Parademons are a fictional group of extraterrestrials appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. They are monstrous shock troops of Apokolips used by Darkseid to maintain order on the planet.

A Parademon as seen in Azrael #34 (October 1997).
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceThe New Gods #1 (February/March 1971)
Created byJack Kirby
Gail Simone
Dale Eaglesham
In-story information
Team affiliationsNew Gods of Apokolips
  • Enhanced strength and endurance
  • Heightened tolerance for pain
  • Armor-based flight
  • Fire Breath
  • Self-Detonation
  • Mechanomorphing
  • Parademon Conversion

Publication history

The original Parademons were created by Jack Kirby in The New Gods #1 (1971).

Fictional history

An artificially created servitor race loyal to their master Darkseid but none too bright, the armored Parademons fly through the air, carrying powerful weapons used to quell the rabble. Their true strength is in their numbers, which reach into the thousands. When acting together, they can overwhelm even the toughest heroes. They are chosen from the most sociopathic and cruel residents before being given gliders and trained in combat. They are often accompanied by gigantic dogs called Hounds.

In the comic Salvation Run, Parademons are dispatched by Desaad to attack the villains that were dumped onto their training camp. They killed Hyena, Brutale, General Immortus, and Solomon Grundy, the last of whom turned up alive in later comic issues. Most of them were killed when Lex Luthor self-destructed the teleportation device.

In The New 52 (a 2011 reboot of the DC Comics universe), the Parademons are used to attack Earth, first seen encountering both Green Lantern and Batman in Gotham City.[1] It is revealed in new continuum that the Parademon hordes are either remolded lifeforms or the processed corpses of which that Darkseid and Apokolips have harvested and processed from the various worlds and realities they've conquered.[2]

Repurposing them through the usage of nightmarish Apokoliptian technologies, Red Tornado of Earth 2 noted that K'li's, former fury of Darkseid; special class of Berserker Parademons are the remodeled remains of the dead or kidnapped citizens from their world.[3]

Powers and abilities

Typical abilities of a Parademon include heightened strength, endurance and a high tolerance for pain. The apokaliptian armor grants them the ability of flight and increases degree of invulnerability to conventional damage and energy. Most parademons have an incipient intellect and in combat they are equipped with powerful claws and heavy weaponry.

As opposed to most Parademons, Mike, the Secret Six Parademon, and Pharzoof could speak and seemed to have more than the rudimentary intelligence most Parademons possess. The latter was shown to enjoy being tortured by his opponents.

Within the New Continuity many if not all Parademons boast fire breath, self detonation and transformation abilities; certain Parademons can even convert captured victims into new Parademons via direct technological infection.

In other media


  • The Parademons appear in the final season of the Super Friends, The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians (1985–1986) with their vocal effects provided by Frank Welker. When Darkseid became a recurring villain, the Parademons followed (although the use of the word "demon" on television was often protested by parents' groups). Thus, Darkseid's minions were sometimes referred to as "para-drones" on that show.
  • Parademons have also been seen in several episodes of Superman: The Animated Series, most notably in the "Apokolips...Now!" two-parter. They were last seen in the final episodes of Justice League Unlimited, following a resurrected Darkseid's attempt to take over Earth once more. They are non-speaking creatures and usually appear as invading armies.
  • The Parademons appear in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode "The Knights of Tomorrow!" A few of them along with Kalibak pursue Question after he uncovered Darkseid's plans to invade Earth. In "Darkseid's Descending", the Parademons take part in the attack on Earth. Additionally, a Parademon appears in part 2 of the two-part episode "The Siege of Starro", as one of the statues that represent the warriors defeated by the Faceless Hunter.
  • The Parademons appear in the DC Super Hero Girls TV Special "DC Super Hero Girls: Super Hero High". One notable Parademon is called Perry (voiced by Fred Tatasciore).
  • The Parademons appear in Justice League Action.
  • The Parademons appear in Young Justice: Outsiders.


DC Extended Universe

  • The Parademons made a small appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, showing up in Bruce Wayne's vision/nightmare of a post-apocalyptic Earth resembling Apokolips; one of them knocks Batman out, allowing Superman's soldiers to capture him and deliver him to their leader. Their inclusion hints at Darkseid's future involvement within the DC Extended Universe.
  • The Parademons appear in the 2017 film Justice League with their vocal effects provided by Gary A. Hecker. They appear under the command of Darkseid's uncle Steppenwolf, are shown to be attracted to fear, and can transform their victims into other Parademons.[4] In the final confrontation with Steppenwolf, he is betrayed by his own Parademons when the League's success in separating the Mother Boxes he was using to trigger a transformation of Earth inspires fear within him. They attack Steppenwolf as he disappears into the Boom Tube.


  • The Parademons appear in Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. They appear driving a tank trying to destroy Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Big Barda when they arrive on Apokolips to save Supergirl.
  • The Parademons are shown coming out of a Boom tube in a post-credit scene in Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox.
  • The Parademons are heavily used in Justice League: War with their vocal effects provided by Dee Bradley Baker. In the film, they are depicted as aliens from conquered worlds, transformed by nanomachines into an army of monstrous soldiers serving as Darkseid's invasion forces. Desaad even attempts to transform Superman into a "Super-Parademon" by using these nanomachines, but the process is interrupted by Batman. In order to diminish the invasion, Cyborg connects himself to a Mother Box and uses it to reopen the Boom tubes to send them all back to Apokolips.
  • The Parademons appear in Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro League. They assist Darkseid in his invasion on Bizarro World.

Video games

  • In the video game Superman: The Game, the player fights Parademons as the first wave on invasion from Apokolips.
  • In the video game Justice League Heroes, the player fights Parademons on the level prior to the final battle with Darkseid.
  • The Parademons appear in DC Universe Online.
  • The Parademons appear in Injustice 2 as support units for Darkseid. In his ending after killing Brainiac and Superman as well as getting Supergirl on his side, Darkseid used Superman's DNA to clone a new type of Parademon.
  • The Parademons appear in Lego DC Super-Villains, voiced by Elias Toufexis.[5]


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