Rahimabad, Pakistan

Rahimabad is a village in the Leghari Estate in Rahim Yar Khan District, part of the former Bahawalpur State, in Pakistan. It is approximately 24 kilometres west of Sadiqabad.

Upon the death of Sardar Mohammad Rahim Khan Leghari (I) Leghari Sardar and Tumandar his sons migrated from Choti Zareen, their ancestral home, to the State of Bahawalpur due to internal differences within the clan. (See also Leghari). The Amir of Bahawalpur awarded Sardar Mir Alam Khan Leghari an estate where he founded the village of Rahimabad around 1860 AD. His son, Sardar Noor Mohammad Khan Leghari (I) was the architect behind the development of Rahimabad and the Leghari family's rise to prominence in Bahawalpur State.

Sardar Allah Buksh Khan Leghari was a cousin of Sardar Noor Muhammad Khan Leghari and Sardar Mohammad Rahim Khan Leghari (II) was his elder brother, after whom the village is named.

Rahimabad is located in Pakistan
Coordinates: 28°10′N 70°42′E / 28.167°N 70.700°ECoordinates: 28°10′N 70°42′E / 28.167°N 70.700°E
Country Pakistan
DistrictRahim Yar Khan
TehsilSadiqabad Tehsil
 • Last NazimSardar Shaukat Ali Khan Leghari (2005-2010)
 • Naib Nazim------
 • Total30 km2 (10 sq mi)
 • Total13,000
 • Estimate 
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)
Number of Union councils01


Rafique Haider Khan Leghari

Sardar Rafiq Haider Khan Leghari (born 24 March 1951) is a Pakistani politician.

Leghari was born in the village of Rahimabad in Rahim Yar Khan District, Pakistan, the third son of Sardar Gulam Haider Khan Leghari – a landlord of the district and Member of the Legislative Assembly of the Bahawalpur Assembly. He has three brothers: Sardar Sikander Hayyat Leghari (the eldest of all brothers and ex-CSP officer), Sardar Zubair Haider Khan Leghari (the second brother and an ex-army officer), and Sardar Shafiq Haider Khan Leghari (the third and youngest brother, an agriculturist).

He received his early education from Sadiq Public School Bahawalpur. After the early death of his father in 1967, he gave up his education and returned to his village where he took control of the agricultural lands.

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