Poundstretcher (previously styled as £-stretcher and also previously known as ...instore) is a chain of discount stores operating in the United Kingdom. It is based in Deighton, Huddersfield.

HeadquartersHuddersfield, England
Number of locations
OwnerRashid & Aziz Tayub
ParentCrown Crest Group
Pound store, St Davids Retail Park, High Street, Saltney, Flintshire - DSC08075
Poundstretcher Extra
Poundstretcher, Kentish Town Road, in 2009


Poundstretcher was established in 1981 by Paul Appell and Stephen Fearnley.[3] It became a subsidiary of Brown & Jackson plc, originally a construction firm which can be traced back to 1923, in March 1989.

In 1995 Pepkor, South Africa’s largest retailer, acquired a controlling stake in Brown & Jackson plc and refinanced it. Brown & Jackson expanded rapidly with What Everyone Wants and Your More Stores purchased in October 1997 and The Brunswick Warehouse in January 2000. During 2000 the group continued to expand organically, including its first overseas venture with the opening of 6 stores in Poland.[4]

During 2002 the group embarked on a major restructuring. The board undertook to dispose of the trading subsidiaries other than Poundstretcher Ltd and this disposal was completed on 27 September 2002. In 2003 the company undertook a rebrand of company name to Instore plc. Poundstretcher stores were gradually being rebranded to ...instore, however in 2006, a new chief executive concluded that the rebranding was not working, and from June 2009, new stores were opened as Poundstretcher after Instore plc was acquired by the Crown Crest Group.[5] In September 2012, the group had 400 stores in the United Kingdom.[1][2]

In September 2009, Poundstretcher's new branding was revealed. A new logo and slogan was created, entitled; "Poundstretcher: Look What's New Instore!" and; "Welcome To The Original Value Store". Larger stores are now called Poundstretcher Extra. Since 2011, the slogan is "every penny counts..."

In May 2011, the company bought Alworths.[6][7] On 6 February 2012, Poundstretcher acquired 20 stores from the UGO chain, after it was placed in administration. In September 2012, it was announced that out of the 20 stores that were acquired, 14 were to close, and the remaining 6 most profitable outlets would remain as part of the group.[8][9][10]

In 2018, after Poundworld was shut down, Poundstretcher began to open former stores under the Bargain Buys brand name, which was previously used by the former company. It's unknown if the Bargain Buys name was sold to Poundstretcher, as nothing has been confirmed about this.

Market share

In 2004, the chain had over 338 shops throughout the United Kingdom. Its slogan was Better than Ever, although the stores were later marketed alongside ...instore, with the same offers and the instore slogan Shop Smart, Live Well.


Poundstretcher stocks a large product range, including food and drink, homewares, seasonal, clothing, gardening, toys, home decor, stationery, cleaning and household products and many other ranges; some stores also have a Pic'n'Mix instore, supplied by Candyking(sv), thought to be inspired by Woolworths' demise.[1]


After selling Poundstretcher to Philip Harris, Mr. Appell & Mr. Fearnley acquired control of a failing retail business, United News Shops, which they managed to revitalise. It is now the largest convenience store and cafeteria business servicing British hospitals. In March 2008, United News Shops was sold to WHSmith.[11]

The Poundstretcher Group is now owned by Crown Crest Group, which is run by brothers Rashid & Aziz Tayub.

Outside United Kingdom

In April 2012, Poundstretcher opened its first store outside United Kingdom, at Madina Mall, Dubai, UAE.[12][13][14][15]

Saving Poundstretcher

In August 2018, Channel 4 broadcast Saving Poundstretcher which focused on former Poundworld owner Chris Edwards's attempts to revitalise the chain.[16]

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...instore was a chain of retail stores in the United Kingdom, selling a range of products and principally concentrating on value homeware items.

The company was headquartered in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire but did not have a store in the town: the nearest was 5 miles (8.0 km) away at Ravensthorpe Shopping Park, Dewsbury. The company had over 5,000 employees.

1988–89 England Hockey League season

The 1988–89 English Hockey League season took place from October 1988 until April 1989.

A new league format was introduced to English hockey whereby two divisions of sixteen teams would compete in the first and second divisions with promotion and relegation. This replaced the previous format of regional leagues. The Men's National League attracted a sponsor in Poundstretcher and they would commit £300,000 over three years.The inaugural competition was won by Southgate and the top four teams qualified to take part in the Poundstretcher League Cup tournament which was won by Hounslow.The Men's Hockey Association Cup was won by Hounslow and the Women's Cup (National Club Championship finals) was won by Ealing.

1989–90 England Hockey League season

The 1989–90 English Hockey League season took place from October 1989 until May 1990.

The Men's National League was sponsored by Poundstretcher and was won by Hounslow. The top four teams qualified to take part in the Poundstretcher League Cup tournament which was won by Havant.

The Women's National League was introduced for the first time and the inaugural Women's National League title sponsored by Typhoo was won by Slough.The Men's Hockey Association Cup was won by Havant and the Women's Cup (National Club Championship finals) was won by Sutton Coldfield.

1990–91 England Hockey League season

The 1990–91 English Hockey League season took place from October 1990 until May 1991.

The Men's National League was sponsored by Poundstretcher and was won by Havant. The top four teams qualified to take part in the Poundstretcher League Cup tournament which was won by Hounslow. The Women's National League was sponsored by Typhoo and was won by Slough.The Men's Hockey Association Cup was won by Hounslow and the Women's Cup (National Club Championship finals) was won by Sutton Coldfield.


Alworths was a chain of 18 high-street retail stores created in 2009 out of some of the former stores of Woolworths plc in the United Kingdom. The new company entered administration in 2011, and 15 branches were acquired by Poundstretcher.

Bargain Buys

Bargain Buys was a West Yorkshire-based chain of discount stores operating across the United Kingdom. The chain was launched in 2013 by Chris Edwards Sr. and Chris Edwards Jr. the founders of the single-price chain, Poundworld. The company had its headquarters in Normanton. In 2015, TPG Capital purchased a majority stake in Poundworld and Bargain Buys - though it would go into administration three years later, in 2018.


Best-one is a symbol group based in the United Kingdom and Jersey CI. The company has over 600 shops throughout the United Kingdom. Most shops are owned on a franchise basis and most stock is sourced through Bestway Cash & Carry. The company's flagship shop is a 3,000 sq ft outlet in East London. The flagship shop provides a more upmarket offering to customers who work in the financial services sector at Canary Wharf.Best-one is a segment of the Bestway group, which is managed by Asif Khan.


Farmfoods Limited is a British frozen food supermarket chain based in Cumbernauld, Scotland. The company has expanded throughout the United Kingdom, and has over 300 stores.

Fulton's Foods

Fulton's Foods is a frozen food retailer chain, which is based in Darton, South Yorkshire, and operates throughout The Midlands and the North of England. Trading online as Star Bargains.


Immingham is a town, civil parish and ward in the North East Lincolnshire unitary authority of England. It is situated on the south-west bank of the Humber Estuary, and is 6 miles (10 km) north-west from Grimsby.

The region was relatively unpopulated and undeveloped until the early 1900s, when the Great Central Railway began developing its Immingham Dock; as a consequence of the dock development, and of nearby post-Second World War large scale industrial developments Immingham developed from a minor place into a significant town during the 20th century.

List of discount shops in the United Kingdom

This is a list of the current and defunct discount chains of the United Kingdom. This list does not include discount supermarket chains which can be found at list of supermarket chains in the United Kingdom.

London Lions (basketball)

The London Lions are a British professional basketball team based in Stratford, East London, England. The Lions compete in the British Basketball League, the top tier of British Basketball. The team was founded in 1977 as the Hemel Hempstead Lakers, and have been based in Hemel Hempstead, Watford and Milton Keynes. Since 2013, the team have played home games at the Copper Box Arena.

Mace (shop)

Mace is a convenience shop symbol group operating as three separate entities with different ownerships in Great Britain, Ireland and Northern Ireland. The shops are independently owned and join the groups, paying a fee for marketing and branding support and purchasing their stock from the brand owners.


McColls Retail Group is a British convenience shop and newsagent operator, trading under the trading names McColls (for convenience shops), Martins (newsagents and pound shops) and RS McColl for shops in Scotland. McColl's also operates post offices in one third of the estate, making them the largest post office operator in the United Kingdom.The company was floated on the stock market in January 2014. In July 2016, wholly owned subsidiary, Martin McColl Ltd, announced it would acquire 298 shops from The Co-operative Group (subject to CMA approval) for £117 million.

Planet Organic

Planet Organic is a British supermarket chain, with seven branches in London.

It was founded by Renée Elliott, who was born in Pascagoula, Mississippi, US, and started it in 1995.

Sainsbury's Freezer Centres

Sainsbury's Freezer Centres was a former frozen food chain, operated by the then-largest UK supermarket chain (now the second largest supermarket chain) Sainsbury's.

The company decided to open the shops in response to competition from specialist frozen food chains, such as Bejam. It also allowed Sainsbury's to make use of its valuable freehold counter service stores (that were too small for conversion to self-service).

The first shop opened at Southbourne near Bournemouth in 1974. It was not an immediate success as many of the elderly residents living in the area did not own a freezer. Only 11% of households at that time owned freezers. Nine other branches that followed suit in that year, however, had greater success. They sold about 3,000 lines, many with deep discounts.

In 1975, new build stores or refurbished ones had frozen food departments built into them. Chippenham was the first branch to have this integrated.

By 1980, there were 21 freezer centres, and by 1982, 49% of households owned a freezer.

Sainsbury's sold Sainsbury's Freezer Centres to Bejam in 1986. In 1989, Bejam became part of the Iceland chain.

Sainsbury's Local

Sainsbury's Convenience Stores Limited (trading as Sainsbury's Local) is a chain of 770 convenience shops operated by the UK's second largest supermarket chain Sainsbury's. Sainsbury's Local shops have different branding and fascia to the company's supermarkets.

Ugo (retailer)

UGO was a chain of convenience stores in the United Kingdom owned by the Haldanes Group and was started in January 2011.

It acquired twenty mid size Netto supermarkets in the North and Midlands of England from the chain Asda, and turned them into UGO stores; these stores were in: Athersley, Ashington, Blackburn, Boothferry, Bradford, Burnley, Bury, Carcroft, Eston, Hartlepool, Hull (two stores), Kirkby, Lundwood, Monk Bretton, Nuneaton, Retford, Rotherham, Stanley and Wavertree.

Additionally, the Haldanes stores in Biddulph (Staffordshire) and Broxburn (Scotland) were converted to the UGO branding; these two stores remained in the ownership of Haldanes Stores, another company in the Haldanes Group. The UGO strategy was to double Netto's existing core range of branded grocery lines to around 3,000 more items, plus more fresher bakery items from the Haldanes acquired Woodhead Bakery.UGO have appeared twice on television in the United Kingdom. It appeared on Channel 4's Come Dine With Me when a contestant was filmed shopping for the programme in the store in Blackburn, and appeared on Channel 4's Facejacker, which aired on 27 March 2012 at 10pm, in the Nuneaton store, when the self service checkout was 'taken over'.In June 2011, Haldanes Stores went into administration, and its stores closed, including the two stores branded as UGO. In February 2012, UGO Stores was itself placed in administration, and the chain was bought by Poundstretcher, in a pre pack sale, with 18 of the twenty stores to become part of the Poundstretcher chain and the other two (Nuneaton, Hull) to close as Poundstretcher already had stores nearby.

Wick, West Sussex

Wick is a community in the Arun district of West Sussex, England. Originally a separate village, it now forms part of the built up area around Littlehampton. It lies on the A284 road 0.6 miles (1 km) north of the town centre.

There is an annual summer festival held in Wick. The Church Hall (Wick Hall) is one of the largest in the area, there are several flint Victorian buildings including All Saints Church and one thatched cottage. Wick contains three separate parades of shops, including a Poundstretcher, green grocer, two bakeries, a laundrette, one pub and various other small specialist shops.

'Big four'
Frozen specialists

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