Ptolemais (Pamphylia)

Ptolemais (Ancient Greek: Πτολεμαΐς) was a coastal town of ancient Pamphylia or of Cilicia, inhabited during Hellenistic times.[1] It was located between the Melas River and Coracesium.[2]

Its site is located near Fığla Burnu, in Asiatic Turkey.[1][3]


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Coordinates: 36°36′48″N 31°47′34″E / 36.613394°N 31.792846°E


Ptolemais, an Ancient Greek place name and feminine personal name, may refer to :

Places in AfricaPtolemais (Cyrenaica), a city in present-day Libya probably named after Ptolemy III Euergetes

Ptolemais Euergetis alias Crocodilopolis, an Egyptian city renamed Ptolemais Euergetis by Ptolemy III Euergetes

Ptolemais Hermiou, a Greek colony established in Egypt by Ptolemy I Soter

Ptolemais Theron, a city on the African coast of the Red Sea, established by Ptolemy II PhiladelphusPlaces elsewherePtolemais (Ionia), a Greek city in Ionia in Asia Minor

Ptolemais (Macedonia), a Greek city in Northern Greece, named after Ptolemy I Soter

Ptolemais (Pamphylia), a Hellenistic town on the coast of Pamphylia in Asia Minor

Ptolemais, a name that may have been given to Larisa (Troad)

Ptolemais in Phoenicia, named Antiochia Ptolemais after Ptolemy I Soter, now Acre, IsraelPersonsPtolemais of Cyrene, a third-century BC mathematician and musical theorist, author of Pythagorean Principles of Music

Ptolemais, daughter of Ptolemy I Soter and mother of Demetrius the Fair

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Central Anatolia
Eastern Anatolia

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