Operation Matador (1945)

Operation Matador was an amphibious thrust, during the Burma Campaign in January 1945, to capture the strategic port of Kyaukpyu, located at the northern tip of Ramree Island, south of Akyab across Hunter's Bay, as well as the key airfield near the port. On 21 January 1945, an hour before the Indian 71st Brigade was to land, the battleship HMS Queen Elizabeth opened fire with her main battery while planes from the escort carrier HMS Ameer spotted for her. The light cruiser HMS Phoebe also joined the bombardment, along with Liberators and Thunderbolts of No. 224 Group RAF which bombed and strafed to soften up the beaches. The assault troops landed unopposed and secured the beachhead; the following day, the Indian 4th Infantry Brigade landed.[1]

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Coordinates: 19°25′52″N 93°31′37″E / 19.431°N 93.527°E

Operation Matador

Operation Matador may refer to:

Operation Matador (1941), a proposed plan to counter any Imperial Japanese perceived threat to British Malaya

Operation Matador (1945), a Burma campaign operation during World War II

Operation Matador (1966), a United States Army campaign of the Vietnam War

Operation Matador (1975), a plan by the Central Intelligence Agency

Operation Matador (Iraq) or Battle of Al Qaim, a 2005 Iraq operation

Operation Matador (2011), a judicialized wiretap program which the United States currently operates in conjunction with Panama's police and security services


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