Qimen County

Qimen County (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ; pinyin: Qímén Xiàn; formerly anglicized as Keemun) is a county in Anhui Province, People's Republic of China, under the jurisdiction of Huangshan City. It has a population of 190,000 and an area of 2,257 square kilometres (871 sq mi). The government of Qimen County is located in Qishan Town.

Qimen County has jurisdiction over seven towns and thirteen townships.

Qimen Hao Ya
Keemun tea is produced in Qimen County


Qimen County was established in 766 during the Tang Dynasty (Yongtai Era 2). It takes its name from the Mount Qi in the northeast and the Chanjiang River (阊江) in the southwest.


Qimen County is a tea-producing region, and the black tea called Keemun tea is named after Qimen.



Qimen is served by the Anhui–Jiangxi Railway.

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The area around the border with Shitai County contains a National Nature Reserve. It includes a 1,700-metre-high (5,600 ft) peak in the Huangshan Mountains.

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