Orašac Assembly

The Orašac Assembly (Serbian: Збор у Орашцу, romanizedZbor u Orašcu) was the gathering of 300 Serbian chiefs and rebels on 14 February [O.S. 2 February] 1804 (Presentation of Jesus at the Temple) at Orašac, a village near Aranđelovac, following the "Slaughter of the Knezes" which saw 70 notable Serbs murdered by the renegade Janissaries (the Dahije) in January which prompted the Serbs to rise up against the tyranny (known in historiography as the "Uprising against the Dahije"), resulting in the First Serbian Uprising against the Ottoman Empire. Karađorđe was appointed leader of the Serbian rebels after they all raised their "three fingers in the air" and thereby swore Oath.[1] The site of the assembly, Marićevića jaruga, is today a memorial complex.

Ustanak na Turke
Illustration of the assembly from Život i dela Kara Đorđa (1903).

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