Quincy High School (Massachusetts)

Quincy High School (QHS) is a public secondary school located on Coddington Street in Quincy, Massachusetts. It doubles as one of two high schools in the city of Quincy and as the vocational center. Quincy's mascot is known as the 'Presidents' and their school colors are Blue & White.

Quincy High School
Quincy Presidents Hat
The Presidents Hat, mascot of Quincy High School
Quincy High School is located in Greater Boston area
Quincy High School
Quincy High School
Quincy High School is located in Massachusetts
Quincy High School
Quincy High School
Quincy High School is located in the United States
Quincy High School
Quincy High School
100 Coddington Street


Coordinates42°15′10″N 71°00′03″W / 42.252858°N 71.000739°WCoordinates: 42°15′10″N 71°00′03″W / 42.252858°N 71.000739°W
MottoThink For Yourself, Work Together, Share With the World (Think, Work, Share)
School districtQuincy Public Schools
PrincipalLawrence Taglieri
Number of students1,465 (as of September 2018)
Color(s)Blue and White         


Quincy High School was founded in 1854 about a half-mile down Hancock Street (marked by the current High School Avenue) and moved to the former Central Middle School in 1894. It moved to Coddington Street in 1924. North Quincy High School was established at a separate location in 1926.

Construction of the new high school building was completed in 2010. The old school was vacant until 2013 when the city received approval from the Massachusetts Department of Historical Sites to demolish the old school.


QHS and voc tec
The now-demolished 1924 building of Quincy High School; the new school is to the right of the photo, in the place of the now-demolished Vocational Center depicted.

Quincy is part of the Patriot League, and previously competed in the Atlantic Coast and Old Colony Leagues.

As of 2018, Quincy High School has had consistent success recently in both boys' and girls' volleyball and basketball. The track teams at Quincy High have presented some of the top competing high school athletes in the state in recent years.

Its rival is North Quincy High School, which faces Quincy in the annual Thanksgiving football game at Veterans Memorial Stadium. Despite the rivalry, Quincy High's track, crew, girls' hockey, swimming, rugby, sailing teams, and school band are joined with North Quincy's.

Notable alumni


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Quincy High School

Quincy High School may refer to one of several schools in the United States:

Quincy High School (Massachusetts) in Quincy, Massachusetts

North Quincy High School in Quincy, Massachusetts

Quincy High School (Michigan) in Quincy, Michigan

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Sandra Allen (artist)

Sandra Allen, artist, (born 1959, Quincy, Massachusetts)

Sandra Allen is an artist primarily known for minimalist graphite on paper drawings. She has been using the tree as her subject since 1998. Allen has been represented by Mario Diacono in Boston, Massachusetts. She has also shown with Barbara Kraków and The Drawing Center, New York City. Allen is currently represented by Joseph Carroll of Carroll and Sons Gallery (Boston, Massachusetts). In September 2013, Allen was the first artist to be shown in Matthew Day Jackson and Laura Seymour’s gallery, Bunker259.In 1978, Sandra Allen graduated from Quincy High School (Massachusetts). After, she graduated from the UMass Dartmouth School of Art in 1984 with a BFA and went on to graduate from the Yale University School of Art in 1989 with an MFA. From 1987 to 1988, Allen was a teaching assistant to Lester John and an assistant to John Hull from 1989 to 1990. In 2010, Allen revisited the teaching experience when she became a drawing instructor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, MA.Sandra Allen has work in the permanent collections of:

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

The Fogg Art Museum at Harvard University

The DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park

Yale University Art Gallery

MOMA NY archives

private collectors

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