A pheasantry is a place or facility used for captive breeding and rearing pheasants, peafowls and other related birds, which may or may not be confined with enclosures such as aviaries. The pheasants may be sold or displayed to public or used as game birds. Pheasantry may also be used for conservation and research purposes.


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David Litvinoff

David Litvinoff (sometimes Litvinov; born David Levy; 3 February 1928 – 8 April 1975) was a consultant for the British film industry who traded on his knowledge of the low life of the East End of London. A man for whom there are few truly reliable facts, it is unclear how genuine his expertise really was, though he certainly knew the Kray Twins and was particularly friendly with Ronnie Kray, according to a biography published in 2016. He entertained his showbiz friends with stories of the Krays' activities and his niece Vida described him as "the court jester to the rich, smart Chelsea set of the sixties".


Dhodial (also known as Dhudial) is a town and union council located near Baffa between Mansehra and Shinkiari in Mansehra District in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Dhodial is a fertile region known for its vegetables and tobacco. Dhodial is also well known for its pheasant conservation project.The town was badly affected by the 2005 Pakistan earthquake.

Dhodial Pheasantry

Dhodial Pheasantry (or Dhodial Pheasant Center) is a pheasantry and breeding center for several species of pheasants situated in Mansehra District, Pakistan. It has been set up for the purposes of research, conservation, tourism, and education. The pheasantry has around 250 exhibits providing shelter to around 4,000 birds.


Søndre and Nordre Fasanvej (literally South and North Pheasant Road) are two streets which form a long south--to-northnorth oriented artery through Frederiksberg, an independent municipality completely surrounded by larger Copenhagen Municipality in Copenhagen, Denmark. The southern part of the street is surrounded by large green spaces and attractive residential neighbourhoods while its northern part, which enters the Nørrebro and North-West districts of Copenhagen, is dominated by former industry. The street takes its name after Fasangården, a former royal pheasantry, in Frederiksberg Park.

Frederiksberg Gardens

Frederiksberg Gardens (Danish: Frederiksberg Have) is one of the largest and most attractive greenspaces in Copenhagen, Denmark. Together with the adjacent Søndermarken it forms a green area of 64 hectares at the western edge of Inner Copenhagen. It is a romantic landscape garden designed in the English style.


A kiosk (from Persian kūshk) is a small, separated garden pavilion open on some or all sides. Kiosks were common in Persia, the Indian subcontinent, and in the Ottoman Empire from the 13th century onward. Today, there are many kiosks in and around the Topkapı Palace in Istanbul, and they are still a relatively common sight in Balkan countries.

The word is now applied to small booths offering goods and services and to freestanding computer terminals.


Kohat (Pashto: کوهاټ‎, Urdu: کوہاٹ‎), is a city in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan which serves as the capital of the Kohat District. The city is regarded as a centre of the Bangash tribe of Pashtuns, who have lived in the region since the late 15th century. Kohat's immediate environs were the site of frequent armed skirmishes between British colonialist forces and local tribesmen in the mid to late 19th century. Modern Kohat is now a medium-sized city with a population of approximately 270,000 people, and centres on a British-era fort, various bazaars, and a military cantonment.

Lee Mead

Lee Stephen Mead (born 14 July 1981) is an English musical theatre and television actor, best known for winning the title role in the 2007 West End revival of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat through the BBC TV casting show Any Dream Will Do. As well as subsequent West End roles in Wicked, Legally Blonde: The Musical and The West End Men, Mead has pursued a music career, releasing three solo albums and undertaking concert tours in the UK and Japan.

In 2014, he joined the cast of the BBC One drama Casualty, playing the role of Ben 'Lofty' Chiltern, while continuing to tour the UK with his band between filming commitments. He returned to the stage in May 2016 as Caractacus Potts in the UK Tour of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. In 2017, he returned to the role of Lofty, but in Casualty's sister series, the BBC One drama Holby City.

List of zoos in Pakistan

This is a list of zoos, aviaries, aquaria, safari parks, reptile centers, animal theme parks and wildlife parks in Pakistan.

For a list of botanical gardens, see List of botanical gardens in Pakistan.

Martin Sharp

Martin Ritchie Sharp (21 January 1942 – 1 December 2013) was an Australian artist, cartoonist, songwriter and film-maker.

Sharp made contributions to Australian and international culture from the early 1960s, and was called Australia's foremost pop artist. His psychedelic posters of Bob Dylan, Donovan and others, rank as classics of the genre, and his covers, cartoons and illustrations were a central feature of OZ magazine, both in Australia and in London. Martin co-wrote one of Cream's best known songs, "Tales of Brave Ulysses", created the cover art for Cream's Disraeli Gears and Wheels of Fire albums, and in the 1970s became a champion of singer Tiny Tim, and of Sydney's embattled Luna Park.


Natolin is a historic park and nature reserve (1.2 km²) on the southern edge of Warsaw, Poland. "Natolin" is also the name of a neighborhood located to the west of the park — a part of Warsaw's southernmost Ursynów district.

Since 1993 Natolin has been the site of one of two College of Europe campuses (College of Europe, Natolin).

Norman Pilcher

Norman Clement Pilcher (born 1935) is a former British police officer. After a transfer from the Flying Squad to the Drug Squad in 1967, Norman ("Nobby") Pilcher became notorious for the vigour with which he pinned possession of drugs charges on pop stars and hippies, and for the dubious methods employed in his undercover operations, which included paying off informers with drugs.

He became infamous for arresting a number of celebrities during the 1960s on drug charges, such as Mick Jagger, Brian Jones and Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones, Donovan and also two members of The Beatles, George Harrison and John Lennon. Eric Clapton was nearly arrested at The Pheasantry on drugs charges, but escaped from the rear of the building when Pilcher rang the doorbell to announce "postman, special delivery".Several celebrities complained that Detective Sergeant Pilcher had framed them, or was only carrying out raids and arrests to satisfy the tabloid newspapers. As is evident from reports in the alternative press and histories of that time, it was widely believed that Pilcher was frequently planting the drugs his victims were convicted of possessing, though this has never been proven.

Pilcher's reputation was damaged in the early 1970s, after it was claimed during the drug smuggling trial of Basil Sands, that the defendant (who had been caught red-handed) was innocent, and had been working with the police. After the judge directed the jury to discount any private belief they might have that Pilcher's superior, Victor Kelaher, was at the centre of a drug smuggling ring, since this was something that should be addressed at a subsequent trial, Sands was convicted and was sentenced to seven years imprisonment.

On 8 November 1972, Pilcher was charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice after it was alleged he had committed perjury. He resigned from the police force before the case came to court. In September 1973 Pilcher was convicted and sentenced to four years imprisonment, with the judge admonishing the disgraced ex-policeman, "You poisoned the wells of criminal justice, and set about it deliberately."Pilcher was the subject of the 2003 Primus song Pilcher's Squad. In The Guardian Alan Travis wrote that it is widely believed that the lyric "Semolina Pilchard" in The Beatles' song "I Am the Walrus" refers to Pilcher. Monty Python lampooned him as "Spiny Norman" in their Piranha Brothers sketch; in another Python sketch, Graham Chapman's police character tells a man that he's under arrest and must come with him to the police station because "I'm charging you with illegal possession of whatever we happen to have down there." In Eric Idle’s 1978 Beatles pastiche The Rutles, he was satirised as "Brian Plant".

Philippe Mora

Philippe Mora (born 1949) is a French-born Australian film director. Born in Paris in 1949, he grew up at the centre of the Australian arts scene of the 1950s and began making films while still a child. He is the eldest son of the late artist Mirka Mora and her husband, restaurateur and gallery owner Georges Mora. He has two younger brothers: William Mora (b. 1953), an art dealer, and Tiriel Mora (b. 1958), an Australian actor.


Sarahan is a small village in Himachal Pradesh of India. It is the site of the Bhimakali Temple, originally known as Bhimadevi Temple (Bhīmā Kālī), dedicated to the mother goddess Bhimakali, presiding deity of the rulers of the former Bushahr State. The temple is situated about 170 kilometres from Shimla and is one of 51 Shakti Peethas. The village is known as the "gateway of Kinnaur" it being near the old Indo-Tibetan Road. Seven kilometers below (17 km by road) Sarahan is the river Satluj. Sarahan is identified with the Shonitpur mentioned in Puranas.

Sarahan Bushahr has been the summer capital of Bushahr kingdom, with Rampur Bushahr considered the winter capital. The former Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh Shree Virbhadra Singh is a member of royal family (Son of erstwhile king Padam Singh) and is popularly known as "Raja Sahab" at Sarahan. He has been member of the Assembly/Parliament since 1962 and has held the post of Chief Minister six times. His wife Rani Pratibha Devi is also a member of Assembly.

Serafina Astafieva

Serafina Astafieva (Russian: Серафима Александровна Астафьева; 1876 – 13 September 1934) was a Russian dancer and ballet teacher.Astafieva was a pupil at the Bolshoi Kamenny Theatre School and in 1895 graduated from the Mariinsky Ballet School. In 1896 she married Jozef Kshessinsky a famous character dancer. From 1909-1911 Astafieva performed with Sergei Diaghilev's Ballets Russes. After retiring from performing she opened the Russian Dancing Academy at The Pheasantry on King's Road in Chelsea, London. Her pupils included Anton Dolin, Margot Fonteyn, Alicia Markova, Hermione Darnborough, Madeleine Vyner, and Joan Lawson.A blue plaque unveiled in 1968 commemorates Astafieva at 152 King's Road in Chelsea.She is referenced as "Grishkin" in T. S. Eliot's poem Whispers of Immortality.

The Inevitable Flight

The Inevitable Flight is a documentary film made by Pakistani documentary filmmaker, Azfar Rizvi.

The Pheasantry

The Pheasantry, 152 King's Road, Chelsea, London, is a Grade II listed building that was home to a number of important figures in 1960s London and a small music venue in the 1970s where a number of bands were able to play their first gigs.

The Princely Pheasantry

The Princely Pheasantry is a late 18th-century neoclassical building in Poręba, Pszczyna County, Silesian Voivodeship, southern Poland. It was founded by the Prince of Pszczyna Frederick Erdmann, designed by Wilhelm Pusch and built between 1792 and 1800.

Timothy Whidborne

Timothy Charles Plunket Whidborne (born 1927) is a British artist notable for his 1969 portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on horse back as Colonel-in-Chief of the Irish Guards, of which Whidborne had once been a member.Whidborne was born at High Wycombe and educated at Stowe School where he was a contemporary of George Melly. He was a pupil of Pietro Annigoni. He exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1954 and in 1966 The Connoisseur described him as at "the forefront of mural decorators in England".In 1983, Whidborne was one of the artists chosen to prepare alternative designs to the long-running Machin series of British definitive postage stamps. After consideration, the design was not changed and it was subsequently decided to continue with the current design for the lifetime of the Queen.

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