Orlando Hoshuko

The Orlando Hoshuko, Inc. (オーランド日本語補習校 Ōrando Nihongo Hoshūkō) is a weekend supplementary school for Japanese children.

It was established as the Japanese Language School of Orlando in November 1998 and originally held its classes in MetroWest Elementary School.[1][2] A Japanese businessperson and a Japanese government official had a conversation and had concluded that there should be a supplementary school in the Orlando area; this resulted in the school's establishment.[1] The school was initially intended to serve Japanese persons temporarily living in the United States.[3]

Initially the school had 18 students.[1] It later moved its classes to a church in Kissimmee,[1] Trinity Lutheran Church.[4][5] As of 2007, there were 88 students, mostly at the elementary and junior high school levels. That year U.S.-born children made up 80% of the weekend school's students. As of 2007 the Japanese government gives the school about 40% of its funds.[1]


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