Paul Dolan (baseball)

Paul Joseph Dolan (born July 7, 1958[1] in Chardon, Ohio), is an attorney and Major League Baseball (MLB) team executive who is currently part-owner, chairman, and chief executive officer (CEO) of the Cleveland Indians.[2] Dolan is also the "control person" for the team. [3][4][5]

Paul Dolan
Paul Joseph Dolan

July 7, 1958 (age 61)[1]
MLB Team Owner/Executive
ChildrenPeter Dolan and Lawrence Dolan

Early life

Dolan was born and raised in the Cleveland, Ohio suburb of Chardon, as one of six children of Larry and Eva Dolan. Dolan attended high school at the Gilmour Academy in Gates Mills, Ohio, and upon graduation attended college at St. Lawrence University, and upon graduation went on to earn his law degree at Notre Dame Law School in 1983.[4]


After graduating from law school, Dolan was hired as an attorney for his father's law firm (Thrasher, Dinsmore, and Dolan), eventually becoming a partner in 1992.[6]

In 2000, Larry Dolan purchased the Cleveland Indians baseball team. Upon his father taking control of the team, Dolan was hired as a vice president and general counsel. In 2004, Dolan was promoted to team president, and in 2011 promoted again to chairman/CEO.[7]

In 2013, Dolan was approved by the team owners of MLB as the "control person" of the Indians; the Associated Press describes this new role as "controlling owner". This new designation means that Dolan oversees the day to day team operations, and is responsible for compliance with MLB rules and regulations.[4][5]

Though officially listed as Chairman/CEO by the team, Dolan is sometimes referred to as an owner of the Indians, as the team is considered to be a family asset due to being purchased through various Dolan Family trusts.[2][8][9][10]


Dolan's son Peter was selected by the Indians in the 33rd round of the 2014 MLB Draft as a third baseman out of Gilmour Academy.[10] His brother Matt is a state senator in Ohio, and his cousin James is owner of the New York Knicks of the National Basketball Association (NBA), and the New York Rangers of the National Hockey League (NHL).

Awards and honors

(as a member of the Indians ownership/front office)


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Paul Dolan

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Paul Dolan (baseball) (born 1958), chairman/CEO of the Cleveland Indians of Major League Baseball

Paul Dolan (soccer) (born 1966), former member of men's national soccer team in Canada

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