Peach (band)

Peach (also known as Peach [gb]) were a metal band from England that originally recorded between 1991 and 1994. The band was renamed Sterling in 1995, and Simon Oakes and Rob Havis later reformed as Suns of the Tundra in 2000.

The original line-up consisted of Simon Oakes, Rob Havis, Ben Durling and Justin Chancellor. Peach supported the band Tool on the European leg of their tours throughout 1993–1994 after the release of Undertow, and then released an album, Giving Birth to a Stone, themselves. After touring to promote their debut album, Peach recorded a second one, Volume II. It was never released due to a failure to secure a major record deal. In 1995 Oakes quit to form Geyser with Al Murray (prior to his comedy career), but Peach continued with replacement singer Rod Sterling. Rob Havis later left for fellow Tool support act Submarine (later to become JetBoy DC), and the name Peach was then dropped in favour of Sterling. Chancellor left the band to join Tool in 1995, after Tool's first bassist, Paul D'Amour, left. Sterling signed a deal with Mantra Records and released an album (Monster Lingo) and had four singles.

In 2000, Giving Birth to a Stone was reissued to relative success on the DC Based Beatville Records imprint Vile Beat. In response to its popularity, Oakes and Havis decided to form a band again. With Durling and Chancellor still with other bands, they chose to perform instead under the name Suns of the Tundra. The new band has already published two albums, and play several old Peach songs in their live set.

Also known asPeach [gb]
GenresArt metal[1]
Years active1991–1994
Associated actsSuns of the Tundra, Tool
Past membersSimon Oakes
Rob Havis
Ben Durling
Justin Chancellor
Andy Prestidge
Mark Moloney
Andy Marlow


Suns of the Tundra
  • Simon Oakes – Vocals & Guitar
  • Andy Prestidge – Drums & Synths
  • Mark Moloney – Guitar
  • Rob Havis – Bass 1
  • Andy Marlow – Bass 2 & Synths


As Peach


  • Giving Birth to a Stone (1994, reissued in 2000)
  • Volume II (1995, Caroline Records Carol 1785-1) [Blue vinyl] {UPC: 0 1704-61785-1 8} (Unreleased)
  • Volume III: The Subliminal Verses

Demo Tapes, Singles & EPs

As Suns of the Tundra





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