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Pol is a Bantu language of Cameroon. Pol proper is spoken in central Cameroon; the Pomo and Kweso dialects are spoken in Congo and the CAR near the Cameroonian border.

Native toCameroon, Central African Republic, Republic of Congo
Native speakers
44,000 Pol and Pomo (2000)[1]
(it may be that Kweso is counted under Kako)
  • Pol
  • Pomo
  • Kweso
Language codes
ISO 639-3pmm


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Pomo (disambiguation)

The Pomo are an indigenous people of California.

Pomo may also refer to:

Pomo languages, a language family of the Pomo people

Pomo religion, religion of the Pomo people

Pomo, California, an unincorporated community

Postmodernism, often shortened to po-mo or pomo

Permanent open market operations, the buying and selling of government bonds

the Pomo dialect of the Pol language, spoken in the Republic of the Congo

Pomo language

Pomo may refer to:

One of the Pomo languages of California

A dialect of the Pol language of Cameroon

St. Stanislaus Parish (Meriden, Connecticut)

St. Stanislaus Parish – built by Polish immigrants is in Meriden, Connecticut, United States.

This Roman Catholic Parish was founded in 1891 and dedicated to the Bishop of Kraków, Stanislaus of Szczepanów, an 11th-century Polish Saint. St. Stan's is the third of the oldest Polish-American Roman Catholic Parish in New England and the oldest in the Archdiocese of Hartford.

The parish built the first Polish Roman Catholic church in Connecticut, which from January 1893 served as the church until the building of the current Saint Stanislaus Bishop and Martyr Church in 1908, and as the school until the building of the current Saint Stanislaus Parochial School in 1915.

The parish is made up of the church; school; community center, cafeteria, and gymnasium; rectory and garage, convent and chapel; and the cemetery, as well as an outdoor shrine to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Super Polsat

Super Polsat is a Polish television channel, launched in 2 January 2017. The channel is intended for visually and hearing impaired.

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