Privateer (motorsport)

In motorsport, a privateer is usually an entrant into a racing event that is not directly supported by an automobile manufacturer. Privateers teams are often found competing in rally and circuit racing events, and often include competitors who build and maintain their own vehicles. In previous Formula One seasons, privately owned teams would race using the chassis of another team or constructor in preference to building their own car; the Concorde Agreement now prohibits this practice. Increasingly the term is being used in an F1 context to refer to teams who are not at least part-owned by large corporations, such as Williams F1.

Many privateer entrants compete for the enjoyment of the sport, and are not paid to be racing drivers.

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In motorsports, a factory-backed racing team or driver is one sponsored by a vehicle manufacturer in official competitions. As motorsport competition is an expensive endeavor, some degree of factory support is desired and often necessary for success. The lowest form of factory backing comes in the form of contingency awards, based upon performance, which help to defray the cost of competing. Full factory backing can be often seen in the highest forms of international competition, with major motorsport operations often receiving hundreds of millions of euros to represent a particular manufacturer.

One-make series can also be backed by the factory, notably Ferrari Challenge and Porsche Supercup purely to allow themselves sell their competition specials of their models to customers and to organize series. These series commonly offer prize money and even sometimes a factory drive in an upper-level series.

In lower level racing, support from dealerships and importers may also be referred to as factory backing. In drifting, where factory backed teams are few and far between (Mopar and Pontiac of Formula D for example), works team/drivers are those backed by large or highly established tuning companies, as opposed to those entered by the drivers themselves or smaller and less well-off tuning companies. The advantage to this is drivers can get access to expensive prototype parts provided by the company that are not yet available to customers and in the event of their car being too badly damaged to compete, a back-up car will be available to them.

Primetime Race Group

The Primetime Race Group is a privateer motorsport team from Hollywood, Florida which currently competes in the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) and the International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) Lites Series, a support series of the ALMS.

The team was founded in 2007 by owner and driver Joel Feinberg. In addition to Feinberg, the team consists of driver Chris Hall and team manager and crew chief Brent O’Neill.

In 2009, the team runs a Dodge Viper Competition Coupe in the GT2 class of the ALMS series, the only team to feature this vehicle. The team also runs an Élan Motorsport Technologies DP02 in the IMSA Prototype Lites series.

Privateer (disambiguation)

A privateer is a pirate operating on behalf of a government.

Privateer may also refer to:

Privateer (motorsport), a competitor in motorsports who does not have manufacturer support

PB4Y Privateer, a naval version of the B-24 Liberator bomber

Wing Commander: Privateer and its expansion pack Privateer: Righteous Fire, a 1993 video game

"Privateers" (The West Wing), a 2003 episode of The West Wing TV series

New Orleans Privateers, sports teams at the University of New Orleans

Privateer Press, publisher of tabletop role-playing games

USS Privateer (SP-179), later YP-179, a United States Navy patrol vessel in commission from 1917 to 1930

Privateering (album), a 2012 album by Mark Knopfler

Privateering, a track on the album, also released as a single.

Privateer (album), a 2007 album by Tim Renwick

Privateer, South Carolina

Pirateer, a board game


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