Phitsanulok Mansion

Phitsanulok Mansion (Thai: บ้านพิษณุโลก) or formerly known Banthomsinth House (Thai: บ้านบรรทมสินธุ์ lit: House of the Sleeping Narayana)[1] is the official residence of the Prime Minister of Thailand, located not far to the east from the government house in Dusit, Bangkok. The mansion was originally built at the behest of King Rama VI was and given to his aide-de-camp, Phraya Aniruth-deva (พระยาอนิรุทธเทวา).

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Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva with Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa in Phitsanulok Mansion

The high cost of maintenance forced Lord Aniruth-deva to offer the mansion to King Rama VII, which he refused. During the Second World War, the Japanese government wanted to buy the mansion and use it as an embassy. However because the mansion is located in such an important strategic area, the Thai government decided to buy the mansion and use it as a state guest house instead. Later it was decided that it should become an official residence.

Only two prime ministers, Prem Tinsulanonda and Chuan Leekpai,[1] have taken residence there and both of them resided only for a few days before moving out to other premises. The house is reportedly haunted.

Phitsanulok Mansion
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inside Phitsanulok Mansion
General information
Architectural style Venetian Gothic
Location Dusit
Town or city Bangkok
Country Thailand
Coordinates 13°45′31″N 100°31′05″E / 13.75849°N 100.51814°E
Completed 1922
Design and construction
Architect Mario Tamagno


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