Priscilla Susan Bury

Priscilla Susan Bury, born Falkner (12 January 1799 Liverpool – 8 March 1872 Croydon), was an English botanist and illustrator.

Daughter of a rich Liverpool merchant, she married on 4 March 1830 Edward Bury (1794-1858), a noted railway engineer. Working with amateur botanist William Roscoe (1753-1831), she published in 1831-1834 A Selection of Hexandrian Plants. She was not trained as a botanist or patronized as a professional artist. [1]The engraving was entrusted to the Londoner Robert Havell, engraver of the John James Audubon (1785-1851) plates. The book was carried out in aquatint and the 350 plant drawings painted in part by hand. The subscribers to this large folio numbered only 79, mostly from the Lancashire region, Audubon being one of them. The book was described as "one of the most effective colour-plate folios of its period" by Wilfrid Jasper Walter Blunt in his The Art of Botanical Illustration.[2]

Bury was also the author of illustrations for The Botanist of Benjamin Maund (1790-1863).[3]

Priscilla Susan Bury
Born Priscilla Susan Falkner
12 January 1799
Liverpool, England
Died 8 March 1872 (aged 73)
Croydon, England
Nationality United Kingdom
Occupation Botanist and Illustrator
Spouse(s) Edward Bury


Priscilla Susan Bury c1790-c1870

Hippeastrum ×johnsonii

%27Lily%27 in %27A Selection of Hexandrian Plants%27 by Priscilla Susan Bury, 1831

Lily in A Selection of Hexandrian Plants

Lilium canadense (lit)

Lilium Canadense

Lilium japonicum 2 (lit)

Easter Lily

Hippeastrum striatum

Hippeastrum Striatum

Bury EFSeedlingAmaryllus1819 MIA 6625150

E.F. Seedling Amaryllus, 1819. Minneapolis Institute of Art


  • 1859: Recollections of Edward Bury, by his Widow (Privately published, Windermere)
  • 1862: Figures of Remarkable Forms of Polycystins, or allied organisms, in the Barbados Chalk Deposit; drawn by Mrs. Bury. Windermere: John Garnett, [1862]


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