Philip Packer

Philip Packer FRS (24 June 1618 Groombridge, Kent - 24 December 1686) was an English barrister and architect. He was a courtier to Charles II, and friend to Christopher Wren.

He was educated at University College, Oxford where he matriculated in 1635. He then took up law at the Middle Temple and was called to the bar as a barrister in 1647.[1]

He rebuilt Groombridge Place with Wren's help in 1662.[2][3] On 21 May 1669, he met with Samuel Pepys.[4] He was an Original Fellow of the Royal Society.


Groombridge Place

His parents were John Packer, Clerk of the Privy Seal (12 Nov 1572 – 15 Feb 1649), and Philippi Mills.

He married Isabella Berkeley in 1653 in Groombridge, Kent; they had seven children:

  • Robert Packer (died aged 16)[5]
  • John Philip Packer Esq. of Groombridge (1655 Groombridge - 16 December 1697)
  • Catherine Packer (1661 Groombridge, Kent, England - 30 Nov 1722 Finedon, Northampton, England)
  • Isabella Packer
  • Elizabeth Packer
  • Katherine Packer
  • Temperance Packer

He married Sarah Isgar on 20 December 1666. Prior to their marriage, Philip and Sarah had three children in Ireland where Philip owned extensive properties:[6]

  • Philip Packer, who emigrated to New Jersey.
  • James Packer (3 March 1657 – 12 Jul 1690) at the Battle of the Boyne, Ireland.
  • William Packer (died 1690 in Battle of Boyne).


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