Protected areas of Russia

Protected areas of Russia, (official Russian title: Russian: Особо охраняемые природные территории, literally "Specially Protected Natural Areas"), is governed by the corresponding 1995 law of the Russian Federation. [1]


The law establishes the following categories of protected areas:

  1. State nature zapovedniks, including Biosphere reserves (biosphere zapovedniks)[2]
  2. National Parks
  3. Nature parks
  4. State nature zakazniks
  5. Natural Monuments
  6. Dendrological parks and botanical gardens
  7. Health recuperation areas and health resorts

Other areas

Other areas that are protected in Russia include:

  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • city and regional parks.
  • Ramsar siteswetlands of international significance.
  • Russian Cultural heritage monuments.
  • Historic buildings and gardens — e.g.: Imperial Russian palaces and their landscape parks.

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