Potamoi (Bithynia)

Potamoi (Ancient Greek: Ποταμοί) was a town of ancient Bithynia located on the road from Libyssa to Chalcedon on the north coast of the Sinus Astacenus, an arm of the Propontis.

Its site is located east of Pendik, in Asiatic Turkey.[1][2]


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Coordinates: 40°47′54″N 29°22′47″E / 40.798384°N 29.379823°E

Potamoi (disambiguation)

The Potamoi were Greek river gods.

Potamoi (Ancient Greek: Ποταμοί) may also refer to:

Potamoi (Bithynia), a town of ancient Bithynia

Potamoi (Paphlagonia), a town of ancient Paphlagonia

Potamoi, Drama, in Greece

Black Sea
Central Anatolia
Eastern Anatolia

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