Professor Ivo

Professor Anthony Ivo (pronunciation: Eiy-voh) is a fictional character, a mad scientist in DC Comics.

Anthony Ivo appeared in the second season of Arrow played by Dylan Neal.

Professor Ivo
Professor Ivo
Professor Ivo as drawn by Luke McDonnell in Justice League of America #258.
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceBrave and the Bold #30 (June 1960)
Created byGardner Fox
Mike Sekowsky
In-story information
Alter egoAnthony Ivo
Team affiliationsSecret Society of Super Villains
Notable aliasesProfessor Ivo
AbilitiesGenius level intellect

Publication history

Professor Ivo first appeared in The Brave and the Bold #30 (June 1960) and was created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky.

Fictional character biography

Anthony Ivo grew up with a crippling fear of death. The thought of his life ending was so terrifying to him that he even avoided his own mother's funeral. For Ivo, avoiding death became his life's obsession. Ivo took to studying cybernetics and soon became an employee of the criminal organization Locus, where he gained new insights through the dissection of one of the Appellaxians. He used this knowledge to build Amazo. Pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths, his desire to perfect Amazo was so great he had little qualms with killing his own father and a complete stranger in the benefit of the mental and biological templates he needed to create the android. In any case, both Pre- and Post-Crisis, he had Amazo attack the JLA[1] in the hope of using their powers to imbue himself with immortality. Pre-Crisis he tried to use Amazo to steal long-lived creatures. He captured the JLA, save Batman and Superman, in gas-filled cylinders, stole their powers and placed them in Amazo. The powers enabled him to make a potion that would allow him to live for 500 years, and when needed he can make more of the potion. He then told Amazo to remove their memories. However Green Lantern recharges his ring, having used the yellowish-greenish gas he had inhaled, then exhaled to protect him from the ring, and draws the powers out of Amazo and back to their rightful owners, also giving them back their memories. At the end of the story Ivo is sentenced to 500 years, while Amazo is stored in the trophy room.

Years later, Ivo discovered an immortality potion and drank it, but found that the immortality brought with it horrible disfigurement that made his skin scaly.[2] He blamed this on the JLA and drifted further into insanity as he attacked the League on numerous occasions. Ivo built duplicates of himself to keep him company. These duplicates were repulsed by the insanity of their creator and locked him away, then carried out his dreams of revenge by attacking the new Justice Leaguers (Vibe, Gypsy, Steel and Vixen) and killing Vibe.

A year later, Ivo built a private island populated by robots. There, Ivo created "Men In Black" nicknamed Amazoids who had similar powers to Amazo. The Amazoids could steal one superpower each; they succeeded in robbing the powers of Red Star, Rebis, Valor, Power Girl, Starman and Geo-Force. However, this time Ivo's goal was not revenge, but suicide. Ivo realized that the disfigurement was not the side effect; it was the immortality. His body was becoming more and more infected, more and more immobile, until he would be nothing but a pain-filled living statue. Fearing this even more than death, he ordered the Amazoids to turn their full power on him. It did not work. The JLA'er Ice, sympathizing with him, unknowingly invoked the power of Guy Gardner's Power Ring to cure him.

Professor Ivo's disfiguring experience was not enough to keep him from the temptation of the immortality serum and he once again brought about his own deformity by drinking it. As both Ice and the Green Lantern rings were gone, Ivo apparently consigned himself to his own horrible fate and was later imprisoned. Later, he would form a partnership of sorts with fellow mad scientist T.O. Morrow, constructing the powerful mechanized superheroine Tomorrow Woman as a trap to mindwipe the JLA with an electromagnetic pulse. While both men bickered and bantered all the while, they formed a friendship or camaraderie of sorts, even drinking a toast when he was imprisoned by the JLA. Still, T.O. Morrow was deeply annoyed at Professor Ivo's boasts about Amazo, and to spite him, snitched on him to the JLA when Professor Ivo planned to use the android to escape. Still, they remained comrades of some sort and still delight in spiting and belitting each other.

Later on, the nearly omnipotent android Hourman sought Professor Ivo to have him explain the very nature of androids. As the father and precursor of the entire race, Professor Ivo gave him the best explanation he could in exchange for a minor piece of knowledge Professor Ivo wanted: whether he would die or not in the end. Hourman gave him an answer, which the reader is not privy to, and left Ivo in his lair to meditate on it.

Professor Ivo recently returned in Infinite Crisis as a member of the Secret Society of Super Villains. He then appeared in Brad Meltzer's Justice League of America sans disfigurement. However, in a fight with Black Canary, Arsenal and Green Lantern, he claims to still retain his immortality. In Justice League of America #4, it is revealed that he is not the mastermind of the events, but rather working for an intelligent Solomon Grundy. It appears Grundy is using Ivo to build him an Amazo body to live forever, despite Grundy already being immortal.

He also took part in the Salvation Run storyline.

Prof. Ivo and Red Volcano on a mission for the SSoSV.

The Secret Society of Super Villains also assigned him to collect soil samples in Auschwitz, Poland which will be used to create the Wonder Woman villain Genocide.[3] Professor Ivo brings along his newest android Red Volcano as an aid. During this mission, it is revealed that Professor Ivo is not in agreement to create the new villain but follows through with orders at the prospect of having other Secret Society members create an antidote for his physical disfigurement. Following the Final Crisis, he was with Cheetah III's Secret Society of Super Villains.

After tiring of Professor Ivo's torment, Red Tornado coordinated with his Justice League teammates to have his former creator captured and incarcerated. This would seem to be a continuity error, as the Red Tornado was created by T.O. Morrow, not Ivo.

Maxwell Lord later approaches Professor Ivo with a job to reprogram the Metal Men and to help Lord build OMAC Prime, an android who, like the original Amazo, could copy the powers of any superbeing in proximity to it.[4]

The New 52

Professor Ivo appears in The New 52, a reboot of the DC Comics universe. The first storyline takes place five years in the past and details the retconned origin of the original Justice League. In the back of Justice League #4 which contains S.T.A.R. Labs Employee files, it is revealed that Professor Ivo is a 37-year-old male who served as the Head of the Cellular and Structural Biology department at Ivy University for over a decade before he was recruited by the S.T.A.R. Labs project director of the Red Room (a level 9 S.T.A.R. Labs facility in Detroit built to collect and analyze foreign, extraterrestrial and sentient technology deemed too dangerous to share with the world) Silas Stone to oversee the biotechnological efforts of S.T.A.R. Labs. Soon Professor Ivo became the Project Director of the A-Maze Operating System and has pioneered the organic pattern process: the means of creating technology to mimic organic life down to a cellular level, which led to the successful creation of A-Maze OS that mimics cellular regeneration in the field test with the mice.[5]

Consequently, a parallel support program based on Ivo's design, the B-Maze Operating System, was built without Ivo's knowledge. It has showed results comparable to those of A-Maze OS.[6] However, according to the files Professor Ivo is one of the most unpredictable members of Dr. Stone's team, disappearing for days at a time, often consumed by his personal projects which have been constantly frowned upon by S.T.A.R. Labs. Ivo suffers from thanatophobia - a fear of death. This often manifests in panic attacks and drug use and has led to several confrontations with Ivo's fellow team members. Silas is currently looking to replace Ivo, calling him "a bomb waiting to go off".[7]

5 years later into the current day, Amazo had officially appeared in Justice League #8 being defeated by the Justice League.[8] Later the head of A.R.G.U.S. and the world's former liaison to the Justice League Colonel Steve Trevor and his aide Etta Candy were discussing the events, saying the League's fight with Amazo caused millions of dollars in damages and the city is wanting to sue someone, which leads A.R.G.U.S. to establish that the damage was Green Arrow's fault, stating the "Justice League" does not make mistakes.[9]

It is shortly revealed that Ivo faked his death. He teams up with a mysterious villain known as the Outsider to establish a new Secret Society of Super Villains.[10]

Powers and abilities

Professor Ivo is a criminal mastermind and a scientific genius. He is responsible for the creation of the androids Amazo and the Tomorrow Woman. He was also able to create an immortality serum.

Professor Ivo created a serum which provides him with an extremely long life span. The serum has however left his body twisted and malformed. As a result of his "immortality" serum, Ivo has developed a thick, resilient second skin. The skin appears to be bulletproof, and impenetrable to most forms of energy.

Professor Ivo's Androids

The following androids were created by Professor Ivo:

  • Amazo -
  • Amazoid - A bunch of androids that are similar to Amazo, but can only copy one superpower.
  • Composite Superman - Professor Ivo created Composite Superman in his retconned origin as an earlier attempt to duplicate the Justice League's powers.[11]
  • Kid Amazo -
  • Red Volcano -
  • Tomorrow Woman -
  • Extreme-O -

Other versions

In other media


  • Professor Ivo (listed on the computer screen at one point as Arthur Ivo) appeared as a cameo in the Justice League episode "Tabula Rasa" as AMAZO's creator. Ivo worked for LexCorp, but was fired when Mercy Graves took over the company. When Lex Luthor goes to see Ivo, he is already dead (contrary to the comics, where he has longevity) but Luthor finds AMAZO instead. Luthor briefly quips that the "... cigarettes finally got you".
  • Professor Ivo was referenced in the Justice League Unlimited episode "Panic In The Sky", where Luthor is using his blueprints for AMAZO to create an android body for himself, saying that it was Ivo he had to thank for his "impending godhood".
  • Professor Ivo appears in several episodes of Young Justice, voiced by Peter MacNicol. In the episode "Schooled", Ivo sends Amazo after the League, and subsequently, his M.O.N.Q.I. robots to retrieve the parts of Amazo. Superboy trails the M.O.N.Q.I.s back to Ivo, who unleashes Amazo on him. The fight ends at Robin's school, where Superboy destroys Amazo, but Ivo escapes. In "Terrors", Professor Ivo makes a cameo as an inmate at Belle Reve. In "Humanity", the team and Zatanna visit Professor Ivo in Belle Reve to interrogate him on where T.O. Morrow's hideout. Zatanna magically induces him to snitch that T.O. Morrow's base is beneath Yellowstone National Park somewhere near Old Faithful. Afterwards Professor Ivo makes contact to T.O. Morrow (who was being impersonated by Red Volcano) warning him that the team is heading their way. In "Insecurity", Sportsmaster springs Professor Ivo from Belle Reve while an android of him visits T.O. Morrow's bedside. Professor Ivo is brought before Brain and Klarion the Witch Boy stating to them that T.O. Morrow's scientific mind is in a coma. Ivo, Brain, and Klarion experiment on the Starro sample and managed to complete their experiment. When Artemis crashes into their lab, Klarion uses his magic to get himself and the other villains out of the warehouse. Professor Ivo returned to Belle Reve where he thanks his android duplicate for filling in for him while he was away.
  • Professor Ivo appears in DC Nation Shorts, voiced by Jason Marsden. In a two-part short featuring Vibe, he creates a breakdancing android named Extreme-O to beat Vibe only for it to be destroyed by Vibe.
  • Anthony Ivo appears in Arrow, portrayed by Dylan Neal.[12] This version appears as the main antagonist in the second season’s flashbacks. He is the employer of the crew of a ship called "Amazo" as well as the fact that is never referred to as "Professor Ivo" and instead uses the title "Doctor". He is looking for a sunken submarine containing a serum created by the Japanese Army during World War II known as Mirakuru ("Miracle" in English). His search leads him to the island of Lian Yu where Oliver Queen was stranded for five years. He claims that he intends "to save the human race". However, a radio conversation between Ivo and his wife Jessica indicates he may have come to the island seeking a cure for her unspecified, worsening illness. He is also responsible for death of Shado when he shoots her with a gun.[13] After having his right hand removed by a crazed Slade Wilson, he began to suffer blood poisoning, creating the appearance of scaly skin on his torso and arm as shown in the comics. After revealing the Mirakuru could be cured, he asked to be killed and be granted a quick death; Oliver Queen shot him dead soon after.[14]
  • Arrowverse's 2018 crossover Elseworlds features Ivo Labs, which houses an android named A.M.A.Z.O. (Anti-Metahuman Adaptive Zutonic Organism).
  • Professor Ivo is referenced in the Justice League Action episode "Boo-ray for Bizarro". His history of creating Amazo is still intact and Amazo mentions that Professor Ivo is dead while making a rest in peace comment towards him.


  • Professor Ivo makes a brief appearance in Justice League: War. He is seen pressing a button to alert S.T.A.R Labs security before being captured by a Parademon.

Video games


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Amazo () is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character first appeared in The Brave and the Bold #30 (June 1960) and was created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky. Debuting in the Silver Age of Comic Books, the character has appeared in comic books and other DC Comics-related products, including animated television series, trading cards and video games.

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Braak has also contributed extensively to the neuropathology of Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. In particular, he and his wife Eva introduced a classification of Alzheimer’s disease into six distinct pathoanatomical stages, now commonly referred to as Braak and Braak stages, based on the topographical distribution pattern of neurofibrillary changes from circumscribed parts of the limbic system to the higher neocortical association fields.* A similar classification was proposed in 2003 for the pathoanatomical changes associated with idiopathic Parkinson's disease.Braak was the first to describe the pathological changes of argyrophilic grain disease, a previously unknown form of senile dementia.Recently, Braak and co-authors advanced a ‘dual-hit hypothesis’ about the pathogenesis of idiopathic Parkinson's disease, according to which an unknown pathogen akin to a slow-virus may enter the nervous system through both the nasal and intestinal mucosae, eventually resulting in a cascade of neurodegenerative events in the brain.Braak is the son of the philologist Professor Ivo Braak (1906–1991) and brother of theatre director Dr. Kai Braak.

Ivo Babuška

Ivo M. Babuška (born March 22, 1926 in Prague) is a Czech-American mathematician, noted for his studies of the finite element method and the proof of the Babuška–Lax–Milgram theorem in partial differential equations. One of the celebrated result in the finite elements is the so-called Ladyzenskaja–Babuška–Brezzi (LBB) condition (also referred to in some literature as Banach–Necas–Babuška (BNB)), which provides sufficient conditions for a stable mixed formulation. The LBB condition has guided mathematicians and engineers to develop state-of-the-art formulations for many technologically important problems like Darcy flow, Stokes flow, incompressible Navier–Stokes, nearly incompressible elasticity. He is also well known for his work on adaptive methods and the p- and hp-versions of the finite element method. He also developed the mathematical framework for the partition of unity methods.


JL8 is a webcomic by Yale Stewart based on the characters of DC Comics' Justice League. Having started in 2011 under the title Little League, the webcomic presents the members of the Justice League as 8-year-old children. Stewart has used JL8 to raise funds for charities, and the webcomic has been positively received by critics.

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Kid Amazo

Kid Amazo is a fictional cyborg from DC Comics, built to be the "son" of Amazo. Originally meant to star in a 2004 hardcover called JLA: Kid Amazo, he made his debut three years later, in the pages of JLA Classified; as a result, he was "predated" by the similar Marvel Comics character Victor Mancha, the son of Ultron. His civilian identity is Frank Halloran.

Outsider (comics)

Outsider is the name of three different characters in DC Comics.

Peter MacNicol

Peter MacNicol (born April 10, 1954) is an American actor and voice actor. He received a Theatre World Award for his 1981 Broadway debut in the play Crimes of the Heart. His film roles include Galen in Dragonslayer (1981), Stingo in Sophie's Choice (1982), Janosz Poha in Ghostbusters II (1989), camp organizer Gary Granger in Addams Family Values (1993), and David Langley in Bean (1997).

MacNicol won the 2001 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for his role as the eccentric lawyer John Cage in the FOX comedy-drama Ally McBeal (1997–2002). He is also known for his television roles as attorney Alan Birch in the medical drama Chicago Hope (1994–98), Tom Lennox in the sixth season of action-thriller 24 (2007), as physicist Dr. Larry Fleinhardt on the CBS crime drama Numbers (2005–10), Dr. Stark on Grey's Anatomy (2010–11), Jeff Kane on the political satire series Veep (2016–17), Doctor Octopus in The Spectacular Spider-Man, and Nigel the Advisor on Tangled: The Series.

Red Volcano

Red Volcano is a fictional character, a comic book android supervillain published by DC Comics. He first appeared in DC Universe #0 (April 2008), and was created by Grant Morrison, Gail Simone and Aaron Lopresti.

Salvation Run

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Secret Society of Super Villains

The Secret Society of Super Villains (SSoSV) (also known simply as the Secret Society or the Society) is a group of supervillains appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. First introduced in their own eponymous series with issue #1 (May–June 1976), the group consists of enemies of members of the Justice League of America.

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Shaggy Man is the name of several fictional characters that appear in comic books published by DC Comics.


The Supermobile is the fictional vehicle for the comic book superhero Superman. It is capable of duplicating all of his abilities in situations where he finds himself powerless. It was introduced in a story entitled "It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's Supermobile!", published in Action Comics # 481, cover dated March 1978.

T. O. Morrow

T. O. Morrow is a comic book supervillain published by DC Comics. He is responsible for the creation of the Red Tornado, Red Inferno, Red Torpedo, Red Volcano and Tomorrow Woman androids, the last of these with the help of Professor Ivo.

Tomorrow Woman

Tomorrow Woman is a fictional character, an artificial lifeform and superhero from DC Comics. She debuted in JLA #5 (May 1997), and was created by Grant Morrison and Howard Porter.

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