Nymphaeum (Caria)

Nymphaeum or Nymphaion (Ancient Greek: Νύμφαιον or Νυμφαῖον) was an inland town of ancient Caria or of Lycia.

Its site is located near Nif in Asiatic Turkey.[1][2]


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Coordinates: 36°51′37″N 29°11′14″E / 36.860416°N 29.18713°E


Nymphaion (Greek: Νυμφαῖον or Νύμφαιον) can refer to:

Nymphaeum, a type of monument in Antiquity

Nymphaeum, the name of Aristotle's Macedonian school at Mieza

Nymphaeum, alternate name of Daphne Mainomene, an ancient town on the Bosphorus

Nymphaeum (Bithynia), a town on the Black Sea coast of ancient Bithynia

Nymphaeum (Caria), an inland town of ancient Caria

Nymphaeum (Cilicia), a town on the Mediterranean coast of ancient Cilicia

Nymphaeum (Illyria), an ancient Greek colony in Illyria

Nymphaion (Crimea), an ancient Greek colony in the Crimea

Nymphaion (Ionia), an ancient Greek colony in western Anatolia

Nymphaeum (Laconia), an ancient Greek town in Laconia

Nymphaion (cave), a cave where worshipers of Pan went.

Nymfaio, a village in Florina regional unit, Greece

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