Ophis (Pontus)

Ophis (Ancient Greek: Ὄφις) was a town of ancient Pontus on the Black Sea near the mouth of the Ophis River, 90 stadia east of Hyssus.[1][2]

Its site is located near Of in Asiatic Turkey.[3][4]


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Coordinates: 40°56′17″N 40°15′51″E / 40.937952°N 40.264282°E


Ophis is Greek for "serpent", and may refer to:

The constellation Serpens

Ophis (Pontus), a town of ancient Pontus, now in Turkey

Ophis (river), a river of ancient Anatolia

Serpent (Bible), a figure in the Hebrew bible

SS Ophis, a cargo ship built in 1919 and which was sunk in 1942 when named Empire Antelope

Ophis (High School DxD), a character in the light novel series High School DxD

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