Otto Perutz

Otto Perutz (27 July 1847, Teplice, Bohemia – 18 January 1922, Munich Germany) was an Austrian-German chemist.

From 1872 to 1876 Perutz was director of Bayerische Aktiengesellschaft für chemische und landwirtschaftlich-chemische Fabrikate (Bavarian Corporation for Chemical and Agrochemical Products Inc., later Süd-Chemie AG) in Munich-Heufeld.

In 1880 he founded his own firm Otto Perutz Trockenplattenfabrik in Munich. He developed a method for the industrial production of Eosin-Silver-Plates which had been invented by Hermann Wilhelm Vogel and Johann Baptist Obernetter. This was crucial to develop colour photography. In 1896 Perutz-Plates were used for radiography for the first time.

Perutz sold his firm in 1897. He was member of the supervisory board of Bayerische Aktiengesellschaft für chemische und landwirtschaftlich-chemische Fabrikate from 1902 until his death in 1922. The Perutz-Photowerke became part of Agfa in 1964.

Filmdose Perutz C 18
Film box of the color film Perutz C 18 (18 DIN)
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Perutz is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Leo Perutz (1882–1957), Czech-Austrian novelist and mathematician

Max Ferdinand Perutz (1914–2002), Austrian-British molecular biologist

Robin Perutz, son of Max, chemist

Otto Perutz (1847–1922), Czech-German chemist

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