Otter Brook (Ashuelot River tributary)

Otter Brook is a 13.2 mile long (21.2 km)[1] river located in southwestern New Hampshire in the United States. It is a tributary of The Branch of the Ashuelot River, itself a tributary of the Connecticut River, which flows to Long Island Sound.

Otter Brook begins at the outlet of Chandler Meadow, in the town of Stoddard, New Hampshire. It flows southwest through the towns of Nelson, Sullivan, and Roxbury, eventually entering the city of Keene, where it joins Minnewawa Brook to form The Branch.

The brook passes through Ellis Reservoir (a small lake in Sullivan) and Otter Brook Lake, a flood control reservoir built on the boundary between Keene and Roxbury. The dam which created Otter Brook lake was completed in 1958.[2] From the village of East Sullivan to Otter Brook Lake, the brook is followed by New Hampshire Route 9.

USACE Otter Brook Lake and Dam
Otter Brook Lake and Dam in Cheshire County, New Hampshire

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Coordinates: 42°54′51″N 72°14′15″W / 42.91417°N 72.23750°W

Otter Brook

Otter Brook may refer to:

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Otter Brook (Ashuelot River tributary), New Hampshire, United States, a river

Gulf of Maine
Long Island Sound

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