with a margin of 32,652 votes.

Pooran, Jalore

Pooran is a village in Jalore district of Rajasthan state. It is a major village of Raniwara tehsil.

Ratan Dewasi (Desai)

Ratan Dewasi (Desai) (born 25 September 1975) is an Indian politician former Member of the Legislative Assembly of India of Raniwara, since 2008 and former Dy. Chief Whip for the Government of Rajasthan. He was elected as MLA from Raniwara in 2008 as a candidate of Indian National Congress and won by 19802 votes.

A reformist, progressive and people-oriented popular Administrator, Ratan Desai (Devasi) believes that in a Democracy, the People are not a Problem, but they are a part of the Solutions.

A firm believer in Mahatma Gandhi's talismanic mantra of " wiping every tear from every eye ", he sincerely believes in Pro Poor Policies and Affirmative Action for the under privileged .

He firmly believes in Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru's Ideals of Secularism and Socialism.

Ratan Devasi has been pursuing this approach with notable distinction right from the young age when he first became, the unanimously elected MLA from Raniwara


Sanchore is a town in Jalore district in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is the headquarters of the Sanchore tehsil located on National Highway 15. The town is situated 163.2 kilometres (101.4 mi) from the city of Jalore and was once known as Satyapur. Nearby villages include Pratappura (4.4 kilometres (2.7 mi) away), Dantiya (25 kilometres (16 mi) away) and Dhamana (6.1 kilometres (3.8 mi) away).

There is a prominent Jain temple in the town, and it hosts a cattle fair Baba Raghunathpuri Pashu Mela every year in the month of April and May.

State Highway 11 (Rajasthan)

State Highway 11 ( RJ SH 11) is a State Highway in Rajasthan state of India that connects Sanchore in Jalore district of Rajasthan with Abu Road in Sirohi district of Rajasthan. The total length of RJ SH 11 is 108 km.

This highway connects National Highway 15 in Sanchore to National Highway 14 in Abu Road. Other cities and towns on this highway are: Jaitpura, Raniwara, Reodar and Mandar.

State Highway 31 (Rajasthan)

State Highway 31 ( RJ SH 31) is a State Highway in Rajasthan state of India that connects Jalore in Jalore district of Rajasthan with Raniwara in same district. The total length of RJ SH 31 is 107 km.

Other cities and towns on this highway are: Bagra, Akoli, Mandoli, Ramseen and Bhinmal.

Sundha Mata Temple

Sundha Mata temple is a nearly 900-year-old temple of Mother goddess situated on a hilltop called Sundha, located at Longitude 72.367°E and Latitude 24.833°N, in Jalore District of Rajasthan. It is 64 km from Mount Abu and 20 km from the town of Bhinmal.

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