The Ommatidae are a family of beetles in the suborder Archostemata.[1] The Ommatidae are considered the extant beetle family that has most ancestral characteristics.[2] Extant species of this group only occur in Australia and South America, but the geographical distribution was much wider during the Mesozoic spanning across modern day Europe, Siberia, Myanmar, and China. Discovery of Upper Jurassic Chinese and Upper Cretaceous Burmese fossils suggest that they were widespread during Pangea.[3] So far, 13 extinct genera containing over 100 species of these beetles have been described.[4] Two extant genera have been assigned to this family: Omma and Tetraphalerus.[5]

Temporal range: Rhaetian–Recent
Omma stanleyi CCAL3.0
Omma stanleyi, an extant species
Scientific classification

Sharp & Muir, 1912


Extinct genera

Extant genera


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The Archostemata are the smallest suborder of beetles, consisting of fewer than 50 known species organised into five families. They are an ancient lineage with a number of primitive characteristics. They are similar in morphology to the first beetles, which appear in the fossil record about 250 million years ago. Antennae may be thread-shaped (filiform) or like a string of beads (moniliform). This suborder also contains the only paedogenic beetles, Micromalthus debilis.

These beetles are considered rare. Fossil deposits from the Permian suggest that the Archostemata were once much more common and dispersed over a wide portion of the globe, and the species that remain are scattered vestiges of their former population.


The Boridae are a small family of beetles with no vernacular common name, though recent authors have coined the name conifer bark beetles.


Brochocoleus is an extinct genus of beetles in the family Ommatidae, known from the Early Jurassic to the Early Late Cretaceous. With the earliest fossils coming from the Sinemurian-Pliensbachian of Charmouth, England, while the latest species are known from the Cenomanian aged Burmese amber. 21 species are currently known:

†Brochocoleus alatus Ponomarenko, 1994

†Brochocoleus angustus Tan, Ren, & Shih, 2007

†Brochocoleus aphaleratus (Ponomarenko, 1969)

†Brochocoleus applanatus Tan & Ren, 2009

†Brochocoleus caseyi Jarzembowski, Wang, & Zheng, 2016

†Brochocoleus cossiphus Ponomarenko, 1994

†Brochocoleus crownsonae Jarzembowski, Yan, Wang, & Zhang, 2013

†Brochocoleus impressus (Ren, 1995)

†Brochocoleus indibili Soriano & Delclòs, 2006

†Brochocoleus keenani Jarzembowski, Yan, Wang & Zhang, 2013

†Brochocoleus magnus Tan & Ren, 2009

†Brochocoleus maximus Jarzembowski, Yan, Wang & Zhang, 2013

†Brochocoleus minor Ponomarenko, 2000

†Brochocoleus planus Ponomarenko, 1994

†Brochocoleus punctatus Hong, 1982 (type species)

†Brochocoleus rostratus Ponomarenko, 1999

†Brochocoleus sulcatus Tan, Ren, & Shih, 2007

†Brochocoleus tobini Jarzembowski, Yan, Wang, & Zhang, 2013

†Brochocoleus validus Tan & Ren, 2009

†Brochocoleus yangshuwanziensis Jarzembowski, Yan, Wang, & Zhang, 2013

†Brochocoleus zhiyuani Liu, Tan, Jarzembowski, Wang, Ren, & Pang, 2017


Callirhipidae is a family of beetles in the superfamily Byrrhoidea. It was described by Emden in 1924.


The Chalcodryidae are a family of beetles in the large suborder Polyphaga.


Chelonariidae or turtle beetles is a family of beetles in the superfamily Byrrhoidea. It was described by Blanchard in 1845.


Cionocoleus is an extinct genus of beetles in the family Ommatidae, closely related to the living Omma containing the following species:

Cionocoleus longicapitis Soriano & Delclòs, 2006

Cionocoleus magicus Ren, 1995

Cionocoleus ommamimus Ponomarenko, 1997

Cionocoleus sibiricus Ponomarenko, 2000


Eurydictyon is an extinct genus of beetle in the family Ommatidae which contains a single species, Eurydictyon conspicuum. E. Conspicuum lived during the Mesozoic period, between 189.6-183.0 Ma. They measured 18 x 8 mm in length and are known only from specimens found in Kyrgyzstan.


Fuscicupes parvus is a species of beetles in the family Ommatidae, the only species in the genus Fuscicupes.


Histeroidea is a superfamily of beetles in the infraorder Staphyliniformia.

List of subgroups of the order Coleoptera

This article classifies the subgroups of the order Coleoptera (beetles) down to the level of families, following the system in "Family-group names in Coleoptera (Insecta)", Bouchard, et. al. (2011), with common names from

Order Coleoptera

Suborder †Protocoleoptera

Superfamily †Tshekardocoleoidea Rohdendorf, 1944

Family †Tshekardocoleidae Rohdendorf, 1944

Family †Labradorocoleidae Ponomarenko, 1969

Family †Oborocoleidae Kukalová, 1969

Superfamily †Permocupedoidea Martynov, 1933

Family †Permocupedidae Martynov, 1933

Family †Taldycupedidae Rohdendorf, 1961

Superfamily †Permosynoidea Tillyard, 1924

Family †Ademosynidae Ponomarenko, 1968

Family †Permosynidae Tillyard, 1924

Suborder Archostemata

Family Crowsoniellidae Iablokoff-Khnzorian, 1983

Family Cupedidae Laporte, 1836

Family Micromalthidae Barber, 1913 (telephone-pole beetle)

Family Ommatidae Sharp and Muir, 1912

Family Jurodidae Ponomarenko, 1985

Family †Triadocupedidae Ponomarenko, 1966

Family †Magnocoleidae Hong, 1998

Family †Obrieniidae Zherikhin and Gratshev, 1994

Suborder Myxophaga

Superfamily †Asiocoleoidea Rohdendorf, 1961

Family †Asiocoleidae Rohdendorf, 1961

Family †Tricoleidae Ponomarenko, 1969

Superfamily †Rhombocoleoidea Rohdendorf, 1961

Family †Rhombocoleidae Rohdendorf, 1961

Superfamily †Schizophoroidea Ponomarenko, 1968

Family †Schizophoridae Ponomarenko, 1968

Family †Catiniidae Ponomarenko, 1968

Family †Schizocoleidae Rohdendorf, 1961

Superfamily Lepiceroidea Hinton, 1936 (1882)

Family Lepiceridae Hinton, 1936 (1882)

Superfamily Sphaeriusoidea Erichson, 1845

Family Torridincolidae Steffan, 1964

Family Hydroscaphidae LeConte, 1874

Family Sphaeriusidae Erichson, 1845

Suborder Adephaga

Family †Tritarsidae Hong, 2002

Family Gyrinidae Latreille, 1810 (whirligig beetles)

Family Trachypachidae Thomson, 1857 (false ground beetles)

Family Rhysodidae Laporte, 1840

Family Carabidae Latreille, 1802 (ground beetles)

Family Haliplidae Aubé, 1836 (crawling water beetles)

Family †Triaplidae Ponomarenko, 1977

Family †Colymbotethidae Ponomarenko, 1994

Family †Parahygrobiidae Ponomarenko, 1977

Family †Coptoclavidae Ponomarenko, 1961

Family †Liadytidae Ponomarenko, 1977

Family Meruidae Spangler and Steiner, 2005

Family Noteridae Thomson, 1860 (burrowing water beetles)

Family Amphizoidae LeConte, 1853

Family Aspidytidae Ribera, Beutel, Balke and Vogler, 2002

Family Hygrobiidae Régimbart, 1879 (1837)

Family Dytiscidae Leach, 1815 (predaceous diving beetles)

Suborder Polyphaga

Infraorder Staphyliniformia

Superfamily Hydrophiloidea Latreille, 1802

Family Hydrophilidae Latreille, 1802 (water scavenger beetles)

Family Sphaeritidae Shuckard, 1839

Family Synteliidae Lewis, 1882

Family Histeridae Gyllenhal, 1808

Superfamily Staphylinoidea Latreille, 1802

Family Hydraenidae Mulsant, 1844

Family Ptiliidae Erichson, 1845

Family Agyrtidae Thomson, 1859

Family Leiodidae Fleming, 1821

Family Silphidae Latreille, 1806

Family Staphylinidae Latreille, 1802 (rove beetles)

Infraorder Scarabaeiformia

Superfamily Scarabaeoidea Latreille, 1802

Family Pleocomidae LeConte, 1861 (rain beetles)

Family Geotrupidae Latreille, 1802 (earth-boring scarab beetles)

Family Belohinidae Paulian, 1959

Family Passalidae Leach, 1815 (bess beetles)

Family Trogidae MacLeay, 1819 (hide beetles)

Family Glaresidae Kolbe, 1905

Family Diphyllostomatidae Holloway, 1972

Family Lucanidae Latreille, 1804 (stag beetles)

Family Ochodaeidae Mulsant and Rey, 1871 (sand-loving scarab beetles)

Family Hybosoridae Erichson, 1847

Family Glaphyridae MacLeay, 1819 (bumble bee scarab beetles)

Family Scarabaeidae Latreille, 1802 (scarab beetles)

Family †Coprinisphaeridae Genise, 2004

Family †Pallichnidae Genise, 2004

Infraorder Elateriformia

Superfamily Scirtoidea Fleming, 1821

Family Decliniidae Nikitsky, Lawrence, Kirejtshuk and Gratshev, 1994

Family Eucinetidae Lacordaire, 1857

Family Clambidae Fischer von Waldheim, 1821

Family Scirtidae Fleming, 1821

Family †Elodophthalmidae Kirejtshuk and Azar, 2008

Family †Mesocinetidae Kirejtshuk and Ponomarenko, 2010

Superfamily Dascilloidea Guérin-Méneville, 1843 (1834)

Family Dascillidae Guérin-Méneville, 1843 (1834)

Family Rhipiceridae Latreille, 1834

Superfamily Buprestoidea Leach, 1815

Family Schizopodidae LeConte, 1859

Family Buprestidae Leach, 1815

Superfamily Byrrhoidea Latreille, 1804

Family Byrrhidae Latreille, 1804

Family Elmidae Curtis, 1830

Family Dryopidae Billberg, 1820 (1817)

Family Lutrochidae Kasap and Crowson, 1975

Family Limnichidae Erichson, 1846

Family Heteroceridae MacLeay, 1825

Family Psephenidae Lacordaire, 1854

Family Cneoglossidae Champion, 1897

Family Ptilodactylidae Laporte, 1836

Family Podabrocephalidae Pic, 1930

Family Chelonariidae Blanchard, 1845

Family Eulichadidae Crowson, 1973

Family Callirhipidae Emden, 1924

Superfamily Elateroidea Leach, 1815

Family Rhinorhipidae Lawrence, 1988

Family Artematopodidae Lacordaire, 1857

Family Brachypsectridae LeConte and Horn, 1883

Family Cerophytidae Latreille, 1834

Family Eucnemidae Eschscholtz, 1829

Family Throscidae Laporte, 1840 nomen protectum

Family †Praelateriidae Dolin, 1973

Family Elateridae Leach, 1815 (click beetles)

Family Plastoceridae Crowson, 1972

Family Drilidae Blanchard, 1845

Family Omalisidae Lacordaire, 1857

Family †Berendtimiridae Winkler, 1987

Family Lycidae Laporte, 1836

Family Telegeusidae Leng, 1920

Family Phengodidae LeConte, 1861

Family Rhagophthalmidae Olivier, 1907

Family Lampyridae Rafinesque, 1815 (fireflies)

Family Omethidae LeConte, 1861

Family Cantharidae Imhoff, 1856 (1815) (soldier beetles)

Infraorder Bostrichiformia

Superfamily Derodontoidea LeConte, 1861

Family Derodontidae LeConte, 1861

Family Nosodendridae Erichson, 1846

Family Jacobsoniidae Heller, 1926

Superfamily Bostrichoidea Latreille, 1802

Family Dermestidae Latreille, 1804 (carpet beetles)

Family Endecatomidae LeConte, 1861

Family Bostrichidae Latreille, 1802

Family Ptinidae Latreille, 1802

Infraorder Cucujiformia

Superfamily Lymexyloidea Fleming, 1821

Family Lymexylidae Fleming, 1821

Superfamily Cleroidea Latreille, 1802

Family Phloiophilidae Kiesenwetter, 1863

Family Trogossitidae Latreille, 1802

Family Chaetosomatidae Crowson, 1952

Family Metaxinidae Kolibáč, 2004

Family Thanerocleridae Chapin, 1924

Family Cleridae Latreille, 1802 (checkered beetles)

Family Acanthocnemidae Crowson, 1964

Family Phycosecidae Crowson, 1952

Family Prionoceridae Lacordaire, 1857

Family Mauroniscidae Majer, 1995

Family Melyridae Leach, 1815 (soft-winged flower beetles)

Superfamily Cucujoidea Latreille, 1802

Family †Parandrexidae Kirejtshuk, 1994

Family †Sinisilvanidae Hong, 2002

Family Boganiidae Sen Gupta and Crowson, 1966

Family Byturidae Gistel, 1848

Family Helotidae Chapuis, 1876

Family Protocucujidae Crowson, 1954

Family Sphindidae Jacquelin du Val, 1860

Family Biphyllidae LeConte, 1861

Family Erotylidae Latreille, 1802

Family Monotomidae Laporte, 1840

Family Hobartiidae Sen Gupta and Crowson, 1966

Family Cryptophagidae Kirby, 1826

Family Agapythidae Sen Gupta and Crowson, 1969

Family Priasilphidae Crowson, 1973

Family Phloeostichidae Reitter, 1911

Family Silvanidae Kirby, 1837

Family Cucujidae Latreille, 1802

Family Myraboliidae Lawrence and Britton, 1991

Family Cavognathidae Sen Gupta and Crowson, 1966

Family Lamingtoniidae Sen Gupta and Crowson, 1969

Family Passandridae Blanchard, 1845

Family Phalacridae Leach, 1815

Family Propalticidae Crowson, 1952

Family Laemophloeidae Ganglbauer, 1899

Family Tasmosalpingidae Lawrence and Britton, 1991

Family Cyclaxyridae Gimmel, Leschen and Ślipiński, 2009

Family Kateretidae Kirby, 1837

Family Nitidulidae Latreille, 1802

Family Smicripidae Horn, 1880

Family Bothrideridae Erichson, 1845

Family Cerylonidae Billberg, 1820

Family Alexiidae Imhoff, 1856

Family Discolomatidae Horn, 1878

Family Endomychidae Leach, 1815

Family Coccinellidae Latreille, 1807 (ladybirds or lady beetles)

Family Corylophidae LeConte, 1852

Family Akalyptoischiidae Lord, Hartley, Lawrence, McHugh and Miller, 2010

Family Latridiidae Erichson, 1842

Superfamily Tenebrionoidea Latreille, 1802

Family Mycetophagidae Leach, 1815

Family Archeocrypticidae Kaszab, 1964

Family Pterogeniidae Crowson, 1953

Family Ciidae Leach, 1819

Family Tetratomidae Billberg, 1820

Family Melandryidae Leach, 1815

Family Mordellidae Latreille, 1802 (tumbling flower beetles)

Family Ripiphoridae Gemminger, 1870 (1855)

Family Zopheridae Solier, 1834

Family Ulodidae Pascoe, 1869

Family Promecheilidae Lacordaire, 1859

Family Chalcodryidae Watt, 1974

Family Trachelostenidae Lacordaire, 1859

Family Tenebrionidae Latreille, 1802 (darkling beetles)

Family Prostomidae Thomson, 1859

Family Synchroidae Lacordaire, 1859

Family Stenotrachelidae Thomson, 1859

Family Oedemeridae Latreille, 1810

Family Meloidae Gyllenhal, 1810 (blister beetles)

Family Mycteridae Oken, 1843 (palm beetles and flower beetles)

Family Boridae Thomson, 1859

Family Trictenotomidae Blanchard, 1845

Family Pythidae Solier, 1834

Family Pyrochroidae Latreille, 1806

Family Salpingidae Leach, 1815

Family Anthicidae Latreille, 1819

Family Aderidae Csiki, 1909

Family Scraptiidae Gistel, 1848

Clade Phytophaga

Superfamily Chrysomeloidea Latreille, 1802

Family Oxypeltidae Lacordaire, 1868

Family Vesperidae Mulsant, 1839

Family Disteniidae Thomson, 1861

Family Cerambycidae Latreille, 1802 (longhorn beetles)

Family Megalopodidae Latreille, 1802

Family Orsodacnidae Thomson, 1859

Family Chrysomelidae Latreille, 1802 (leaf beetles)

Superfamily Curculionoidea Latreille, 1802

Family Nemonychidae Bedel, 1882

Family Anthribidae Billberg, 1820

Family †Ulyanidae Zherikhin, 1993

Family Belidae Schönherr, 1826

Family Caridae Thompson, 1992

Family Attelabidae Billberg, 1820

Family Brentidae Billberg, 1820

Family Dryophthoridae Schönherr, 1825

Family Brachyceridae Billberg, 1820

Family Curculionidae Latreille, 1802 (snout beetles, weevils, and bark beetles)


Lithocupes is a genus of beetles in the family Ommatidae, containing the following species:

Lithocupes gigas Ponomarenko, 1969

Lithocupes incertus Ponomarenko, 1966

Lithocupes punctatus Ponomarenko, 1969


Notocupoides is a genus of beetles in the family Ommatidae, containing the following species:

Notocupoides capitatus Ponomarenko, 1966

Notocupoides fasciatus Ponomarenko, 1966

Notocupoides triassicus Ponomarenko, 1966


Omma is a genus of beetles in the family Ommatidae. Omma is an example of a living fossil. The oldest species known, O. liassicum, lived during the final stage of the Triassic (Rhaetian), followed by several other species from Europe and Asia until after O. attenuatum from the Lower Cretaceous (lower Aptian), the genus then reappears in the Burmese amber during the Cenomanian, then disappears from the fossil record for the remaining 100 million years until today, with four species endemic in Australia.


Rhabdocupes is a genus of beetles in the family Ommatidae, containing the following species:

Rhabdocupes baculatus Ponomarenko, 1969

Rhabdocupes longus Ponomarenko, 1966

Rhabdocupes minor Ponomarenko, 1966


The Rhinorhipidae are a family of beetles, in the large suborder Polyphaga. It contains the single genus Rhinorhipus with a single species Rhinorhipus tamborinensis


Tetraphalerus is a genus of beetles in the family Ommatidae, containing the following species:

†Tetraphalerus antiquus Ponomarenko, 1964

†Tetraphalerus bontsaganensis Ponomarenko, 1997

†Tetraphalerus brevicapitis Pononarenko & Martinez-Delclos, 2000

†Tetraphalerus brevis Ponomarenko, 1964

Tetraphalerus bruchi Heller, 1913, recent

†Tetraphalerus collaris Ponomarenko, 1997

†Tetraphalerus fentaiensis (Ren, 1995)

†Tetraphalerus glabratus Ponomarenko, 1997

†Tetraphalerus grandis Ponomarenko, 1964

†Tetraphalerus incertus Ponomarenko, 1969

†Tetraphalerus laetus Lin Qibin, 1976

†Tetraphalerus largicoxa Lin Qibin, 1986

†Tetraphalerus longicollis Ponomarenko, 1997

†Tetraphalerus macilentus (Ren, 1995)

†Tetraphalerus maximus Ponomarenko, 1968

†Tetraphalerus mongolicus Ponomarenko, 1986

†Tetraphalerus notatus Ponomarenko, 1997

†Tetraphalerus okhotensis Ponomarenko in Cromov et al., 1993

†Tetraphalerus oligocenicus (Crowson, 1962)

†Tetraphalerus penalveri Soriano & Delclòs, 2006

†Tetraphalerus ponomarenkoi Soriano & Delclòs, 2006

†Tetraphalerus surrectus (Ren, 1995)

†Tetraphalerus tenuipes Ponomarenko, 1964

†Tetraphalerus verrucosus Ponomarenko, 1966

Tetraphalerus wagneri Waterhouse, 1901, recent


Zygadenia is an extinct genus of beetles in the family Ommatidae, containing the following species:

†Zygadenia brachycephalus (Ponomarenko, 1994)

†Zygadenia caducus (Ponomarenko, 1969)

†Zygadenia caudatus (Ponomarenko, 1966)

†Zygadenia cellulosus (Ponomarenko, 1969)

†Zygadenia crassus (Ponomarenko, 1969)

†Zygadenia diazromerali Soriano & Delclòs, 2006

†Zygadenia dundulaensis (Ponomarenko, 1994)

†Zygadenia elegans (Ponomarenko, 1994)

†Zygadenia excellens (Ponomarenko, 1966)

†Zygadenia exiguus (Ponomarenko, 1994)

†Zygadenia foersteri (Ponomarenko, 1971)

†Zygadenia homorus (Lin, 1986)

†Zygadenia huangyadiensis (Wang & Liu, 1996)

†Zygadenia issykkulensis (Ponomarenko, 1969)

†Zygadenia khetanensis (Ponomarenko in Cromov et al., 1993)

†Zygadenia kirghizicus (Ponomarenko, 1969)

†Zygadenia laetus (Lin, 1976)

†Zygadenia laiyangensis (Hong, 1990)

†Zygadenia lapidarius (Ponomarenko, 1968)

†Zygadenia laticella (Ponomarenko, 1969)

†Zygadenia latus (Ponomarenko, 1969)

†Zygadenia lentus (Ren, 1995)

†Zygadenia longicollis (Ponomarenko, 1994)

†Zygadenia longicoxa Soriano & Delclòs, 2006

†Zygadenia martinclosas Soriano & Delclòs, 2006

†Zygadenia mongolicus (Ponomarenko, 1994)

†Zygadenia multituberatus (Lin, 1980)

†Zygadenia nigromonticola (Ponomarenko, 1968)

†Zygadenia oculata Soriano & Delclòs, 2006

†Zygadenia oxypygus (Ponomarenko, 1969)

†Zygadenia patulus Ponomarenko, 1985

†Zygadenia picturatus (Ponomarenko, 1964)

†Zygadenia pulcher (Ponomarenko, 1968)

†Zygadenia reticulatus (Oppenheim, 1888)

†Zygadenia rostratus (Ponomarenko, 1969)

†Zygadenia semen (Ponomarenko, 2000)

†Zygadenia semen Ponomarenko, 2000

†Zygadenia sibirica Ponomarenko, 2000

†Zygadenia siniestri Soriano & Delclòs, 2006

†Zygadenia sinitzae Ponomarenko, 2000

†Zygadenia sogutensis (Ponomarenko, 1969)

†Zygadenia tenuis (Ponomarenko, 1969)

†Zygadenia trachylenus (Ren, 1995)

†Zygadenia tripartitus (Oppenheim, 1888)

†Zygadenia tuanwangensis (Hong, 1990)

†Zygadenia tuberculata Handlirsch, 1906

†Zygadenia tuberculatus (Giebel, 1856)

†Zygadenia undatabdominus (Lin, 1980)

†Zygadenia viridis Soriano & Delclòs, 2006

†Zygadenia vitimensis (Ponomarenko, 1966)

Zygadenia caducus

Zygadenia caducus is a species of beetles in the family Ommatidae in the large, extinct genus Zygadenia.

Z. caducus is a prehistoric beetle species. The fossilized species was discovered in 1969.

Extant Coleoptera families


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