Paul IV of Constantinople

Paul IV, known as Paul the New (Παύλος; ? – December 784) was Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople from 780 to 784.[1] He had once opposed the veneration of icons but urged the calling of an ecumenical council to address the iconoclast controversy. Later, he resigned and retired to a monastery due to old age and illness. He was succeeded by Tarasios,[2] who was a lay administrator at the time.

Paul the New is venerated as a saint in the Eastern Orthodox Church, and his feast day is celebrated on August 30.

Paul the New
Patriarch Paul the New
Venerated inEastern Orthodoxy
Roman Catholicism
FeastAugust 30
Paul IV of Constantinople
Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople
Term ended784
Personal details
DenominationEastern Orthodox Church


  1. ^ J. M. Hussey (1986). The Orthodox Church in the Byzantine Empire. Clarendon Press, Oxford.
  2. ^ St. Tarasius. "In 784 when Paul IV Patriarch of Constantinople died Tarasius was an imperial secretary, and a champion of the veneration of images.”
Titles of Chalcedonian Christianity
Preceded by
Nicetas I
Patriarch of Constantinople
Succeeded by
Nicetas I of Constantinople

Nicetas I (or Niketas; Greek: Νικήτας), (? – 7 February 780) was the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople from 766 to 780. He was of Slavic ancestry and he was a eunuch.He was chosen by the Emperor Constantine V as a successor of the Patriarch Constantine II of Constantinople. However, Nicetas was quite unpopular in Constantinople because he was a supporter of iconoclasm. After his death in 780, Nicetas was declared a heretic. He was succeeded by Paul IV of Constantinople.

Patriarch Paul

Patriarch Paul may refer to:

Paul I of Constantinople, Patriarch in 337–339, 341–342 and 346–350

Paul I, Serbian Patriarch, Archbishop of Peć and Serbian Patriarch c. 1530 to 1541

Paul Peter Massad, Maronite Patriarch of Antioch in 1854–1890

Pavle, Serbian Patriarch, 44th Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church, in 1990–2009

Paul II the Black of Alexandria, Patriarch of Antioch and head of the Syriac Orthodox Church in 550–575

Paul II of Constantinople, Ecumenical Patriarch in 642–653

Paul II, Serbian Patriarch, Archbishop of Peć and Serbian Patriarch in 1990–2009

Paul III of Constantinople, Patriarch of Constantinople in 687–693

Paul IV of Constantinople, Patriarch of Constantinople in 780–784

Paulus IV

Paulus IV may refer to:

Patriarch Paul IV of Constantinople (ruled 780 to 784)

Pope Paul IV (1476–1559)

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