Olbia (Italian: [ˈɔlbja] (listen),[3][4] locally [ˈolbja]; Sardinian: Terranoa; Gallurese: Tarranoa)[5] is a city and comune of 60,346 inhabitants (May 2018) in the Italian insular province of Sassari in northeastern Sardinia (Italy), in the Gallura sub-region. Called Olbia in the Roman age, Cività in the Middle Ages (Giudicati period) and Terranova Pausania before the 1940s, Olbia was again the official name of the city during the period of Fascism.


Terranoa  (Sardinian)
Tarranoa  (Gallurese)
Comune di Olbia
Skyline of Olbia
Coat of arms of Olbia

Coat of arms
Location of Olbia
Olbia is located in Italy
Location of Olbia in Sardinia
Olbia is located in Sardinia
Olbia (Sardinia)
Coordinates: 40°55′N 09°30′E / 40.917°N 9.500°E
FrazioniBerchiddeddu, Murta Maria, Pittulongu, Rudalza-Porto Rotondo, San Pantaleo
 • MayorSettimo Nizzi
 • Total383.64 km2 (148.12 sq mi)
 • Total60,261
 • Density160/km2 (410/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal code
Dialing code0789
Patron saintSt. Simplicius
Saint dayMay 15
WebsiteOfficial website


It is the economic centre of this part of the island (commercial centres, food industry) and is very close to the Costa Smeralda tourist area. It was one of the administrative capitals of the province of Olbia-Tempio, operative since 2005 and canceled after a referendum seven years later. Olbia is a tourist destination thanks to its sea and beaches and also for the large number of places of cultural interest to visit.


Although the name is of Greek origin, due to the Greek presence during the 7th century B.C., the city of Olbia was first settled by Phoenicians, according to the archaeological findings. It contains ruins from the Nuragic era to the Roman era, when it was an important port, and the Middle Ages, when it was the capital of the Giudicato of Gallura, one of the four independent states of Sardinia. During the First Punic War, the Romans fought against the Carthaginians and the Sardinians near Olbia, where the general Hanno died in battle.

From 1113 it was the episcopal see of the Diocese of Cività (succeeding to the Diocese of Gallura, the 1070 restoration of the Diocese of Fausania, c. 500–750), which was renamed in 1839 as Diocese of Civita–Tempio until its formal suppression in favor of (in fact merger into) the Diocese of Tempio–Ampurias (also integrating the Diocese of Ampurias, which was in personal union with the see of Civita from 1506)

Main sights

  • Romanesque former cathedral of San Simplicio (11th–12th century).
  • Church of St. Paul Apostle (medieval)
  • National Archaeology Museum
  • Pedres Castle
  • Several dolmens and a menhir
  • Several nuraghes
  • Remains of the Roman forum and aqueduct
  • Remains of Carthaginian walls
  • Fausto Noce park, the largest in Sardinia
  • River park of Padrongianus


Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport
Olbia Airport departures area

Olbia is the main connection between Sardinia and the Italian peninsula, with an airport (Olbia – Costa Smeralda), a passenger port (Olbia-Isola Bianca), and a railway from Olbia railway station to Porto Torres, Golfo Aranci and Cagliari. There is an expressway to Nuoro and Cagliari (SS131) and national roads to Sassari (SS199-E840), Tempio Pausania (SS127) and Palau (SS125).


Olbia - Pozzo sacro di Sa Testa (06)

Nuragic holy well temple of Sa testa

Olbia, castello di Pedres (03)

Olbia, castle of Pedres

Acquedotto Romano Sa Rughittula

Ruins of the Roman aqueduct

Olbia - Basilica di San Simplicio (02)

Romanesque church of San Simplicio

The church of S.Paolo of Olbia, Sardinia - panoramio

The church of S.Paolo of Olbia


Olbia has a Mediterranean climate (Csa), with mild winters, warm springs and autumns and hot summers.


Air Italy (exMeridiana) is an air company headquartered on the grounds of Olbia - Costa Smeralda Airport.


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Air Italy

Air Italy (registered as AIR ITALY S.p.A.) is a privately owned Italian airline, headquartered in Olbia. The company is the second largest airline in Italy, following Alitalia (Italy's flag carrier), and the 38th largest airline in Europe. The airline is a subsidiary of AQA Holding, owned by Alisarda (51%) and Qatar Airways (49%). The airline operates a fleet of Boeing 737 Next Generation, Boeing 737 MAX 8 and Airbus A330 aircraft to over 34 scheduled domestic, European and intercontinental destinations. The airlines operates with its main hub at Milan Malpensa Airport.

Astacus (Bithynia)

Astacus (Greek Ἀστακός Βιθυνίας) is the name of an ancient city in Bithynia; it was also called Olbia . Stephanus of Byzantium records an aetiological myth that it was founded by Astacus, son of Poseidon and the nymph Olbia. The city was founded in the Second Greek colonisation by the Megarans together with the Athenians.The traditional date of the founding is 712/11 BC, the first year of the 17th Olympiad.

However, "Diodorus Siculus" (aka "Library of History"), Book XII, Chapter 34, writes that in the year 435 BCE "And while these events were taking place [the battle of the Athenians on the isthmus near Pallenê against the Potidaeans] the Athenians founded in the Propontis a city which was given the name of Astacus." (Perhaps Diodorus was incorrect.)

King Zipoetes I of Bithynia made two attempts to absorb Astacus into his kingdom: in 315 BC he was defeated by succors sent by Antigonus Monophthalmos. In 301 BC, he was successful, but the city was destroyed in the war.

Nicomedes I, son of Zipoetes, founded a new city to replace Astacus across from its former location, which he named Nicomedia after himself, bringing some of the Astacan cults to the new site. Nicomedia remained the capital of Bithynia, and became one of the great cities of the Roman east; the Emperor Diocletian made it his usual capital.

Its site is located near the modern Baş İskele.


Cadrema or Kadrema (Ancient Greek: Κάδρεμα) was a town of ancient Lycia, a colony of Olbia.Its site is located near Gedelma, Asiatic Turkey, and 1.8 kilometres (1.1 mi) from the site of Lycae.

Guido Carboni

Guido Carboni (born 27 January 1963) is an Italian football manager most recently in charge of Olbia and a former player, who played as a forward.

He is the brother of former Italian international footballer Amedeo Carboni, who also played for Sampdoria, Roma, and Valencia at club level as a defender.

Gustavo Giagnoni

Gustavo Giagnoni (23 March 1932 – 7 August 2018) was an Italian professional footballer and coach. He played as a defender.

As a player, he started his career with hometown side Olbia Calcio. He went on to spend a decade playing as a sweeper for Mantova and three seasons at Reggiana.

Isola della Bocca Lighthouse

Isola della Bocca Lighthouse (Italian: Faro di Isola della Bocca) is an active lighthouse located on a

small islet, at the southern entrance of the outer Port of Olbia, 250 metres (820 ft) from the mainland, in the municipality of Olbia on the Tyrrhenian Sea.

List of Serie D champions and promotions

Serie D was established in 1948. Only in 32 of its 70 editions, however, provided for a final phase to award a national category title: this took place between 1952 and 1957 with the Scudetto IV Serie, in the year 1957–58 with the title of Lega Interregionale, from 1992–99 with the Scudetto Dilettanti, and since 1999 with the current Series D. The record of victories of the category championship is held by Siena, winning twice in 1955–56 and 2014–15.

List of railway stations in Sardinia

This is the list of the railway stations in Sardinia.

Luca Crosta

Luca Crosta (born 23 February 1998) is an Italian professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Livorno on loan from Olbia. He began his career in the youth system of Milan.


Meridiana S.p.A., operating as Meridiana (formerly named Meridiana fly S.p.A), was a privately owned Italian airline headquartered in Olbia with its main base at Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport. It operated scheduled and charter flights to domestic, European and intercontinental destinations from several Italian bases. Some of its operations were carried out by the old Air Italy under the Meridiana brand. It was owned by Qatar Airways through AQA Holding (49%) and Alisarda S.p.A. (51%), who rebranded the airline as the new Air Italy effective 1 March 2018.

Olbia (Pamphylia)

Olbia (Ancient Greek: Ὀλβία) was the westernmost town on the coast of ancient Pamphylia, which some ancient writers place in Lycia. Ptolemy places it between Phaselis and Attaleia. Stephanus of Byzantium blames Philo for ascribing this town to Pamphylia, since, as he asserts, it was situated in the territory of the Solymi, and its real name was Olba; but the critic is here himself at fault, confounding Olbia with the Pisidian Olbasa. Strabo describes Olbia as a strong fortress, and its inhabitants colonised the Lycian town of Cadrema.Its site is located near Koruma, Asiatic Turkey.

Olbia (archaeological site)

Pontic Olbia (Ancient Greek: Ὀλβία Ποντική, Ukrainian: Ольвія) or simply Olbia is an archaeological site of an ancient Greek city on the shore of the Southern Bug estuary (Hypanis or Ὕπανις,) in Ukraine, near village of Parutyne. The archaeological site is protected as the National Historic and Archaeological Preserve. The preserve is a research and science institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. In 1938–1993 it was part of the NASU Institute of Archaeology as a department.

The Hellenic city was founded in the 7th century BC by colonists from Miletus. Its harbour was one of the main emporia on the Black Sea for the export of cereals, fish, and slaves to Greece, and for the import of Attic goods to Scythia.

Olbia Calcio 1905

Olbia Calcio 1905 S.r.l. (or simply Olbia) is an Italian association football club, based in Olbia, Sardinia, and currently playing in Serie C.

Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport

Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport (Italian: Aeroporto di Olbia-Costa Smeralda) (IATA: OLB, ICAO: LIEO) is an airport in Olbia, Sardinia. It is the primary operating base for Italian airline Air Italy whose headquarters are located at the airport. It mostly handles seasonal holiday flights from destinations in Europe and is managed by Geasar S.p.A.


Padru (Gallurese: Patru, Sardinian: Padru) is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Sassari in the Italian region Sardinia, located about 180 kilometres (110 mi) north of Cagliari and about 15 kilometres (9 mi) south of Olbia. As of 31 December 2004, it had a population of 2,107 and an area of 130.2 square kilometres (50.3 sq mi).The municipality of Padru contains the frazioni (subdivisions, mainly villages and hamlets) Sozza, Cuzzola,Sa Serra, Pedra Bianca, Biasì,Tirialzu, Ludurru, Sos Runcos, and Sas Enas.

Padru borders the following municipalities: Alà dei Sardi, Loiri Porto San Paolo, Olbia, San Teodoro (OT), Torpè, Lodè, Bitti.

Palau, Sardinia

Palau (Gallurese: Lu Palau) is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Sassari in the Italian region Sardinia, about 220 kilometres (140 mi) north of Cagliari and about 30 kilometres (19 mi) northwest of Olbia. It was a frazione of the comune of Tempio Pausania until 1959.

It is located on Punta Sardegna, and was founded in 1875 by local shepherds.

The Capo D'Orso or "Cape of the Bear" formation is nearby, at the very northwest tip of Sardinia. The unique formation is a result of honeycomb weathering, a form of salt weathering.

Province of Olbia-Tempio

The former province of Olbia-Tempio (Italian: provincia di Olbia-Tempio, Sardinian: provìntzia de Terranòa-Tèmpiu) was a province in the autonomous region of Sardinia, Italy. It had two provincial capitals, Olbia (58,723 inhabitants) and Tempio Pausania (14,342 inhabitants). As of 2015, the former province has a total population of 159,950 inhabitants and covers an area of 3,406.18 square kilometres (1,315.13 square miles), so has a population density of 46.96 inhabitants per square kilometer. The former province contained 26 comuni (plural; singular: comune), see list of communes of the former Province of Olbia-Tempio.The largest comuni in the former province were Olbia (population of 45,366 as of 2001), Tempio Pausania (13,992 as of 2001), Arzachena (12,080 as of 2001) and La Maddalena (11,369 as of 2001). The former province of Olbia-Tempio was formed by a 2001 regional law that became effective in 2005. It contained a section of historic Gallura and was bordered by the provinces of Nuoro and Sassari.On 6 May 2012 the regional referendums of Sardinia took place regarding the abolition of certain provinces and a variety of other matters. The suggestion of reforming or abolishing certain provinces in Sardinia was approved by the Regional Council of Sardinia on 24 May 2012. Due to this, the former province of Olbia-Tempio was ordered to form a new administrative body or be abolished on 1 March 2013, but this expiry date for constitutional changes was extended to 1 July 2013. Olbia-Tempio was suppressed as a province by the 2016 Regional Decree.

Rosario Pergolizzi

Rosario Pergolizzi (born 7 October 1968 in Palermo) is an Italian football coach and former player, most recently manager of Ascoli.

Sant'Antonio di Gallura

Sant'Antonio di Gallura (Gallurese: Sant' Antòni, Sardinian: Sant' Antòni de Calanzànos) is a municipality in the Province of Sassari in the Italian region Sardinia, located about 200 kilometres (120 mi) north of Cagliari and about 20 kilometres (12 mi) northwest of Olbia. Sant'Antonio di Gallura borders the following municipalities: Arzachena, Calangianus, Luras, Olbia, Telti.

The economy is based on agriculture, animal husbandry and production of cork. People move seasonally to the nearby Arzachena and Olbia to work in touristic structures.

Climate data for Olbia, Sardinia
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °C (°F) 25.1
Average high °C (°F) 14.6
Average low °C (°F) 5.2
Record low °C (°F) −3.6
Average precipitation mm (inches) 47.3
Average precipitation days 7 8 8 8 4 3 1 3 5 5 6 9 67
Average relative humidity (%) 70 69 65 66 66 58 60 63 67 65 72 72 66
Mean monthly sunshine hours 127 138 186 213 279 312 360 316 249 195 138 118 2,631
Source: Aeronautica Militare [6]

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